President Trump continues to undermine legitimacy of 2020 election

President Trump says the 2020 election will be 'rigged.' @chucktodd: 'What would he be saying if he was leading in the polls right now?'

8/2/2020 6:33:00 AM

President Trump says the 2020 election will be 'rigged.' chucktodd: 'What would he be saying if he was leading in the polls right now?'

President Trump undermines the legitimacy of election as unemployment insurance is set to expire and coronavirus deaths surpass 154,000. Chuck Todd says, “We're following a number of crises facing this presidency.”

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chucktodd He may be right... because HE - Trump - is working very VERY hard to “rig” the election to his advantage. chucktodd chucktodd Only in His Mind ! A Fascist tactic to create doubts about a Fair Election chucktodd He said that in 2016 too and he was right. Rigged in his favor chucktodd By whom, Trump.

HENRY30126252 chucktodd Crybaby. We ALL knew this was going to happen. Not gonna be an ejection. Not gonna be another president. It’s FUBAR! BROKEN ARROW. That’s what you wanted. The dollars gonna crash. The yen is gonna be the trade currency. That’s what you wanted. Quit talking about election. Not gonna be one.

chucktodd Of course he wouldn’t. He’s already setting up that excuse to his base chucktodd Trump will be doing the rigging. He is telling you that in plain sight. chucktodd He used to cite the polls and its source at every speaking engagement. Now, hardly a peep. chucktodd Projection/ Confession. Believe him when he says it. Because HE Is Rigging it. 1. Russia is allowed to interfere again. 2. His DOJ & Corrupt AG is using the Fed to investigate opponents. 3. Now He is wilfully interfering with the USPS to lose ballots. TraitorTrump VoteBlue2020

chucktodd So, he is trying honesty now and letting us know putin is going to try to get him in again. chucktodd RIGGED even more. chucktodd The occurrences of election are done by Republicans and usually by restricting voter registration, limiting polling places in minority neighborhoods & the arbitrary elimination of voters from the registration rolls. They know they will lose otherwise. GOP needs old, white voters

chucktodd he also said the 2016 “would be the most rigged election in history“ this fucker has to go, NOW!!! chucktodd Exactly. chucktodd That’s just great wonderful, tell him history book showing him as the worst president in US history are probably also rigged chucktodd You keep missing the TELL! IS HE SAYING HE IS RIGGING IT AGAIN FOR HIS WIN? Why do you assume its rigged against him? Turn that message back on him. He's absolutely rigging the election against the Dems and for himself. Again the press gets caught in his game.

chucktodd We are done chucktodd Just a tip, It is legal for Congress to delay the election. Maybe MSM should try doing some homework before they tweet things. chucktodd He's running out of cards to play. I think this is one of his 'go to card'. He uses it all the time. It's part of his 'victim card' set.

chucktodd Same old saw. His plan if that’s what you call it won’t work. He’s so fucked up now I doubt if he can keep his shit together long enough to make it though the election. chucktodd Watching this president is like watching an episode of bait car 🤣 chucktodd if frump has anything to do with it - yes it will be rigged

chucktodd Where’s that big orange baby balloon when you need it? chucktodd chucktodd The fact that the fakenews keeps pushing for mailinfraud shows you how dangerous it is. The left is so corrupt, they're politicians enter poilitics to make money, the Republicans enter politics to protect the republic. dixiecrats are bad for you. marxism is bad news.

chucktodd He is 100% correct chucktodd He will only say that if he looses chucktodd Trump will have the post office closed down by Election Day. The American voter needs to use drop off boxes. He will also have the October surprise with a report from the US Attorney General from Connecticut for Barr with made up dirt on Vice President Biden.

chucktodd 🤪 chucktodd He said that last term and look who rigged the election and cheated🤔 keep your eye on the culprit (Donald Trump and his Goons) chucktodd Its already started by a Democratic governor in Nevada chucktodd That it’s rigged. Democrats cheat. chucktodd Thanks for the warning . How are you rigging it ?

chucktodd If it's rigged, he rigged it. He doesn't want email in voting because then itll be harder for Russian or whomever to mess with the machine votes. chucktodd It is, they now want no Debates chucktodd 3 years and you still don’t get it chucktodd 154,000 CORONAVIRUS DEATHS AND FAT ORANGE SLOB PLAYED GOLF SATURDAY AUGUST 1ST.

chucktodd Let it ride. Who is so transparent did you can see why chucktodd Obviously major problems has taken place in local elections, with mail systems and individuals. This mail in ballots would require, each State to clear there books of people who died or expired dates for not voting, moved out of your States and districts, by law.

chucktodd No other president in history has made claims like he has, this is classic for a flim flam man trying to cover all his bases. just a Pathetic loser is all he will ever be. nothing but a bankrupt king! chucktodd chucktodd chucktodd Ya he is planning to rig it chucktodd Wait. What!! Well, let's see. He'd probably take one of the complimentary comparisons that you unwittingly heaped upon him back when you supported a trump presidency. Yea, we remember. He'd say: 'I'm andrew jackson'.

chucktodd He'd say the same thing, especially with such a strong push for mail-in voting by the left. They are making it plainly obvious they plan to cheat. chucktodd Well that's because he knew how obvious it is at the moment that he's loosing . chucktodd chucktodd He’s telling you the truth, except Trump does the rigging. Trump is morally deficient. He colluded with foreign governments like Russia, and recently Brazil, to undermine His political opponents. He fabricates lies to rile up his supporters. He has no civility or humanity.

chucktodd realDonaldTrump must have insight knowledge how TeamTrump is going to 'rig' the elections. Remember: the most recent 'rigs' of past elections, were by Republicans. They have the experience and know how. The 'rigs' will either way be the backbone for attempts to steal 2nd term chucktodd He is leading in the polls you fraud

chucktodd He said the same in 2016. chucktodd He is laying the ground-work for an explanation of his defeat -- anything but the truth from 45! chucktodd Conditioning people’s mindsets to make it appear it’s true. chucktodd Wow now trump is clairvoyant ! chucktodd No. No he would not. chucktodd He is hiding his tax returns, colluding with Vladimir Putin to to try and hurt Biden in the polls, probably authorize the hit on marines in Afghanistan by Russia... I wish the media would stop focusing on his distractions!!!! RUSSIA, TAX RETURNS,FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS!!

chucktodd It will? Does that mean you are rigging it? chucktodd He said 2020 election will be 'rigged' with such a strong positive. Maybe be he's the one going to rig it chucktodd He’s rigging it. chucktodd and adds 'at least that's my goal.' chucktodd Don’t forget his penchant for projection! If he’s saying the election will be rigged, you can bet he’s working hard to rig it!

chucktodd He he was leading he probably be sailing good let them do the mail in vote why because he’s in the lead.Because he losing Congress now and see all he’s tricks and games to we’re his back in a corner we’re he can’t get alway with cheating or hack our system nor Putin interfere. chucktodd The only person rigging the election will be trump and his criminal friends.

chucktodd Accuse others of that which you do. Trump is setting up for a government takeover. chucktodd He means he’s going to rig it…again!! chucktodd He IS trying to rig the election, like he did in 2016. chucktodd We cannot let Trump destroy the USPS, the greatest US institution. Stand with the Postal Service, and STAMP out Trump!! StampOutTrump SaveTheUSPS TrumpIsLosing Resist TrumpVirus

chucktodd Let’s just say that it doesn’t need to be rigged, he’s gonna lose all on his own. chucktodd HE SPEWED THIS BULLSHIT 4 YEARS AGO. CALL HIM ON IT. chucktodd He’s only doing this because he is losing in the polls big time. If he were winning in the polls he would be the first person to say, “See, the polls never lie”. He is truly disgusting and he will do anything he can in his power to undermine this election!

chucktodd He wouldn’t be saying anything. It’s only because presidentbiden is leading chucktodd This is intentional, because he knows he’s losing BIGLY! Don’t stop resisting. chucktodd Whenever I would beat my older brother playing chess, he would cry about me cheating. Sounds like the same thing to me.

chucktodd chucktodd Yup ... rigged by him! chucktodd He is right to say it will be a hot mess if we vote by mail. We seen it already and so have all of in person chucktodd Yes if he wins it will be a rigged election. chucktodd Sure will since he is the one paying for a next 3yrs seat. But we the people say no more crazy clown loco cabeza

chucktodd Playing the hits from 2016. chucktodd Same thing. He’s scared. chucktodd Stop reporting is distracting BS! Keep posting this! chucktodd Sigh chucktodd So now at MSNBC trump's hair color is white, from usual yellow. chucktodd Exactly, Chuck. chucktodd Projecting chucktodd He was obviously right when he said it in 2016, and he’s right today. Failed effort on spying and framing, followed by a failed effort at mail in voter fraud. Claims of urban mail in voter suppression will be too little too late. Losers in advance.

chucktodd Somebody stop this corrupt administration! chucktodd You should no,2016 chucktodd By him chucktodd He'd be puking the same garbage because he doesn't know! It's more effective to take the negative tact because it suit his lazy-dumb base chucktodd What were the results of investigation into millions of frauds in the '16 election, as Trump charged?

chucktodd 😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 chucktodd ...rigged in his favor, just like 2016. Everything he says is the opposite. chucktodd Let's say Donald Trump wins. Will Mike Pence and the Cabinet then exercise the 23rd Amendment, in December, to remove Donald Trump thus allowing Mike Pence to be inaugurated on January 20th?

chucktodd The issue is that he wants to rig it. If we mail in - he can't. chucktodd What you saw there was his strategy to steal the election. Not only sowing doubts on the legitimacy of mail in votes but also that “you may never know the result”. He said it out loud he will tie up the processing of votes and challenge results in court. Watch just watch

chucktodd Yes, rigged by him. chucktodd I am pretty sure the 2016 election was rigged! chucktodd Of course he'd be happy if he were. Nothing would be wrong in his mindthen. Hoping he loses andthe gap just keeps widening. We can't stand him! chucktodd He knows, because he’s the one that will rigg it. And if he cheats himself into a win, he will not complain about rigging. TrumpIsACheat TrumpIsASoreLoser

chucktodd He'd be crowing that he was going to win. chucktodd He’s gonna be doing the rigging. chucktodd Everyone with half a brain knows that Democrats will lie and cheat to win an election. chucktodd That it will be rigged... Even if he's thrashing Biden by 20 points. He would still be hedging his bets. ProjectorBoyPOTUS📽️ can't imagine that anyone wouldn't cheat to win? He's like a monitor lizard. He wakes up, seek prey to feed on- poops... Seeks more prey to feed on...


chucktodd chucktodd It's easy to state the obvious when you are the person that orders the election to be rigged with the help of your handler who doesen't want to lose a precious asset in a prime position. It's standard trump procedure to accuse his opponents of the things he himself does. chucktodd Mail in is rigged

chucktodd chucktodd chucktodd Bye chucktodd Yeah! Trump will rig the Election in his Favor! That why we need to get every mail in Vote counted, no matter, How long it takes, and keep the Polls open past the Closing time to assure all who want to Vote can! tify330 SenKamalaHarris SenSchumer SpeakerPelosi CNBC

chucktodd He’s preparing his cult members for a loss. chucktodd Any state where majority of votes are mail in shouLD require AUDIT of those votes. Election2020 chucktodd The only time it was rigged was in 2016 due to urfriend,russia, interfering. Not any other times. Voting by mail is not fradulent. U interfering is fake , a sham, and rigged.

chucktodd I prefer him not leading in polls. I was randomly selected for 3 polls this year. One is Rasmussen. I lie every time. chucktodd rigged? he should know; he probably rigged it. chucktodd Remember, he always accuses others of things he does himself. So what you should be asking is 'how will 'Trump' rig the election'? My money is on Trump letting the virus run rampant until election,then lockdown after destruction of postal service so no mail or polling stn votes

chucktodd It will be rigged if he has anything to do with it chucktodd We chucktodd My new 'fiction or the future' Trump dystopia novel begins with Trump stealing the 2020 election by declaring a state of emergency and sizing control of polling places & vote counting DictatorTrump America2034 chucktodd The only thing that is illegitimate is his presidency!

chucktodd He is leading in the polls, just not in the same polls you liberals use, the same ones that said Hillary was winning chucky. chucktodd He’s going to rig it to go his way, of course. chucktodd Not this chucktodd Because he will loose big time chucktodd No, the 2016 election was rigged. chucktodd Don't listen to what he says.. HE IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!! realDonaldTrump VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare

chucktodd The president would be correct if voting by mail is approved. However voting by absentee ballot is still legal using the USPS. chucktodd He will win chucktodd Yep! It will be rigged ! chucktodd By the republicans with Putin’s help. chucktodd This is another way of saying he will not go.🤦🏿‍♀️

chucktodd Exactly! And if he’s so sure it’s rigged, why is he only complaining and not acting like a problem solver? chucktodd The left will cheat we are on the brink of America being destroyed by the crazy left agenda wake up people chucktodd realdonaldtrump the con artist extraordinaire is at it again going back to his play book of 2016 so much has changed around him in so little and he doesn't even know it.

chucktodd chucktodd Caused he rigged the 2016 election.. he’s projecting!! chucktodd Trump's behaving as always and telling us what he's doing - he has asked Russia, China, Iran, and others to help him get reelected. Nevermind that asking for, and receiving foreign help is illegal; trump is once again projecting - blaming others for that which he is doing.

