Trump could lose Florida and 2020 election with this VP pick, Dems say

WATCH: @AriMelber examines the impact Rep. Demings’ police career will have on her chances of becoming Joe Biden’s VP pick. “Is Demings enough of a reformer?...Or will critics potentially see her as embodying enduring problems inside American policing?”

8/2/2020 11:32:00 AM

WATCH: AriMelber examines the impact Rep. Demings’ police career will have on her chances of becoming Joe Biden’s VP pick. “Is Demings enough of a reformer?...Or will critics potentially see her as embodying enduring problems inside American policing?”

Val Demings has pressed through many obstacles in her career of public service, and with America bitterly divided over social justice issues, Demings has appeared as a prime candidate for Joe Biden’s VP. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on Rep. Val Demings in this edition of The Beat’s Backstory Series, which focuses on substantive reporting on the key figures in the campaign. “When home state figures are added to a national ticket, it’s big local news and would certainly give the Biden campaign a new way to mobilize Florida Democrats,” Melber notes. The report provides an objective account of potential pros and cons in Deming’s career as Orlando’s first female Police Chief and her career in Congress.

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AriMelber Luv the way she pronounces virus AriMelber Fortunately Biden doesn’t need an internet focus group to make his choice. AriMelber AriMelber I love her and shes my pick. But this video doe raise solid points. AriMelber I'm sick to death of white men bitching about black women!! AriMelber Val is the quintessential VP candidate. Bright. Accomplished. From Florida. Both she and her husband are law and order in a good way. She has my vote.

AriMelber These men should also face defeats at the hands of righteous Democrats, whos only agenda during his 8 years in office was to help Americans of both parties. Only o be criminally denied his own Supreme court nomnation by devious means AriMelber Moscow Mitch and his merry band of TRAITORS. OBAMA tried and tried to put dill through only to be symied by that same Moscowvite Mitch McConnell

AriMelber If I may put my two cents in Vice president soon to be president Biden. My pick would be Susan Rice, as a member of OBAMA ADMINISTRATION, she already has a headstart in knowing what you might want, having already faced the onslaught brought on by AriMelber Blame Liberals Biden did deeply disturbing, dangerous reforms that have made the criminal justice system more lethal and bigger. Obama Biden's military powers fits squarely in a tradition of liberal law and order and built a more powerful carceral state.

AriMelber Well if that’s true someone better take a good look at Harris.🤔 AriMelber Dementia Joe can’t even pick a VP on time. Bet it will be the Liar of Benghazi and the hack with a PhD in unmasking American Citizens. Durham report is coming out and they are going to try and protect her from indictment by selecting her as VP. Corrupt bastards.

AriMelber I like RepValDemings she & KeishaBottoms are my favorite 2 people for Biden’s VP pick. I’m a former Republican (lifelong until 2016). I’m a happy independent that stands for justice. We need police reform, most importantly police must police themselves though for real reform. AriMelber Oddly, that wasn't your position on Harris

AriMelber They all have good qualities and could evolve into better things as time goes on. Biden2020

Why Biden’s V.P. Pick Could Cinch the 2020 RaceHistory, anti-Trump angst, and the Black Lives Matter movement will all shape Biden’s choice for V.P.—which could be his most consequential political decision. To leave the basement or not to leave the basement? Either woman would be a great VP:

President Trump continues to undermine legitimacy of 2020 electionPresident Trump undermines the legitimacy of election as unemployment insurance is set to expire and coronavirus deaths surpass 154,000. Chuck Todd says, “We're following a number of crises facing this presidency.” chucktodd He's doing his best to make it happen. chucktodd You can understand why Trump says this , Every Democrat in Congress lies about Russian collusion for3yrs . Made up phony documents to start Muller investigation. Crooked FBI agent’s spy on Trump campaign, not counting all the phony news stories chucktodd The World’s biggest whiner ! Remember this comes from a guy who ask for election help from - Russia, China, Ukraine, + Turkey, just to name a few

Trump Casually Muses About Ending American DemocracyDown in the polls, Trump continues his unprecedented assault on the electoral process—baselessly alleging fraud and suggesting in a tweet that the 2020 election be delayed. Mail voting is too long to count. Mail voting New York Democratic primary June 23 took 3 weeks to count few thousand votes. Can’t process millions of votes. learn voting procedures Mealy-mouthed journalists who delayed in naming the problem are partly why Americans are now so far behind the curve ball that they don't realize that Trump is actually WORSE than a fascist: He's a DEMAGOGUE using fascist techniques to conquer America! He has no right to do this. He will therefore attempt the crime anyway. StillNotNormal

Biden to narrow VP list. But don't expect a pick next weekHe&39;s likely to interview several female governors, lawmakers and former federal officials next week. Lol. Gramps was clueless last week when he announced he was picking this week 😂 It's already been decided for him by his puppet masters

Trump's Chances Of Postponing 2020 Election Are Really Really TinyThe Constitution bestows the power of delaying elections to Congress, not the president. He wasn't serious, morons This is totally unfair!!! Why is the government working against me? Wait, no, this is Obama’s fault! Obama is working against me!! Remember this when Congress delays the election and tries to blame trump

GOP-appointed judges may back Trump in 2020 disputes expert saysDonald Trump has floated delaying the election using unproven concerns over mail-in voting. The courts, which have seen dozens of recent GOP appointments, may facilitate the president’s unprecedented disruption of the 2020 election should it occur, Justice Correspondent for The Nation Elie Mystal alleges to host Jonathan Capehart. Right. Funny becusse that’s exactly what we all think you guys are doing They better all have bunkers.