Trump's threatened TikTok ban could motivate young users to vote, some say

“If it hasn’t already, I think this will definitely be a gamechanger in young voters going out and voting for sure,” one user said.

8/1/2020 10:52:00 PM

President Trump's threatened TikTok ban could motivate young users to vote, some say. “It kind of feels like our freedom of speech is being taken away,” says 18-year-old Anekha Singh. “Our ability to express ourselves is something he doesn’t want.”

“If it hasn’t already, I think this will definitely be a gamechanger in young voters going out and voting for sure,” one user said.

ByKalhan RosenblattTikTok star Tyler Nyx, 22, has one word on the idea of TikTok being banned in the United States.“Heartbreaking.”President Donald Trump announced he would banthe short-form video app, whose parent company, ByteDance, is based in China.

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“As far as TikTok is concerned we’re banning them from the United States,” Trump said aboard Air Force One.The popular app that has 100 million users in the U.S. has proved especially vital to many during the coronavirus pandemic as a source of entertainment, community and education, a half-dozen users told NBC News in interviews Saturday.

They said TikTok has helped them both unplug from the harsh realities of the world and plug into communities that make them feel connected.Some said that if Trump does ban the app, it could motivate many young TikTokers to vote against the president in the November election.

“If it hasn’t already, I think this will definitely be a game-changer in young voters going out and voting for sure,” Kaylyn Elkins, 18, of Washington state, said.TikTok has recently been scrutinized in the United States because of its China-based owner. Chinese law can compel any domestic company to hand over data it has collected on users.

Like scores of other apps, TikTok tracks phone locations and users’ metadata, and China hasdemonstrated an appetitefor Americans’ personal data.TikTok has repeatedly said that it is not influenced by China’s demands and that it is an independent company. Still, Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson for China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, recently indicated

that China views TikTok as a domestic company.But many TikTokers have said they’re unbothered by the app’s connection to China and feel that if it was owned by a company based elsewhere, Trump wouldn’t be taking this kind of action.“I think it’s just ridiculous considering what’s going on in the world and our country alone,” Elkins said. “I think if it was owned by a European country he wouldn’t even consider this idea.”

Trump’s announcement sent ripples through the TikTok community, with major influencers on the platform logging on to urge their followers to find them on other social media, like the streaming platform Twitch or the Facebook-owned Instagram.Get breaking news and insider analysis on the rapidly changing world of media and technology right to your inbox.

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So ironic that China is the only country where tiktok is banned now!! So ironic that China is the only country now that tiktok is banned!! Taking oway Tik Tok is not going to hinder your ability to voice your opinion it is getting control back from China look what has happened to the NBA a dictator ordered hey NBA player to apologize to him we don't want that type of control we got to stop China from buying

Baloney! Freedom of Speech is very important. Government, not Pres,has determined that use of TikTok's innocent games, aimed at youth&younger,has been linked to China's ability to steal personal information & intellectual property from innocent user's computer & other devices. Youth, excercise yiur rights. Vote and communicate on Tik Tom and your social platforms to make a great Change

Make your voices heard loud and clear, this is your freedom of expression which is being attacked. Trump does something but does not know there is always a debt attached he would pay. Take this shit app from our kids phone 📱 please Dumbasses, TikTok is now an American company owned by Microsoft but yet the media pushes this awful narrative!!!! Wake up’s all political!!!

If Donald's threat will get them to vote, so be it. Single-policy voters are not new to the American election process. But this is probably the first time we are seeing single-policy voters concern themselves with a social media application. Really puts the generation gap on display. Free markets require free people!

They should be voting already! That menace will ruin what is left of America. Their future will be complete and utter shit. Imagine feeling like your freedom is being taken away because your favourite app is being banned😂 lmao 18 is the IQ of most of them as well as their ages. “The orange baby is big mad” -gen Z 😂

“It kind of feels like our freedom of speech is being taken away,” says 18-year-old Anekha Singh. “Our ability to express ourselves is something he doesn’t want.” 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣\\ Guy is a clown 🤡 Civil rights is what created these children and civil rights is what's going to destroy them and global warming is going to burn some sense into them before everything is said and done.

When even Chuck Schumer wants it banned, it's bad. This Just In: Trump Bans Chopsticks: 'We have a very strong executive order. We can do that. Just flick a switch and no more, I call them 'Chinese forks,' no more of them. Obama let Americans use them. I am much tougher on China. This will save American lives.' RacistInChief

Except most Tiktok users are not old enough to vote, legally. 13 year olds can't vote. Besides CPC collecting images, messages, srch history, locations etc on app, based on TikTok's bias&discriminatory actions against the ugly obese poor LGBTQ imprisoned uighurs banning 8000 websites from it's citizens how do the ignorant still think it's their FREEDOM OF ANYTHING?

So it takes a ban on TikTok for young people to vote? We're fucked. Big time fucked. Tik tok is a pedophile’s wet dream in an app, and Chinese govt data mining gold... I blame the media for not giving this adaquete coverage. I more so blame parents for their ignorance to this. Dumbest generation EVER Given the other businesses that MSFT is involved in, they should not be allowed to own a social network.

Why is NBC working this hard to promote a Chinese run app?+ votevotevote What people fail to realize is that the people who use tiktok don’t just use it to get likes and fame. Yet to express them selves in ways they couldn’t normally do in society. This isn’t the main reason thats going to push people to vote, but their knowledge of what is right will

TrumpHasFailedOurCountry lol Chuck Schumer is working with 45 on this. I can't remember what Biden has said on this. Or one of the very smart Americans in our own country could just re-create the app. Then we wouldn’t have to worry about what foreign countries are trying to do with the information from it. Funny that they don’t care when conservatives have their thoughts taken off the Internet

Trump hasn’t shown any evidence of tiktok’s security flaws, but has already used it to ban a popular App. They're going to vote anyway. Remember Parkland? That would be like him trying to destroy Twitter!! Imagine this being what made you decide to vote and then one day telling your grandkids 😂🤣😂 If that's what drives America's young to vote then one really has to question what went wrong with US education or parenting...

Trump's play book when it comes to being criticized goes along with Putin's play book other than having them killed or imprisoned. This will come later if Trump is re-elected. Through out his time in office Trump has shown to be an authoritarian leader time and time again. Funny how the same people crying that they cant use an app controlled by an evil regime are the same ones who wanted to boycott states for not letting men enter the women's restroom.

Good I hope they’re motivated and stay motivated. All people of voting age should feel motivated to vote on November 3. 27 percent of users unde 17. 17 to 24 don’t get up before noon. 25 to 35 too busy on Instagram. What’s it matter? Founder of tiktok is 'Gongzhi' in China, which means a person in favor of west system and dislike China system. Now he is slapped by the system he like and also face big pressure in China because Chinese find out he is a 'Gongzhi'. Young Chinese know real west better now.

