Trump, GOP neglect of housing help escalates eviction risk

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries contrasts Democratic priorities for extending help to Americans dealing with a loss of income because of the coronavirus crisis against Republican priorities of extra military spending and favors for Donald Trump.

8/1/2020 11:04:00 PM

Rep. Jeffries says the GOP senate 'put forward a bill that would provide 0 dollars in food assistance, 0 dollars in rental assistance, or protection for home owners and at the same time want to spend $2B for a new J. Edgar Hoover FBI building.'

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries contrasts Democratic priorities for extending help to Americans dealing with a loss of income because of the coronavirus crisis against Republican priorities of extra military spending and favors for Donald Trump.

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Take all of your Republicans who don't give a dam about the stimulus Pkg. and lock them in their new FBI Bld throw away the key! notComey It isn’t money for the FBI, it is a kickback for Trump cheryl_marlin They really don’t want 3 to win. This info needs to be broadcast on NBC itself - like the Today show and evening news. People won’t know how the Senate bill is bad if they don’t hear it on ‘regular’ tv news. abc cbs foxandfriends

They sure love organizations for control and violence Donald Trump put that 2 billion dollar rider on that bill, tying to keep the FBI bldg where it was for fear of it being torn down and another hotel built in its place. It would be in direct competition with Trumps Hotel so he using the weight of his office to squash it

DNC JoeBiden AmbassadorRice ThisIsACoup The republican party is on the wrong side of history. Without the assisstance congress can give will keep millions of people both Democrat and republican from going homeless. With millions going homeless during a viral pandemic is cruel and heartless remember this is russia hoax MSNBC, everything they print is a lie!

The GOP must be destroyed. Vote them all out, every single one of them! Of course they did.. Then MitchMcConnell goes public and blames Dems and MSM doesn't do anything to reveal his lies. Pathetic Hell no! What is wrong with these people? 🤔 They have been sitting on the HEROES act for ten weeks and this what they come up with lol useless and hundreds of other Bill's sit on McConnell desk gathering dust that would help

Just totally ridiculous the trump administration and gop senate show what they think of the american people how can anyone vote Republican thereidout I don't think so GOP. Fight Dems. Stand your ground. We're behind you & with you. Where the heck is your story on Bill Clinton being named in Epstein case. Two young girls! Shocking and sad but must be covered! Shame on you MSNBC for not caring about the victims! metoo supportrapevictims notallnews

SenateGOP how about response on this. Is it the facts or is there another story to tell? senatemajldr tired of rich getting all the relief and we get nothing. The party will crumble November Not impressed with the GOP. On the other hand they are not the ones spewing the Marxist hatred towards the USA.

Yup This is a lie, Dems want tax cuts on rich Dems in blue states, and to continue the needless spending to allow for the continued destruction of the economy to hurt the election. They don't care about the American people, they only want power. Sure would be a pleasant change to hear something honest from media where ALL sides of an issue were covered. Like, in this case, it was not said that Dems want to bail out Dem run States & Cities as part of this bill.

This should ring a alarm for all you Trump supporters there you see it you got it.Trump show all y’all his true colors. WTF? There are actually people left who want this cruelty and disrespect for the American people to continue. GOP can’t govern, nor cares about average Americans! VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020

This is why nothing can be passed. This is not a bill for a new building The trump Administration has pushed so many things through temporarily, with a loophole to make it permanent... I am in the middle of moving as I’m tying this!! My landlord has to sell this houseat a sad price to help him. I haven’t received any unemployment in over a month because Kansas has messed up our unemployment so bad.

gop at its finest WELL ... If a person is evicted, how/does this affect their Voter Registration/Eligibilty ... ? Across the street from Trump’s D.C. hotel. More rotten corruption from the Trump/GOP.

Trump faces rare rebuke from GOP for floating election delayPresident Donald Trump repeatedly tests the Republican Party's limits on issues including race, trade and immigration. On Thursday, he struck a boundary. Trump* is flailing in his incompetence as the pandemic rages. This is the issue above all of his distractions. зубы не настоящие He spoke only his own interests. Not paying attention to the American people He only wanted to be a leader for another period.

GOP leaders shoot down Trump suggestion to 'delay the election'The president's idea appears dead on arrival with his own party. Cancel the election till the covid hoax is over. It is comedic because I believe that the Republican Senators secretly want Trump out and they see the election as a way to rid themselves of Trump without getting any of the blame themselves. realDonaldTrump: “The media has been played.”

Rep. Waters: 'Would-be dictator' Trump can't delay electionCongresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) joins Ayman Mohyeldin after President Trump suggested delaying the date of the Presidential election. Waters calls the idea 'absolutely outrageous' and without any chance of being approved by Congress. Giving this woman air time should be punishable If Democrats can riot then they can vote in person.

Rep. Schiff reacts to Trump calling bounty reports a ‘Russia hoax’After Donald Trump called reports of bounties on U.S. troops a “Russia hoax,” Rep. Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, tells Lawrence O’Donnell intelligence “doesn’t end up in the presidential daily brief if it’s a hoax.” He adds that it’s once again an example of Donald Trump trusting the word of Vladimir Putin over his own intelligence agencies. Schitf is a hoax, a leaker & a terrible weasel of a person Still patiently waiting for proof it actually happened. Russia collusion too 🙄 Says AdamSchiff who lied for 3 solid years about Russia collusion, knowingly enabled by the DemocratPlantation media

Trump Scrapped Jared Kushner's COVID Plan Because It Wouldn't Help TrumpSince the blue states were being hit the hardest, it wasn't politically expedient for Trump to coordinate a federal response. If they really thought letting blue states get sick to help trumps reelection, then both trump and kushner should be charged with mass murder.

Trump Says He's Banning TikTok But Trump Says a Lot of ThingsKeep in mind the president makes a lot of promises, many of which never come to fruition StreamWatermelonSugar BuyWatermelonSugar Trolling Stone! Trump... oh goodness, he's tearing our country apart... but there's still people out there... yeah, he's doing... a... great... job... sorry, dude... you're not.