chucktodd It'll be rigged just like 2016 Putin. THAT is why they HAVE to get rid of mail in voting..Putin can't hack that system. chucktodd It might be rigged. chucktodd Chuck Todd : Impartial deliverer of News 🤪💩 chucktodd Leftist propaganda chucktodd If Trump was leading he would probably be mailing out ballots himself ha ha ha, you loose Trump

chucktodd This is so sad the President of the United States takes this stance against his own country and people should be worried of his undermining our democracy. shame chucktodd Trump is paranoid and will say anything to draw suspicion and give him. End our national nightmare this November, vote Democratic. Republicans have lost their moral compass. Don’t be fooled by their depressing and deceiving political advertisements

chucktodd Voter Suppression. Nobody will come out and risk their lives to vote except liberals filled with hatred. chucktodd Worried hahaha ! chucktodd Russians still helping him, he’s screwing up the post office for election help, he and buddies have asked every county for help, China, RU, Brazil no doubt some Middle East countries, and he bitches that Dems are rigging it because we want more people to get out and vote legally

chucktodd Isn’t that what the democrats have been saying since the last election. The Russians rigged it chucktodd You are looking at the face of defeat. There’s not way to redeem himself. However we should never ever be complacent. Of course he’s going to say the election is rigged. He said that in 16 it’s his default message.

chucktodd He makes me want to 🤮 chucktodd Well actually he is, they are using bad data and models. It will all add up to be a even bigger cryfest because your helping trying to sell a Biden win story. When it’s just not true. Thanks to you and the others it’s going to be a hard landing for 35-40% of the country.

chucktodd Yeah by you chucktodd LAST ELECTION WAS RIGGED FOR TRUMP BY RUSSIA. YUP. RIGGED! chucktodd Well, he wouldn’t be crying like a baby “nobody likes me” chucktodd JUST LIKE THE LAST ONE?! DAMN PUTIN! chucktodd He's a Liar chucktodd He would not be thanking God, but he would Putin. chucktodd Only because he knows that he's going to lose. If he thought that he was going to win he would say that everything is fine.

chucktodd Worse President ever to be stuck with. Fucking Worse!!!!! chucktodd I’m sure he’s got a bullshit answer for that too! chucktodd Rigged By republicans and Putin that’s how trump knows it will be rigged .... he projects what he knows StephMillerShow SRuhle NicolleDWallace JoeNBC JoyAnnReid AliVelshi

chucktodd realDonaldTrump so you think that every State has incompetent people running their elections, people who are incapable of being honest. This is basically classic Trump paranoia and devastation of this country... chucktodd Idiot chucktodd GO GOO GO TRUMP chucktodd This so makes our forefathers all the wiser. They had the foresight to see a corrupt and perverted president trying to create an emergency to keep himself in office. THEY KNEW BETTER. Thank you to President Biden or President Pelosi. We all need to get out and vote AGAINST Trump.

chucktodd True like the media is rigged chucktodd Why of course it would be rigged , anyone can see what would happen and it would be so easy chucktodd For all his mouthing all it shows is HE HAS NO CONFIDENCE in himself . chucktodd Chuck Todd needs to shave his man beaver chucktodd Somebody is getting desperate

chucktodd Chuck-Pres. Trump would be saying the same thing. chucktodd Trumps letting the cat out of the bag, he's telling everybody what he plans on doing. chucktodd trump regularly accuses others without cause of exactly what he himself is doing. He and his followers live in upside down world where they poop into their own mouths.

chucktodd It’s only rigged if he loses, but if he wins, then it’s not rigged? Give me a Fucking break chucktodd He’s not wrong. If you can protest, riot then you can have voting in person. chucktodd Careful everyone. He is programming his base into believing him and no telling what they will do. chucktodd You mean like Democrat have been doing for 3.5 years?

chucktodd He said the same about 2016. There’s really nothing new inside that head. chucktodd When he says they're going to be rigged believe him. He's telling us what he's going to do. chucktodd Wait..... Non-voters are now hidden voters and silent majority ..... that's what he meant! Claim the non-voters for yours!

chucktodd Who is rigging the election? chucktodd Who is doing the rigging? chucktodd This is the oddity - he is the only one interested in rigging the election. Wear a mask. Help every American to vote safely. We can figure out the results. = chucktodd For the love of Pete, STOP! The media needs to stop playing the 'What If' game. Just report the damned news.

chucktodd You're just mad because nobody can type into the computer systems for voting like what happened with Russia in 2016. Does mail-in vote you are a sure thing to lose. That's why you're mad because you can't tamper with the election of hers mail-in voting chucktodd Because he is running against a dem.