PRETTY SURE HE IS TALKING ABOUT SECURITY.. Donald Trump wants to ban TicToc because every time he hears the name, he thinks a clock is running out his time. 13 y/o's cant vote 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hahahah.. tik tok is owned by the CCP. Do your homework NBC 'news' Last time I checked Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, etc is still available. Plenty of options. The World didn’t end when Vine went belly up. Neither will it when TikTok gets banned or eventually goes belly up either 🤷‍♂️

Brilliant chess move - no mention of China infiltration systems. If Tik Tok being cancelled is what’s going to make young people vote and not what else is going on with the country, I think we can begin to see what kind of young people we have in this country. They care more about an app where you make up dances than real issues. Very sad.

sure those love stupid dances for TikTok clicks over the concers on CCP's infiltration and data breaching against the Americans, would make a good choice when they vote. They mad because they can't hand over their information to the Chinese government? If just 10% of the 18-20 yr olds, that were not old enough to vote in last election, voted on November 3, it could have a sweeping change across the Country

We want you to believe this man’s actions are harming you, because we said so and we obviously have your best interest in mind. Here is a quote from some 18-year-old brainwashed liberal, in an attempt to use sympathy and emotions to undermine the U.S. President. Tiktok.Have you seen some of the videos. Forget the fact China are data mining and spyin on humans. If he said he loves tiktok and putting his campaign page there. Msm would tell dems to get of tiktok. Dem supporters how the hell do you not see it. Remember internet safety anyone

world's smallest violin plays We like China taking our privacy away. No big deal🤣🤣🤣 Trump already backed off his boast because he cannot actually pull it off. He lied. And, Trump is a coward. He doesn’t like TikTok because those teens punked him in Tulsa.🙄 brain deads like NBC The mainstream media defending a Chinese military intelligence Trojan horse app while advocating for the breakup of Facebook and other her American social media companies. Why? Because the partisan press can't control the narrative if there are competing ideas in the marketplace.

also, the TikTok campaigns to reserve mass numbers of empty seats at his campaign rallies... thank you Gen Z Thus why he backed off from his empty threat. Makes no sense They should be voting anyway. Don’t treat one policy decision as the single reason one should vote. 🤣 Yup Whether he does now or not he’s screwed. He just alienated millions of teens. Not to mention millions of adults that use it. They may never vote Republican again. Good plan Donald dump

U r kidding right ? Do your homework on tiktok on why the USA is looking to ban. After that get a job. mmochroi If anyone thinks China uses just Tik Tok to collect data, you are really dumb. Trump is just pissed at the young people that punked him. But it’s backfiring as usual. 😂 The K-Pop stans played a vital role in showing that the emperor has no clothes at Tulsa. This is his retaliation.

Derp derp orange man bad, CHINA 1, what every 18 sounds like complaining about this Your freedom of privacy is totally safe with the dictator in China... Even if it may only be a threat now, trump has made it obvious with Lafayette Square that he is after the 1st amendment!! Tiktoc doesn't surprise me!! What's next

Tiktoklivesmatter *steeple fingers* excellent What makes you think Biden won't ban Tik Tok? Doesn't he care about national security? Now, she knows what it’s like to be a conservative on social media. 👮‍♂️🗽🇺🇸 Too late, Microsoft is buying it, problem solved!😉🤷🏻‍♂️ GoTrump! Freedom of speech is being taken away. He’s taking all of our freedoms away.

Don’t mess with the younger generations social media. trump rob tiktok , Bad taste Please ban this shit from our new generation phones. This app is no God for nothing. It just add to messing up their bain that it is already messed up with liberalism. This Things change every hour When your privacy and security is threatened, you should worry less of your expression. If you are ready to give away all the data in your cell including your friends list and your biometrics to China, then you keep using the app.

Wah wah wah snowflakes Something’s got to, let’s hope it’s this. Why are young people so quick to believe the fake media Propaganda? If Tik Tok is being used as a tool to hurt America by the Chinese govt, it should be banned. No one is banning it just to be mean. Come on, use common sense. Yea, i'd blame that senator who introduced the idea in the first place..m

What's funny people have double down on Trump videos. Ahhhh ha ha ha ha ha ha There’s a lack of information conveyance by the media. If they say it’s “suppressing their expression,” which is an asinine thought anyways, then the media isn’t portraying how serious it is of the Chinese Govt data mining millions of Americans.

. There are many other alternatives for TikTok. US developers are most willing to supply their 'version of TikTok' without leaking your private personal data to China. Our teens must learn, to be smart. . I'm sure our fellow American teens are not dum shxts. . Thats a great deciding factor to vote. 'The president took away tik tok, I'm gonna vote him out of office!'

NBC = Garbage Propaganda I love this China app, vote out retard Trump. Donald afraid of tiktok....tiktok...tiktok.... Guess Sarah Cooper really got under the fearless leader’s orange skin. Here does the bidding of the communist Chinese government by using brainless kids to appeal to other brainless Americans to defend Chinese spyware aimed at our children.

Intelligence community playing Trump like a fiddle (because it's that easy ofc) pumping him with reports on China using TikTok to spy on americans... boom, orange turd immediately shoots himself in the foot. Good job, basically! Duh young people!! precolicious Go to sleep! Lol The Internet started off small, then it took over the world. And that Fantastic invention that has been turned into a monster is now the root of all that's bad in our world now. The motives for the ban are real.

The *control* of freespeech disguised as *protection* through censorship to save our fragile mentalhealth? Keep dreaming Support Chinese spyware app to own the Drumfp am I right? The CORRUPT US media spinning TikTok ban as an assault on freedom of speech by realDonaldTrump. Everything DNc Dems touch they ruin. Dems have destroyed the media by making it an appendage of their party & no more than a communications Dept of DNC. Same they did to big tech

Yes it is going to cause them to vote. For Biden. 45 still an idiot. Then he'd really be pissed that his retaliation to Tulsa backfired. C'mon teenagers of America don't allow an old man to bully you. Take a stand and go vote. teenagevotescount Kids, this is not all about suppressing freedom of content creation. This is all about data security. Don't ask if I have one because I have. Every time I use the app, I always take a precaution using a VPN. Seriously, is banning TikTok in the US your motivation to vote?

The premier purveyor of Fake News, , finds an 18 year old to quote, and then builds a story around it to make realDonaldTrump look negative to potential voters. Corrupt 'journalism' at the lowest level. This is not news reporting, it is the making of a narrative. Tik Tok is a Chinese app..Fake news NBC promoting Chinese propaganda..

Your freedom of speech IS being attacked. Keep speaking up & VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! This is how you gain control of your lives. You determine the course this country takes. Some of us got lazy, so we got Trump. Do it better than we did. This kids are idiots. Trump is trying to protect them from China stealing their data, and instead they are going to vote for Biden a man who literally is the most corrupt politician in US history and who will bend the knee to China. This is why the voting age is to low.

I didn't know 13 year old's could vote. As usual, he’s creating a problem that he will resolve. To gain admiration and votes from teens and 20s for his bs benevolence he’ll save TikTok. (It may actually be Microsoft, or no one). Distraction. How about the virus, how about that GDP? How about the Putin bounties?

Yes.. TikTok users.. PLEASE vote - VOTING is how you make the loudest noise. Voting is how you let a wannabe Dictator..NOT IN OUR COUNTRY. Voting is how you SAVE US ALL & PROTECT our Democracy tiktokban realDonaldTrump DonaldTrump Vote PLEASEVOTE VoteBlueToSaveAmerica let’s tic you his right out of office

Distraction... Always Threatening... 😔 Uad thrir rights to smokd anc vapd and veiw other fightx taken away not even a peepfrom them but ban an app/website That's the same bunch of people who mob up on other people with opinions they don't like and de-platform them and have them fired, because they're just expressing their freedom of speech...

Chance to means vote against him and save Tic Tok from him 2. He is banning TikTok so if you want to watch 16 year olds dance you have to get on a plane with Bill Clinton. Well the country that owns it definitely doesn’t want you to be free to express yourself... Also there will most definitely be a US alternative that starts up and the Microsoft purchase hasn't been shutdown yet.

This is a future Democrat for sure.. China doesn't believe in Freedom of Speech. Unfortunately, today's generation thinks Communism and Marxism are cool~ Ahhhhh yes freedom of speech is important if it's on the left side of the aisle. 🙄 Are we really pretending there are no alternatives to Tik Tok? Also where's your coverage of Bill Clinton?

