Tenant Decapitated Landlord With A Sword Over A Rent Dispute, Hartford Police Say - Cnn

Tenant Decapitated Landlord With A Sword Over A Rent Dispute, Hartford Police Say - Cnn

A tenant decapitated his landlord with a sword over a rent dispute, Hartford police say

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8/2/2020 11:31:00 AM

A Connecticut man decapitated his landlord with a sword after being told he had to move out because of overdue rent, Hartford police say

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What is this it are you guys trying to reports news still not very good at it IT WAS BAD TO DRIVE SOME ONE OUT OF HOME AT THIS TIME; ; BUT WOULD YOU KILL SOMEONE FOR THIS ? // UNLESS YOU´RE A MONSTER. Well, he no longer has to worry about a roof over his head anymore. Just sad all the way around..... He didn't have to kill someone to get free rent for life.

Guess the Gathering is upon us... In the end, there can be only one. DebraMessing That’s going to pretty much guarantee that he’s going to be finding himself living in a new place. Interesting, he didnt pay because he was part of the right wing sovereign citizen movement. Has nothing to do with national or local economic conditions

And it begins What an action? Black Lives Matter? Sure it does but not this specific black man. He needs to be executed or decapitated, too. Period. Bad nigger send him to jail now Is this a race crime as well as an argument over money owed? Well I see that as rudeness. 🤯🤯🤯 oh my!!! Shhhh got real for real!!!

C’mon, CNN. You don’t have to show a disenfranchised Black. Why he got a sword 🗡 Layin around ? He's a sovereign citizen loon. Of course. Well, that's one way to get free rent. The whole world is going insane. What happened to 211 dude? Really gotta be that stupid and kill someone then lose your own life? I hope he rots in prison for doing that.

DebraMessing He can kiss that cleaning deposit goodbye! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT WAS WRONG WITH THIS DUDE? DebraMessing Shit getting real. Isn’t that the custom in the Middle East? WLM Racist out in full force in the comment section Damn. He look like he meant that shit n wud do it again. Ppl at their wits end stresses tf up and see how life has been to them and lose it. Crazy 💩.

Well he won’t have to worry about rent now! The killer “believed he was a 'sovereign citizen,' or an individual who believes he is not subject to any statutes and interprets the laws in their own way” Ah, the gop defense. This is horrible. This guy must be mentally disturbed. Glad is he was arrested. Damn

The article makes it sound like the police didn’t respond until the next day. 🤦‍♀️ He’s definitely African because no African-American owns a sword. Soul patch: groomed Sword: sharpened Rent: cancelled Maybe rent IS a bad idea, hmm CNN? He was a mostly peaceful roommate. I guess he won’t have to worry about paying rent anymore.

Now he will be rent-free forever Wow! And....drum roll please...bet your corrupt news will blame it on Trump! Leftists should make a public display of they're virtue and bail hom out. Can’t say I blame him. Some folks just push you too far! My landlord’s a miserly prick who won’t fulfill his landlord obligations. Wants that $1,500.00 for a one bedroom though. Thinks he’s giving me a sweet deal. A delusional, lying, sack of human excrement!

Daniel pearl Omg when in doubt, decapitate your landlord. works every time. RiskyLiberal Now he’ll have free rent for the rest of his life. Condolences to the family of the landlord. 💜 It was a peaceful protest Stop sharing this The original CNN tweet: Poor innocent black man decapitated evil greedy white(assuming) landlord. Poor black man was being thrown on the streets, the man had not option but to defend himself. He will be released on bail, due to covid-19...

Lives matter and BillClintonIsAPedo Well I can’t believe CNN even ran Thai report. I thought only white races did wrong according to them. Well.. he doesn't have to worry about having a roof over his head and food on the table now. What? Ugly. states of america connecticus fok you!!!!!!!! Well he got free room and board now

At least he will have food and shelter. Sadly. Another example of leaving Americans in a bad place by not putting measures in place until the crisis was handled. This is on the House! Desperate, hungry, homeless people. Millions. Good job POTUS! Not! