GOP leaders shoot down Trump suggestion to 'delay the election'

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The president's idea appears dead on arrival with his own party.

in the U.S., experts say. Many Americans have told pollsters they would prefer to vote by mail during the coronavirus delay the election, as the Constitution gives Congress the power to set the date. Even if Republicans were to get on board with a delay, Democrats control the House. And a hypothetical delay wouldn't extend Trump's time in office — the 20th Amendment establishes a hard date of Jan. 20, 2021, for the end of his current term.

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., laughed, shook his head and said"no" when asked about delaying the election. Sen. Jim Risch, R-Idaho, ignored the question. His office later sent a statement that read:"By law, the election will be held on November 3rd. There is no pending legislation in Congress to change that."


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Except human butt plug LindseyGrahamSC , who thinks it is a good idea. LindseyGrahamIsAHumanButtPlug

If poll places don’t stay open, we have a Constitutional Crisis. 90 days to get your act together. I have my mask, get your tape on the floor.If not, I demand arrests of the Democratic Party for subversion of Our Constitutional Republic. Draw up the paper work, have it ready.

Republican Senators, “The election is not going to be delayed, but we’re still going to support the nut job clown in the White House.”

I better have a fu%ing choice. If my Constitutional rights are taken away, then the Constitution should be temporarily suspended. Choice Democrats should be rounded up and processed for treason under a military tribunal until order is restored. STOP THE CHAOS NOW !! Fair voting

They want him out just as bad as the rest of the nation.


BonitaCanadian I'll believe it when I see it. Lindsey Graham cannot be trusted.

Naw Buddy That Bus Will Not Be Delayed. You Don't Have To Go Home, But You Got To Leave The White House.

A ploy to enhance those senators re-election chances. No! They ain't good Americans. Vote them out.

Haaaa! LindseyGrahamSC is a hob nail realDonaldTrump bootlicker. He loves the fake adoration he thinks Trump will continue to give him, but DJT will kick him to the curb just as he has everyone else. Keep straddling that fence Lindsey & dance toTrumps 🎶

He needs to resign now


What?! The Republicans finally grew a back bone against Donald Trump. Fascinating!

Good try to avoid a massive defeat, landslide,this moron will try every trick in the book to avoid an election or suggest it’s void and illegal, really pathetic response, and a sign of a very weak, sick individual who has massive personality disorders.. He’s history in November

You’re damn right it isn’t.

Call it a a Riot and MSM will cheer it on!

Doesn’t make sense. Thousands can wait in line to view John Lewis’ body, go to Disneyworld, etc. But no one can stand in a single file line to vote🤔

They say this as if they (GOP) have a say in that decision. Alas, it IS good to hear them rebuke against führer Dunce.

This means that republican senators has left the president and they are trying to save their own skin for the next cycle !

Lindsay Graham: 'Unless a bunch of hunks can sway my opinion.'

realDonaldTrump ICYMI


lol suck it trump

No matter what Lunatic Trump wants it’s not going to be moved,unconstitutional. He’s already putting up the White flag by suggesting it will be rigged and fraudulent, very dangerous and a very sick being. I won’t give him the pleasure of being called Human, a disgrace.

We knew that when he tweeted that stupid shyt. Smh.

3 Dimensional Chess. Now you can’t push the election after Biden flops at the 1st Debate and the lack luster poll push of the “New Age Slave Auction as the Racist White Left looks over their black woman stock for VP.” Those two unmitigated disasters will end the Biden campaign.

I agree Trump thinks he can rule the world or what...

Oh Lindsey, just drop to your knees as you're told.

MJP_20 or what? what are they gonna do if donald says it is!

tuser5555 Ok Charlie Brown.

His point is let’s vote.

RickyRayinGA LOL. You all fall for this crap Every.Single.Time.

No sane person ever thought it would be delayed.

Trust but verify

Out of control!

No surprise.... Now let's re-focus on real issues.

Republican senators: 'The election is lost.'

Trump was just trying to get the media stirred up, and it worked

It'll be delayed by Governors.

So they say... for now. Thank Dad Dems now have the House.

Hahaha. They are tired of his ass. They too want him out!! 🤣🤣🤣 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱 TrumpVirus

Murder VanityFair

Perhaps the election is not going to be delayed, but if mail-in voting goes on a large scale, the results will be delayed by messy counting, endless errors, vote harvesting and fraud, all followed by endless lawsuits which will have to work their way to SCOTUS.

Hey instead of delaying let’s bring it forward.

Trump needs Barr badly in order to tackle these! 1. Term of presidency equivalent to four years. 2. January 20, 21 is Inauguration day for new-elected President. 3. No Acting-President for interval. 4. Elections are enshrined in the Constitution, delay only by Congress.

A few where was SenJoniErnst

Finally, collectively the majority of them grew a pair. Way to earn your paycheck you freaking government milking low lifes! Been exploiting us for years and don't want to give us an extra $600 to feed our families or pay our rent! You reap what you sow, Bible Thumpers!

Has anyone heard from NoShowRomney? At times like this I miss John McCain.

Maybe not, but the uspo sure will

Would anyone put it past Trump to tweet this out for the sole purpose of taking the focus away from the funeral of John Lewis and putting it back on him? It almost, and may have stolen the news cycle away from the funeral.

That photo says a lot, Donnie telling Missy ,look at me when I'm talking to you bitch.

wait till Trump takes them golfing

No trump we not delay nov 3rd realDonaldTrump

So fk off and die wasn't on the table? huh. Shame.

how brave of them - however did they find their shriveled balls?

They know what's best for Trump.

Dear MSNBC Team, it might be prudent to regularly announce for citizens to have their voting registrations checked prior to voting. Their Registered Party. Are Registered 'at all'. Vote by mail & absentee vote requested. Suitable time to to avoid the slowing of postal services.


Any bets when they all fall in line? I’ll start. By August 15 every republican except Mitt will be braying about delaying the election.

Let’s all praise the republicans on this one this their decency coming out? They are scum bags...anyone with half a brain should see that clearly! good lord help us. I personally prefer the dem brand of cruelty 😂

Any chance they're finally seeing what we've seen for 3 1/2 years?

Don't believe a word these fuckers say.

What ,, Republicans are not bowing to Trump the Almighty

Except LindseyGraham who clutched his pearls and claimed not to know the law.

Oh, I see he has gone for some contouring blush in addition to his usual foundation makeup.


I think 95% of politicians are crooks, because greed brings out the worst in people, and they make a shit load of money. I have a dem Governor I like but he is the only one, and I will vote for Trump. I choose people who back our rights up first and foremost.


Of course not. Trump trapped them in there hypocrisy


SenToomey really working ? It seems that you are never talked to or mentioned in any article. I guess that means everyone knows you are useless and a nobody.

ok then don’t blame trump for the virus.

Don't trust them every word they say is subject to change, they are liars.

Trump is terrified.

Evil 👿 GOP ! Is not up to you 💩🗑😂

The Republican Senators

Agreed - no mail-in balloting

Only a looser like Trump would delay the inevitable ..which is a boot from the White House ...

“But it is going to be compromised...”GOP EndGOP. TrumpVirus

Finally some balls

It is comedic because I believe that the Republican Senators secretly want Trump out and they see the election as a way to rid themselves of Trump without getting any of the blame themselves.

realDonaldTrump: “The media has been played.”

Cancel the election till the covid hoax is over.

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