Orange tic tacs are the best. Copying every 7 second video you see daily isnt self expression... Nothing motivates teenagers more than telling them what you can and cannot do. Byte users are saying that a big influx of hateful tic-toc users is hurting their platform. My crystal ball sees graffiti tictot all over..everywhere if a ban were to happen...

They already are going to vote. bans anyone from tweeting about BillClintonIsAPedo TikTokTrump TikTok... TikTokTrump TikTok... wants America to turn communist TikTokTrump TikTok... TikTokTrump TikTok... That's just what we need... 18 year old clueless voters.. no tik tok.. wah wah. Get your kittens and balloons ready for your recovery Anekha, your the ideal Democrat voter.

That's what it is. Trump wants to take free speech away from young people. I think it's a great idea that all young people who are old enough to vote do it. Trump has the biggest beating in US political history waiting for him on November 3rd. That would be karma coming to kick his ass. Well done Tik Tok. Keep it up.

Is country’s safety and security is important u guys or not? The way u report the news tells us a lot about your partisan favoritism. Good I hope they help vote him right out of office. He never should've lasted this long. whose you all analyst? whoever that is... sucks!!! US should not ban Tiktok. IT IS ILLEGAL AND AGAINST CHINA. Trump is extremely stupid.

US should not ban Tiktok. IT IS ILLEGAL AND AGAINST CHINA. With mail in voting, I'm sure even 10 year old's will be voting. Glad you asked the Indian He fake news you still don't get he is still a chess move ahead of you. Ticktok is being sold to an American company that way our info won't be hacked by china Trump warned china and now it is being sold for billions.. stop with your fake 5yr old bullshit

It’s a national security threat, and social media that revolves around feeding people addictive content is destroying our younger generations. Young people barely talk to each their about real issues because they’re attention is bound to their screen. Yes, vote him out. Or, it’s a CCP spy app and a national security risk, but whatever.

BrianBerlin4 Tik Tok Kids freed Barron from captivity, saved a million lives from SuperSpreader rallies, and will now vote the man that messed with their TikTok out of office. FeelTheAnger That's why kids can't vote. Vote him out To kingdom KONG He motivated them enough to screw with his little rally now they have an even bigger opportunity to screw with his destiny.

Vote to ban TikTok. Can’t trust Bill Gates. When china virus . He doesn’t care for Americans. He donated millions to China. The plastic water bottle flipping generation will find a new 10 second video platform before their 5 second attention spans run out no problem Hey ticktok were just move over here and start it right here in this area he would have to close down all of this if he wants close that down where do it right here how many of you with me

He can’t do that!!! Tell him to sit and rotate 🙄 Biden 2020 Yeah sure it'll 'motive' young users to vote. That's like the banning of ladders will impact the sale of onions. Oh god 🙄 NBC is a racist propagandist shill for the Democratic Party Too naive... China will cheat america again, they won’t sell it realDonaldTrump

Waaaaaaahhh waaaaaaahhhh boo boo. 🙄🙄 They’re too lazy to get out of their pajamas. Not just to vote - wait and see “Those kids” are ingenious, and aren’t in the rut that POTUS is digging Spoken As expected from a loyal member of the CCP I say blame Sarah Cooper 😂😂😂 RichardRcvortex Good for you for seeing that!! Get your friends to vote.

LOL he’s protecting your information from living on a Chinese server. How about you do a story on what could be wrong with that? But we won’t see it. Yes and it well should. Those most damaged by Trump and his evil enablers/braindead voters are the youth. Demographically, it's 70-something white men lashing out irrationally as they die. There are no intelligent defenses of Trump: he's Hitler's last breath. TrumpHasNoPlan

So twitter and Facebook banning people isn’t taking away freedom of speech? CRINGEEEEEEEEE Why They are getting something better Tick Locked with Security. What a paranoias too much rules 🙄😳 VOTE! Or you could explain why he is doing it. Or would that upset your bosses(ccp) It has. Lol. clearly knows that US social networking companies aren’t allowed to operate in China, then why should US. It has to be reciprocal. Try posting pro Hong Kong, anti XingPing. You will be blocked. That’s freedom of speech taken away.BanTikTok

Take over Tiktok will have its search algorithm programmed by NSA. The young is not binding with tiktok, and it has nothing to do with freedom of speech. There are other platforms. You mean the kids will have to find another way to dance in bikinis? Geez that sounds rough That is all he does, threaten. Anyone willing to put up with his sickness, he’ll turn on you too. Don’t you see that? He is trying to take anything he doesn’t like away. Are we going to live in an authoritative country?Letting him do as he pleases,we will

The rise of the NaXi's. Good, I hope they look into Dr. Jorgensen4POTUS she's the only one who wants less federal government interference in our lives. It's a shame so many think there's only 2 options due to your common practice of VoterSuppression JoJorgensen2020 VoteForOurLives LetHerSpeak How stupid does this sound

Ban anything that has to do with the Chinese government. They infected millions of people. Well, it would be the first time, ever. I know the people anxious about personal information,in other hands, the other countries will be also afraid that. You must know where's services. littledeekay Rofl your freedom of speech being takin itd already gone if the megaplatforms cam choose what where when you may say speak. THEN FREEDOM OF SPEECH NO LONGER EXSISTS as for Tik Tok a Chinese ear in ever house hold in America I'm sure you'll find something else trump2020 twexit

Why do they need tiktok to be motivated to vote They should vote anyways if they don't want a backwards supreme court for the rest of their lives What is Right Wing Conservative Censorship on Social Media for 500? Tik Tok is a owned by the Chinese Government....I thought liberals didn‘t want foreign influence in our Elections. Now they are ok with it.

Did anyone else notice that the Democrats complain about petty things? Some say? Just let facebook go on censoring you then, and you won't need to worry about Trump vs the keyloggers at tiktok. Vote JoeBiden on November 3rd Vote straight Democrats and defend your First Amendment Rights None of us will miss the dancing

Oh wow India also band tiktok Don't make DJT's more a personal attack on the people of USA now y'all look very lame .... You can express yourself on other apps too ... Y'all complaining so much about petty things like this and Biden and the Dems most probably loving it Grow up Spoiler Alert: It Won't I will believe it when I see it. If the shitshow over the last 3+ years hasn't been enough to motivate them, how is banning an app that someone will replace in a week going to be motivating.

Young people are idiots. TikTok is a Chinese spying app. He's not trying to take anything away from them, he's trying to save them and our country from espionage. Smh. NBC LOVE CHINA COMMUNISTS Omg. If “young users” are too stupid to understand that Tik Tok is affiliated with the Chinese Government and it’s banned in SEVERAL countries then they shouldn’t be allowed to vote! Give me a break...

Trump trying to take away everything but to the highest 1 percent. This is unacceptable. Vote Blue. Let’s take over the Senate too and make America The Country That Trump has ruined Awesome Again and make sure all of us count again Bill Clinton’s rape of children could motivate kids to experience trauma and ability to express themselves. BillClintonIsAPedo

Do you honestly believe an American would name an App TIK TOK? Lololol just it’s name is a giveaway Can someone tell that kids that the Chinese is spying on Americans with this app and his president is standing up for our privacy. Entitled little punks only care about their entertainment. There’s more to the world

Anekha sounds like an idiot who shouldn’t be voting bc they are extremely uninformed and misinformed! Also when you going to report on Bill Clinton being one Epstein’s list? Imagine being motivated to vote because a CCP spying program is getting banned. tRump is more worried about a TikTok app than the corona virus that's killing thousands of American's...priorities as always! 🤦‍♂️

Only reason he wants to ban it is before teens punked him in Tulsa Mmmmmkay, NBC... VoteBlue2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 VoteBiden2020 VoteBlueNoMatterWho VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare VoteByMail2020 Get out and vote 🗳 You express yourself on of the remaining 90000 other social media Plattforms. Even if MSFT buys it it will probably still secretly funnel information to China. There is malware buried deep in the source code.