chucktodd Of course he's going to rig it. He tells everyone when he is breaking the people refuse to see it and act on it... chucktodd If he wins we know it’s rigged . chucktodd So, TraitorTrump is admitting that Russia & Cins are trying to interfere to get him re-elected? chucktodd chucktodd His hair is gray one day and yellow the next.

chucktodd chucktodd The RNC will be rigged and not televised. I don't even think Pence can get the nomination. My guess is Scott, Rubio or Cruz. Maybe McSally. chucktodd VoterID2020 chucktodd Pay no attention. He will retreat and retire chucktodd Dems tried it in 2016, so why wouldn’t they try it again. Btw Clinton still lost.😉

chucktodd Trump is working to rig the election by interfering with the USPS and spreading lies about mail in ballots. chucktodd I’ve said it before , other than Nancy Pelosi, the other thing that drives him further bonkers is if the media doesn’t cover him. Cover Joe Biden it will drive Trump bananas. Biden, Biden, Biden all day long CNN and MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC. Oh boy!

chucktodd Projection 101: The election will be rigged...bc I am going to rig the election. TrumpIsANationalDisgrace chucktodd You wouldn’t be able to get off Twitter then on fox chucktodd When Joe wins, he is going to say, see, I told you it was rigged. But also, I am certain he has been in daily contact with putin, trying to plan exactly how he is going to fix this election for dt!

chucktodd Who knows? chucktodd So if he wins, like most likey he will. Then will Trump still claim it was rigged ? Election2020 vote chucktodd Democrats will cheat chucktodd What's new? The 2016 elections were rigged by flipping 2 votes per precinct by his buddy Putin. Who would notice that. Now he can't flip the mailed ballots.

chucktodd Is it a kind of preparation to deny the result of the election when he loses? chucktodd We heard the same cries four years ago. Anything that doesn't seem to be in his favor always has some sort of controversy around it. chucktodd Trump is the one rigging it! Well, and Papa Putin. chucktodd If mail in ballots used we will want everyone of them checked against voter rolls that's for dam sure.

chucktodd He would be bragging about winning the polls and not saying anything about being rigged chucktodd Yeah - by HIM! Just like last time! chucktodd Trump said the same thing in 2016. He did rig the election, conspiring with Russia who hacked/stole Clinton's emails & then hacked into voting systems in all 50 states, using Cambridge Analytica & Facebook to target millions of Americans & Wikileaks to broadcast stolen data.

chucktodd Rigging is what he’s hoping for. chucktodd They will certainly be trying to rig it. He's only speaking the truth. Republicans will do everything they can to suppress the voter turnout, delay and invalidate mail in votes, and then deny any results that don't go there way in every district in the country.

chucktodd He's a traitor and liar he can never stop lying he's very deranged mentally chucktodd He’s telling you : HE IS GOING TO RIG IT chucktodd Both sides can play the mail in cheat game. When he wins a 2nd term. You will accept it just as you ask him daily. Both can play the game. You reap what you sow

chucktodd The irony is that the dems wont accept the loss, regardless of the voting method..absolute anarchy and continued destruction Nov 4..or as MSNBC routinely says 'peaceful protests'. jasonbaum chucktodd Wow, he’s gone completely white and looking like old man winter. chucktodd realDonaldTrump learn to accept you are the failure

chucktodd Why? Because Trump says so chucktodd Trump is like that spoiled kid you never wanted to play board games with. The rotten kid who flipped the board and all it's pieces over when he started to lose 🙄 chucktodd He probably is leading in the polls. You clowns were so wrong last time. chucktodd The World’s biggest whiner ! Remember this comes from a guy who ask for election help from - Russia, China, Ukraine, + Turkey, just to name a few

chucktodd You can understand why Trump says this , Every Democrat in Congress lies about Russian collusion for3yrs . Made up phony documents to start Muller investigation. Crooked FBI agent’s spy on Trump campaign, not counting all the phony news stories chucktodd He's doing his best to make it happen.

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President Trump says he will ban TikTok in United States'We're banning them from the United States.' Pres. Donald Trump told reporters that he plans to ban the TikTok app in the U.S. through executive authority. I'm quite sure that Biden, as I predicted months ago will be dropped by the Democratic party. His VP will continue to run against Trump. Wonald Wrump well... in honor of my favorite app.. heres on of my fav ones 😔

President Trump says he will ban TikTok in United StatesPresident Donald Trump told reporters that he plans to ban the TikTok app in the United States through executive authority while flying home from Florida on Friday evening. 'We're banning them from the United States,' Trump said. Trump called the decision 'severance' and firmly Newest highest technology systems 1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ YAHOO IS CHINA