THIS is the typical millennial/zoomer CCP uses these children to oppose Trump’s ban on Tik Tok. They use the United States’ open and free system to infiltrate and monitor again and again. Don’t look at CCP with a free mind. Their evil far exceeds normal people’s thinking. Biden banned it too guess hes against freedom of speech too

Tictok is straight garbage notvoteforTrump Tiktok is a place for many of my friends to express themselves, but they were banned by a fool. I don't want to vote for this fool! ! Lol. Ask Bernie about the reliability of young voters. 🤔🤔🤔 He has poked another sleeping giant - and this one is old enough to vote.

Anything one side says is immediately counter-signalled by the other, regardless of how ridiculous the result. He had 4 years to do this, all that time China was useing it as Trojan horse. This only is a thing now cause a bunch of Zoomers trolled him LOL “National security threat” right ok Trump Please don't gloss over the Presidents' (office of the President) authority here. This smacks of censorship. Please speak to first amendment concerns. SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi SenKamalaHarris SenSchumer BernieSanders JoeBiden SenateDems HouseDemocrats

This is funny. Young users of TikTok should look up the reason of why President Trump wanted it banned!! 👍 what the trump against we will do it , defend trump Please don't gloss over Trump's authority here. This smacks of censorship! Please address this. SpeakerPelosi TeamPelosi SenKamalaHarris BernieSanders SenateDems TheDemocrats HouseDemocrats maddow

It’s a Chinese company, get over it Too bad it's a Chinese spyware app, already banned by the DoD and State Department. Just sayin'. In a way it would be taken away, but Tik Tok is part of the reasons our society is so fragile right now Can’t with this 🙈🙈 Please vote young people! oh my god shut up Eat a dick . 'Some say'? Who is 'some'? You do realize that young people have plenty of platforms to express themselves without handing their private info to the Chinese, right? I'd rather have the NSAGov spy on me than Beijing. Your news is just yellow journalism.

Fact: young, unregistered voters are registering in far larger numbers than average— in states that matter. Enough to make a difference in election outcomes. Tick off Gen-Z, millennials. You know, the tok tokers who messed with the campaign rally? “It kind of feels like our freedom of speech is being taken away,” says 18-year-old Anekha Singh. LMAO TikTok doesn't have Freedom of Speech. TikTok bans any user who criticizes China.

Nobody will vote him when become threatened and forces. Not accept of his behavior. Disrespectful and disgusting Sounds like some kiddos need to educate themselves on China!! You do under the purpose for threatening a ban, yes? Drive the value of TikTok down so Microsoft and ByteDance can purchase TikTok at the going rate for a Social Media platform as opposed to an overpriced platform.

Sad that an app is people’s motivation. That right there says it all. America's national security is very fragile and everything can threaten it. More proof today’s youth are ignorant to foreign influence, organizations like NBC News will have the youth believing Espionage and Treason against the USA is acceptable.

Who the hell would vote for him over tic tom, that’s the stupidest reason ever I don’t think Trump is so much against individuals expressing themselves as he is Americans data being stolen through the app by the Chinese government. The US is not the first place it will have been banned, but go off Singh.

Be mad, but the 'omg our speech is being taken away' nonsense is just hilariously stupid here It’s an app. How embarrassing it is that this could be a motivation to vote. I surely hope they are voting whether or not he succeeds TikTok views starting at 1000 for $2 - Link in bio! China already retaliates United States for potential Tik Tok ban.

He's after the ppl who ruined his high hopes of a great turnout at his 1st return rally in Tuksa, OK. He's a big baby. We knew this from the beginning, when he cried about not having a bigger crowd than obama at inauguration. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Tell Anekha Singh who is 18 yrs old to get out of his basement and go get a job because there is more important this in life the Tik Tok

Trump uses political tactics to ban Tiktok. It's not fair. NBC is using Tik Tok to try and rev up the young to hate. The young will find something else amongst the millions of apps out there, fact “自由市场” 大家一起自由的做生意,政府不会干预 × 以“威胁国家安全”的理由可以抢占很多企业据为己有 √ In a world where nearly everything you do us being tracked and sold, we are worried about an app. How about windows, android, apple, Facebook, Twitter nearly every other thing people use's not different. Our privacy left us many years ago unfortunately.

This why you 18yrs should vote for Biden to ensure your “important” freedoms aren’t taken away. Trump idolizes countries lead by dictatorships or rules with fear/death (i.e. Putin’s Russia). FreedomOfSpeech an 18 year old cannot understand that china is using tik-tok to spy on people.. You can make a video on another platform kids. Just not one used as a trojan horse spy app by a communist country with nuclear missiles aimed at us. K.

China is taking over our country! If u love your country stand up and stop China! TikTok was the bridge too far? Welp, if that’s what it takes to get them to vote, I’m good with that. Oh shut up. It’s not about “security” it’s about protectionism for American companies. Rather than letting the “free market” operate, the government is stepping in to pick winners and losers. This the very definition of governmental overreach. The thing that “conservatives” allegedly hate.

I bet if he legalizes weed they won't give two shits about tiktok. All that self expression will just find a new platform, several to choose from. With all that’s going on in the world if the only thing that motivates young people to vote is Tik Tok, well, they should probably not vote. 🙂 If I was a fan and user of the platform then I would mobilise such a kickback Trumps Hair would spin out of control! The fans can use a VPN I guess or a none USA email route say Canada TrumpWillBeToked

You mean an app could get them to vote How pathetic 🙄 🥺 Only the ignorant ones who don't understand the danger posed by invasive Chinese tech, invasive like those seeds they mailed here. They are gearing up the way the Japanese did in the 1930s, but in a modern-day digital way. Hopefully we do not have to teach another lesson...

Hey Young Americans, vote for me an impeached washout to save your country and your neighborhoods and global rights They don't have the attention span to be bothered. It will be replaced within hours. Wait, losing tiktok is what will motivate them to vote? 🤦🏾‍♀️ That’s the communist message being sent to them through TicTok !

Some say?. Fake news Welcome to the Trump’s world, kid. Anekah Singh is a low info voter and evidence that the voting age needs to be raised. That's exactly right! Go vote him out!!! Its as easy as ordering food. You can do it! Tik Tok contains the Wuhan Virus-made in China!! We can only hope they will vote realDonaldTrump needs to go before he completely destroys America. TrumpFailedAmerica VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 DumpTrump2020

The app itself won’t go anywhere, it’ll just be ‘operations’ like no physical offices in US, etc If you are 18 years or older and haven’t voted, you have no right to protest. Change can only come if people vote for change. Protesting as a minority is not being democratic. Majority rules. Don’t like it. Find another country, but you won’t find one that protects your rights.

The younger generation are such naive fools. How about they look at all things the Chinese government sees and tracks on their devices and on their private searches? If they did a shred of research they would know TikTok is not ok. I don't have TicTok...Sounds too much like a time bomb. They’ll vote alright BIDEN 2020

PattyArquette VOTE!!!! Who cares...If China is spying than it is a MUST! 'Could' and 'some say'. More great journalism from nbc news. Bwahaha our freedom of speech is being taken away lololol omg that's the funniest thing I've heard about this so far. “Some say”... Well, NBC has been conspiring with the Chinese government to commit a hostile takeover of the United States government, and top management are promised HUGE benefit plans once they do... some say.

A PRESIDENT WHO RATHER BAN TIKTOK THAN ASSAULT RIFLES. LET THAT SINK IN! He doesn’t want China spying on American youths! Don’t think about it, just vote. You WILL make a difference. Your voice matters. Just Commit, and the rest will follow. CCP China uses apps like Tic Tok to threaten the soverenty of freedom-loving countries all over the world, so their sh!$ is going to be away from them.


NO YOUR FREEDOM BUT OURS BY TIK TOC “Express ourselves” kids doing the same dance and lipsing thing over and over again and girls showing her cameltoe and ass while wearing almost nothing ? I Trump motivated them OK, banning TT will motivate them to vote JoeBiden to keep TT. Is that why the Biden campaign banned it too? 🤔

1A This is him trying his best to take vengeance for Tulsa he may care nothing for their vote he may feel they must pay for his embarrassment I don't think so Young people they have no brains some of them they have to they have to be crazy tick talk is a Chinese social media and everything they put online goes right to the Chinese government have fun

😢would be very sad Americans lost Tik Tok so much fun seeing people song dance and share their lives their dreams ♥️♥️♥️ How does this change anything? The Democratic party is already made up entirely of children screaming at the adults for not letting them take the free stuff the CCP is offering. It's like toddlers attracted to a windowless van with candy and a puppy.

Never thought I’d live to witness the rise of a dictator in the United States. What even scares me more is that people still support his dictatorship. Ban anything that has to do with the Chinese government, they are responsible for this virus. Good news: Microsoft is in the process of buying TikTok. They should vote regardless. It’s the right thing to do for themselves.

PattyArquette My 8 year old wanted to know “Why is President Trump taking away one of the only fun things to do/watch during Covid?” yes, kids, that's why you should vote! PattyArquette Uhm no MSM not worried about CCP is telling. Congratulations, you Americans have also begun to lose the freedom you said, just as your government has been telling you that the Chinese have no freedom.

oh shut the fuck up and stop acting like young people only care when politics affect their entertainment. young people are at the forefront of blm protests and will do everything in their power to enact change. try aiming for the root of the problem: the electoral system realDonaldTrump gotta go TrumpFailedAmerica

There are numerous other apps you can express yourself on. Tiktok has been proven to be a Chinese Spyware app. It should be gone tbh. It'll motivate me to NOT vote for Trump. We hope the young voters are self thinking individuals and realize that NBC New & the MSM are liberal socialist aka democrats, that are trying to change America to a Chinese Communist run country. Tik Tok is a CCP owned company, and a National Security Threat

Lmao idiots. Y’all can use another platform to speak up. There’s twitter and Instagram, tiktok is literally a spyware app. I don’t think anyone’s banning it so uninformed 13 year olds can stop sharing their information, y’all could really use some research. He’s punishing these Tik Tok kids for what they did to his Tulsa rally.

mbretttx Good lord. Just find something else to do, kid. trump wants to keep the price down I guess you can’t express that on any other platform... That's not why he wants to get rid of it Who's bright idea was it to piss off a HUGE VOTING BLOCK?!?! no wonder he's losing.... Very appropriate name for an action that may be the final nail in Trump’s presidential coffin......tic toc, tic tic, tic roc Trump

These Tik Tok kids have realDonaldTrump by the balls. They railroad his Tulsa rally, they click on his ads, fill in voter polls in key zip codes to mess w his numbers (and more). I hope he does ban Tik Tok so they will help vote him out! He's messing w the wrong platform. ProjectLincoln This is why realDonaldTrump wants rid of this free speech platform as it mocks him

Do these 18yr old understand WHY he wants to ban it? If you want to help China, DEMAND AN END TO THE COMMUNIST PARTY GOVERNMENT in China. Free the Chinese PEOPLE from the lies of CENSORSHIP, CORRUPTION, DECEPTION, & LIES. Bring justice for doctor Li Wenliang. FREE the PEOPLE. Keep working it donnie boy, your approval rating could be below 20% by Halloween. Zombie magats? Trick or treat!°

If this does motivate anyone to vote, will it be to vote for him? This strategy appears likely to backfire. to help vote this thang out!!!! Hi NBC NEWS ! Why didn’t you record whoever don’t like Tictok on your public transcript. You just post crazy people like tictok and talked bad to Government. But you know WGRRE this WEBSITE is ? What is your purpose?you guys is smart and know everything.God knows everything.

How idiotic What ability to express yourselves. Tik Tok is completely mindless. They all do the same stupid dances, or they lip sync famous comedians and it’s the same thing over and over again. It is literally the “Idiot Box” of 2020. Oh, you take away their fucking app and they get it.... Ban TikTok because of data being collected?What about EQUIFAX, who sells your data to any company that will pay including Chinese companies?

CommieCast... always takes the bait what will happens if the ban is on and we are stilling using TikTok? Will the service police comes to arrest people? How does it work? Shut down the internet website? This is kind of like when I wrote a letter to the editor because my City’s superintendent got in trouble for child pornography, and I pretended I was upset about it, but really I was still pissed that he outlawed “Co-Ed Naked” shirts when he was my principal.

And other ‘free internet matters’ come TrumpVirus freeinternetmatter BLM BlackLivesMatter FIM If a company is not safe, why allow this company to enter the country market? Free competition failed, so is the government shot? This is a good way. Hahahahahaha Your freedom for China to steal your data ? Kids smh

A poxy app with 15 second videos, which dim mo-fo's need this sad shit? My oldest son is going to be pissed! He's 19 and has over 1 million followers on TicTok! Maybe he will finally understand why I have been fighting 'boring politics' and Trump the last 4 years. 💁 ToldYouSo Stupid people shouldnt vote

he has sealed his own fate i love it Kind of? 2017_itstime They are gonna vote him out NBC... is the President this incredibly ignorant about SOCIAL MEDIA! This young TikTok generation is what the old Twitter Guys used to be. These TikTok users are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc... the Social Media Protestors against him won’t just go away...

It is China owned and spying tool! It’s motivating them to do other things too. Don’t think they haven’t come up with hundreds of other ways to troll him. BryanWinsAgain But will they be able to figure it out? Anekah Singh hit that nail on the head. And an Amendment raising the voting age to 21 cries out in the wilderness.

That app noone on there registered to vote lol can someone do some analysis for the output traffic in the tiktok app? is that true that the app is sending sensitive data to China gov? Lol Freedom of speech? That app is shit only katherineislay No! If Trump felt that way he would do other things like banning press from the RNC convention. Nice try, fake news!

M.....n trump is trying to take your hostaged freedom from China back to us again. But traitor media tries to change bias. If Tik Tok is the biggest problems young people have , this country is going to the dump. Lol concentration camps, violent racism, threatening to cancel elections... but tik tok is gonna be the last straw

Hate Trump as much as anyone, China using the app to gain info on the US. They can use the mic on the phone without you knowing. Not voting for Trump or Biden, third party gang ✊ Nah it's realDonaldTrump Trump Tok! He knew exactly what he was doing lol. gotem. But DoNothingDemocrats wouldn't understand!

I hope the 18-30 yr olds, do not vote for Trump! It will serve him right. Maybe if they knew why - 'administration officials say that Chinese-owned companies pose a threat to national security because the Chinese government has the ability to access those companies' systems under local laws' (NYT'S) NationalSecurityThreat

Media educating the public of the security risks the app exhibits is out out the question in this get Trump mentality. Are they mentioning several countries have already banned the app and several more including Hong Kong are considering the ban to keep their citizens safe? Not! . The kids got under realDonaldTrump’s skin for raining on his TulsaRally. That and sarahcpr 😉🔥

Yooo if orange head want voters, he’ll get some but not for him. We’ll vote for the other person. If he wants a war, we’ll give him a war. Noone cares about tech censorship until it affects THEM. It's always too late at that point. Should of cared earlier. Democrat-Marxists propose voting by Tik Tok this fall.

Yes younger generation. Vote - you are needed! Social media as a means of behavioral modification reminds me more of Facebook. Stupid people should not be allowed to procreate. Any Tik Tok user who is devastated by the banning of a ChiCom created app, falls into this category. Once again, the instincts of the sociopath-in-chief are self-defeating. Not enough people knew that in 2016. They know it now in 2020.

China bans FaceBook, Twitter, Google and Instagram. They spy on us with TikTok. It’s beyond time to ban it. Not trumps idea. It’s the intel community. Also, saying that banning TikTok is infringing or taking your freedom of speech away is like saying someone threw out your defective knife and now you can’t cut anything ever again.

The only demographics that Trump isn’t pissing off are those of racists and bigots. He literally acts like no other demographic matters. Who can legitimately win an election undermining so many sections of the populace? 🤷🏼‍♂️ China...yea! Freedom of speech you say? Haha haha!!! What is Social Media Censorship of Conservatives for 500 Trebek?

Trump should just label TikToc content hate speech. Then the left would totally support banning it. Proof that most of our younger generation has been dumbed down and brainwashed by the almost worthless education system and FakeNewsMedia. If young kids come out and vote Trump is really screwed When you load the TikTok app you give direct access to your phone's camera, gallery, microphone, and contacts to the Chinese communist party. This is an app your teens are using a lot. Think about that.

Man leftist media stooping to some new lows lately. China is increasingly becoming a real threat. The USA government has a responsibility to ban this widely-used app as it sends American's data directly to CCP. How can you even suggest this is okay? Tell the real story. Well that's encouraging that some young folks are getting politically active. Let's vote this fool outta this country.

It is being taken away. By a Madman with hurt feelings Doctor trump realdonaldtrump isn't being reelected but he thinks he is or wants to think he is Focused more on tik tok than COVID. What a dumb move by trump. Lol, coming from NBC. That would be pathetic and probably why the little kids are trying to act all rebellious to the feds right now. Dancing is very similar to having sex and like what's going on behind the scenes, there are a lot of pedophiles out there. Its not only dance but that's what it was for

VERY TRUE; TRUMP WANTS A 'NEO-NAZI' REGIME BASED ON A 'TRUMP WORLD' RULED ONLY BY 'TRUMP TRUTHS' THAT'S CONTROLLED BY TRUMP'S RECRUITED 'GESTAPO ENFORCERS' ALONG W/ THE PERVERSION OF THE LAW BY AG BARR & OTHERS LIKE HIM. It is being taken Would you cons please explain why Trump is doing this? If you won’t, here it is. TikTok is a Chinese app used to spy on Users & gain access to info. They can gain access to your camera & microphone on your phone. Illegal. US not the only country looking to ban TikTok.

TRUMP /KUSHNER are trying to kill us! My kids are not political and love America! THEY ARE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS! 9 th generation ! Trump /KUSHNER want to kill them! WE ARE AMERICA! FIGHT ! VOTE BLUE! If by now the younger voters have not already decided to vote Trump out then young voters need to seriously wake the hell up.

If eligible, vote Sorry to burst your peacock but that’s just wishful thinking. Young people don’t really care about voting and they’re apathetic anyway. VoteDemsOut2020 votegop fact I don’t why America keeps other countries making money in the first place. And America in debt with them Young people it is not about your freedom of speech, it’s about our country’s security. If you want to keep your freedom, best you educate yourself about China.

realDonaldTrump JoeBiden THAT'S HOW DICTATORS WORK! TRUMPS WANTS TO CAUSE AS MUCH CHAOS AND RUIN TO AMERICA BEFORE HE GETS EVICTED FROM THE WHITE HOUSE! It is. Taken of freedom eh? Especially when TikTok uses malware to hack and steal data from users? You call that freedom of speech being taken away? He's doing this for the security of us, some guy even revealed TikTok taking everything from your clipboard. Kids these days

He's pissed cuz they made reservation to his rally, using Tik Tok he thought he would have millions there. NOT Republican trump wants to ban TikTok. Republicans don’t want to vote for relief to unemployed, renters facing eviction, people who have to wait in line to get food. Republicans screwed up Covid response & people are dying! Republicans!!

Tik Tok is as banned in India recently and the whole nation stood behind their prime ministers decision. In America opposite is happening the president wants to ban a company that hands over your private data people don’t wanna support his decision smh. Too much politics !! monilopez827 Young people, vote!!

Ain’t this what you want? Don’t you want all your rights taken away? Start burning books next, or keep them from getting published? oh wait! And he’s dumb enough to think they’re going to vote for him, Baha Ha NBC defends Chinese spyware. Not surprised! Is it because you were punked by young people? along with kelleyann's daughter

These people are fucking clueless. Or rather have Microsoft buy it instead. This... Look at the spin on that headline! Low and outside for a ball.... Trump is out of touch with everyone but himself, and even that is questionable. Why are all you idiots supporting China. I wouldn't give them the time of day. I'm old now but within a short time limit you all will learning Chinese history and maybe building a wall in this country. Have fun, oh sorry they don't have fun.

This is all well and good except China is running behavioral profiles and political target algorithms for ever single person who installs it. Knowing these kids need that now more than ever—Maybe he can’t do anything in just a few months because he will be voted 🗳 out in November! Lmao because the masses are easily entertained by an app that helps you turn off your brain and watch an endless stream of videos. This app has already been flagged as spyware by many people and companies. It needs to go down as it is a threat to national security.

Let's hope Of course mainstream media wants to allow China access to all of us. NBC is voice for China!! Under 18 don’t vote unless democrats try to send them ballots by mail Lol. You’ll be ok. The fact that Chinese Intelligence can drop on government officials children's phones and spy? No ..just asking

Ban Tak Tok so need to ban Trump become president again Actually they’d have forgotten about all this by November, but it doesn’t hurt to hope. 😆😆😆😆 Sigh This is a message seen on a Chinese Twitter user, indicating that the Chinese are celebrating TikTok s stay in the United States as a Trojan horse.

Hilarious and shows the irony of dumb people whining about social media platforms as somehow being related to freedom of speech when those same platforms block free speech Fck Trumphitler “Kinda feels like our freedom of speech....” OMG this is great stuff. I can’t dance and show magic anymore. Vs real freedoms being disrupted around the country.

It’s ok to use the amendments for trumps rights but it not ok to use your amendment rights against trump and this administration JustSaying fightthepower Are you seriously suggesting America’s youth would decide the future direction of the country based solely on the current president banning a computer app ? Just thinking this could be a factor at all is beyond stupid.

Register and vote in November! At every turn Trump stumbles into wrong decision. They don’t use your information any more than every American Company. Was talking the other day with my wife about a purchase. Within hours an add came up for the product. This is the Information Age, you have a choice Express yourself via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and stop whining. Banning this stupid app is for our own protection.

this is why voting age needs to go up. just watch any campusreform video if you doubt me How dumb? It's a communist run website, there is no freedom of speech on tik tok. Kids are silly,lol. Then they need to be obsessed with voting as with TicToc so I guess you all don’t value where you personal data is going

Facebook sold our information that they got in the same way tiktok is getting it. Ban anything that has to do with the Chinese government that killed Americans. After record breaking GDP drop got to keep the press focused elsewhere. Stop it . People crying as if there freedom of speech is being taken away with a Chinese controlled app that literally does the most censoring. People are okay with another country stealing data and spying so they can make their little meme videos 🤦🏻‍♂️

The idea that Americans continue to embrace TIkTok in light of the atrocities committed by the Chinese government is mind blowing. “Woke” people will protest for millionaire POC and criminals but not people who are actually being killed in China. Except it has nothing to do with them and everything to do with China.

There’s plenty of social media to speak on. Grow up and look around. That’s ridiculous! Find another avenue to express yourself. realDonaldTrump is trying to protect you & our country because Chinese Govt is using TicToc as a Trojan Horse to steal all your personal information. Do you like your parents nosing around your phone..kinda like that!

Viva Trump 💯, All Latinos support you✌ NBC your piece on tic toc being banned I didn’t see not one face of POC SHAME!!! The guy doing it was a POC!!! That’s why we’re never going to make it in these United States. They can use another platform! Good grief🙄🙄🙄 Everyone needs to vote! Even the 18 year olds!!! This election matter!

So does a vpn fix this or what? Yes! Take all that TikTok energy and urge your voting age fellow TikTokers to vote for Biden...It can make all the difference! Once again, a total miscalculation by Trump. This will turn a mighty army against him. tiktok FreeSpeech Stupid move. Such kind of level of trump to be president? God bless usa.

This is not going to motivate young people to vote. The youth will just find another app to use. Til Tok is just a fad This violates the constitution. download photoshop 2020 full activated version تحميل نسخة فوتوشوب 2020 كاملة مفعلة reason enough to ban anything Chinese Goes to show how much of an idiot he is. Let him do it. Biden will be happy

Tic Tac’s are overrated mints anyway I support the ban. The more laws that governments pass, the less individual freedom there is. Any student of history will tell you that. Totalitarian countries ban pretty much everything. Bill O'Reilly JonathanBearden Almost all of America is on TIKTok these days, especially the younger generation. TrumpVirus2019 has no idea what his in for. realDonaldTrump

That’s great, your children support genocidal communist China out of ignorance. Great job, America. To all the idiot children: do you have any idea what China does with your info from tiktok? Read up! aaaaand that’s why Nancy wants the voting age lowered. idiocy You communist sympathizing. Shall we start this up again?

Ahh the little Commies how cute are they? How about not supporting a product that comes from one of the most oppressive countries in the entire world. For all you Millennials and Zers out there: The last Presidential Candidate that tried to do something like this was Bob Dole in ‘96. He wanted to ban certain Cartoons and Make it harder for kids to obtain M Rated VGs. He lost in a Tsunami to WJB.

He won’t ban it he is just making his usual bullshit noise! Vote! Kind of? Honey all of our freedoms are being taken away...VOTE IN NOVEMBER do the young voters understand the reason? THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE IN NOVEMBER. Republicans want to Censor you. Oh all the YOUNG resisters are going to Vote. No worries there.

They ain't going to vote for Drumpf Trump called tiktok users,a bunch of weisenheimers then went back to his egg-cream and 78’s. Is this bullshit REALLY what would motivate them to vote? No fucking tik tok But the censorship of hydroxychloroquine you're all for EnemyOfThePeople Seriously? Freedom of speech being taken away? Did you all even report on the censorship last week that was a TRUE breach of that freedom? NOPE. This is to keep us all safe - please report the why. JournalismIsDead

NBC news is the enemyofthepeople The stupidest generation 🤣 yes, trump cares about some high schooler 'expressing themself' has nothing to do with the fact that it's chinese spyware This is categorically a daring and shameless robbery and brazen theft. 🤣 deep state going down Ummmm, Stay tune...___...***

THIS is how you motivate the kids to get pissed off enough to show up at the polls and vote your corrupt ass out. Hes just bitter he got punked in Tulsa....meanwhile as many Americans face eviction...we will take return our bitterness and EVICTdonaldtrump2020 The purpose of this stuff is take away your freedom, all of your freedoms, include speech! Be smart!

It’s the one thing he’s right about. When companies consider international investments, one deterrent to investing in certain countries is the political risk, defined as a govt’s ability to maintain a stable, hospitable climate for foreign investment. Under Trump, the U.S. has become a risky place to invest.

Freedom of speech taken away? Along with historical statues and monuments, NFL team names, “all lives matter,” standing for anthem...should I go on? I guess we only complain about rights when it impacts us. I mean, many of us werent voting for him anyways, but it would probably motivate more people to care about politics and probably be negative to him.

TikTok Hey young Tik Toc voters! Make your voices heard this election! Vote blue! 💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸 You have so much power to create change! Don’t let him win! Trump wants to be a dictator..he does not want the people to have rights... Freedom had been taken away from Chinese people by the government behind TikTok

He didn’t and now for 24 hrs we haven’t discussed the economy COVID19 PostOffice Polls Election2020 This app is new kind of addictive to children! Do you want your children tic Toc all day and all night long? Freedom of speech? Soon they won’t even know how to speak! He really is just a Democratic troll, trying to destroy the GOP once and for all. Everything he does shows it.

“At this point the NBC reporter asked a follow question about how the 18 yo felt about the Chinese government having access to all of her content and personal information” jk, that probably didn’t happen. Move over HillaryClinton and BarackObama.... sarahcpr now occupies the tiny space in Donnie's head.

Do it do it do it, get rid of tik tak He really does underestimate us. I can't wait till November :-) You know damn well his whole family is making their own tic tok videos. Wow that is like the censors that media and internet put on gop and conservatives China’s got your back, kids. They also have the NBA and it’s stars in their back pocket.

Does— Does he realize that we’ve been jumping platforms since Vine shut down? Does he actually think this will work? All he’s doing is giving young people another reason to hate him lmaoo How is banning an app previously sued by South Korea for sharing kid's information with the Chinese government taking away your freedom of speech?

This Singh person, you can still use Tik Tok in India, right? Something you can consider 🤭 I get the privacy issue, but this is a 2 for one with Trump. Privacy and the fact that kids were able to orchestrate an attack on his Tulsa rally that left him with egg on his face. Hey maybe there’s a TikTok video for that.

TikTok use your voice; your power to encourage youth to VOTE! The damn headlines says it TIKTOK could motivate people to Vote. Not for Trump or what he wants but for what CHINA wants - these kids will from up Our freedom of speech has been under attack 4 decades now. There’s only 1 of the 25 Amendments that’s being fought 4. The 18th & 21st cancel each other out. That’s the 2nd. We need not the right 2 peacefully assemble. Nor free 2 worship as we choose. Nor the right of an unbiased

This NBC article should prove to you where their loyalties are and it’s not with the people of this country. They will push anything to go against Trump. These TIkTOK kids will grow up and China will use it to fool you dumb MF like Russia did with Facebook. Can we ban him and his goons from this country? That’ll solve everything.

6th one down on the list. Meanwhile teenagers have already figured out a work-around to this issue. My teenager said he and his friends are changing their geo-location in the app to Canada. ✔️ NBC loves China and hates America. Bring it on, Trump! BRING IT ON! Um, there are plenty of ways for people to express themselves that aren’t being data-mined by bad actors.

Ask the People who got seeds from China, If they Used Tiktok. he is loosing the young voters for the GOP, and this is far more devastating in the long term TrumpGopKiller People You know Russia Used Facebook to meddle in our elections right? Come on left you can’t argue with that right either. What do you think China will do with TikTok in 5-8 years. We were kids when we got on Facebook.

you wanna teach your kids to say its ok to give communists equal opportunities and rights here in the United States of America? Fight back against social media censorship! The orange diKKKtator in the White House is no better than Putin or Xi! He said he was going to ban TikTok on Saturday and today is Saturday nothing happened. He’s got going to it he just wants to Scar China

But this is safe I sure wish the MSM would help educate these kids on the WHY this is being discussed. Feankly, I’m getting worried about the future, are we determined to repeat the past! mattgaetz Historically, they won’t vote enough to matter. china owned Thats what happens when you talk to a bunch of uneducated kids

It is amazing how America children duped into being mouthpiece for China communist party. NBC = CCP Its about removing the Chinese weapon which is TikTok.. protecting this country from the communist path Liberals promote. Freedom of speech lol, meanwhile all your information is downloaded to China every 15 minutes

If that's what it took, I'm okay with that. The China Virus has them locked at home away from their friends, threatens their futures, bankrupts their families, and keeps them out of school, but Trump is orange so he's the bad guy. If true, we already lost the fucking country Having read his niece’s book the family methodology would be to take it away and then maybe give it back which might help him. It’s all about power.

If you need an app to express yourself and feel “free” then maybe it’s time to re-evaluate your values because that’s absurd. An app shouldn’t be the foundation of your freedom it’s just a tool, not a means to feel complete. There’s more than social media. Grow up ! I hope they do vote dotard 45 out. remember when tik tok messed up his Tulsa attendance numbers by fake buying tickets - i wonder how they will react to a ban

Tiktok is a shitty platform though, i think that would be a good decision National Broadcasting of China. Nice try at spinning this stupidity by Trump. It didn’t work, but nice try!!! That's right, VOTE! Stop Threating me He should ban it..The children re been mind controlled including leaking of personal information to the communist party (China)

N-ews B-ulletin for C-ommies didn't mention that Trump doesn't want information on your kids going to the Chinese, who are mining this stuff. The owner will sell to Microsoft, so hopefully TikTok data can be somewhat protected from the CCP. There's only one side committing mass censorship against Americans, and it isn't Trump's.

Lets pretend for a minute a Trump got a few ISP's to follow an illegal order then part of their user base would just move to the other ISP's . Apple would lose a market advantage if it pulled the app and it could still be loaded unto android. no skin off my ass. Never used it, never will. 14 year olds can't vote.

Just ban it already but screw trump doe Just shows how stupid and uninformed young people are. Yep, he's gone and stepped in it yet again. That's the 18 - 21's out with window. If you’re not already motivated to vote, something is wrong with you There's plenty of other ways to express yourself. Stop crying like entitled little bitches.

Wah, it’s a Chinese commie spy app. Cry more. That's rather reaching. Perhaps someone can just develop a less invasive, but similar app? Oh yeah. Beware those 12 year old voters. Stupid youth that wouldn’t vote to begin with! Can he even do that? With the, literally, thousands of other ways to communicate and express yourself? Lmfao

I may get slammed but it might be a good idea to ban tic toc but the way trump goes about everything is so fuckin stupid he deserves to be replaced. Kinda sounds like big govt telling the people what they can and cant do. Leave it to the individual, if they are worried about their data they can delete the app.

Here's hopin' Proof 18 is too young to vote! 😂🤣 Desperate Dems Express yourselves at the polls please! VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare If that idiot bans Twitter these youngins will give him the worse ass-kicking of his life. putitonat-shirt so hates America that they would support the Chinese Communist Party over their own country.

Maybe, but I doubt it. Hope so, but these are young folks we are talking about here. Sure would seal trump's fate. The young vote would pretty much guarantee a trump defeat. That's why I found it curious that he would attack a platform favored by young people. Millennial_Dems VOTE Best way to deal with that threat is register to vote and then vote.

sorry, welcome to Trump’s america. Lol freedom of speech....teens using attention whoring apps are largely entitled and talentless, not to mention unintelligent....hence the ridiculous statement. Then again you’re fake news so who even knows if this is legit 😄 I wonder if anyone thought the reason he's going after tik Tok I don't think it's really because of China it's because the tik Toker's fooled them and flood the net bogus ticket request for his rally and baby is mad

Spyware everything on the device is copied to foreign database Hell hath no fury like a voting block of teen voters scorned. 🔥🇺🇸 TikTok the Vote 😄 Trump has no idea what is about to explode on the platform. On Tik Tok people constantly make fun of the Donald while on Twitter he has a bombast platform. It has zero to do with China. Ie Trumps Moca cognitive alzheimer test.....

One thing Trump is good at -- making bad decisions. We are all threatened by hackers back dooring into our equipment The fk Chinese government is WATCHING you . why are ballots and election material forwarded out of state? or even out of a county jurisdiction for that matter? DemocratsUp Tick tock....oh, the irony 😊

VOTEBLUE Duh! Silly misinformed liberal sheep The world is banning it!! They claim Trump is focused on his re election but it is the lamestream hypocrites that are focused on his acceptability. The binary zero sum world opponents have a lack of common sense such that if realDonaldTrump were to say 'Eating is good.' people would starve themselves to death just to prove him wrong. tiktokban TikTok

More fake news. Just in case there was any doubt, sarahcpr and tiktok_us have totally exposed Trump's authoritarian nature. I’m embarrased by this Singh. Banning an app that collects information for a foreign, adversarial government isn’t a violation of speech freedom. It’s stopping foreign influence in your life you won’t be aware of until it’s too late CITIZENS have free speech rights. Not others

Just another diversion from realDonaldTrump incompetence! VoteTrumpOut2020 VoteBlueToSaveAmerica2020 Interesting. I embed how this person would feel living under CCP🙄 tik tok really does need to go it’s making our children lazy and stupid Well if you don't mind that all your discussions and photos are collected by the Chinese Communist Party, then go ahead and use Tik Tok.

TikTok is a waste of an app anyway. It's trash. TikTok is a Chinese infiltrate and young users can be injured by their activity! But then CNN since it is the Chinese News Network will tell every person to use it!! The depth of the president’s insecurities are immeasurable! 🙄😷

Trump Says He's Banning TikTok But Trump Says a Lot of ThingsKeep in mind the president makes a lot of promises, many of which never come to fruition StreamWatermelonSugar BuyWatermelonSugar Trolling Stone! Trump... oh goodness, he's tearing our country apart... but there's still people out there... yeah, he's doing... a... great... job... sorry, dude... you're not.

Trump to ban China-owned TikTok from USUS President Trump's move comes following a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, which investigates deals affecting US national security. Will ban * Afflicted by Sinophobia.

Trump to order China’s ByteDance to sell its share of TikTokPresident Trump will reportedly order China’s ByteDance Ltd. to divest its ownership of the popular U.S.-based video app TikTok. China banned US apps in its country. US buys chinese app money money 😂

Microsoft Reportedly Considering Buying TikTok As Trump May Force U.S. SaleI am a Texas native covering breaking news out of New York City. Previously, I was a Forbes intern in London. I am an alum of City, University of London and Texas State University. This means tik tok coming back to India? Microsoft satyanadella Why would you do that? Coming from best class enterprise solutions to this cheap video App. Take your Sway app to retail consumer to counter this. Look at the trust deficit TicTok carries. I don't believe you can play around with the brand 'Microsoft' Here comes Bill Gates to rescue CCCP enterprise and its agenda......

Microsoft In Talks To Buy Teen Fave TikTok As Trump Ramps Up PressureMicrosoft is in talks to acquire TikTok, the hugely popular Chinese-owned app, just as the Trump administration considers taking action against the app — including banning it. Still won't use it. i can't believe such a thing Chinese owned app is going Microsoft.

Trump says he will ban TikTok through executive action as soon as SaturdayPresident Donald Trump on Friday told reporters he will act as soon as Saturday to ban Chinese-owned video app TikTok from the United States. awh:( is the big baby upset Tik tok should ban trump instead Will JustinTrudeau man up ban app too?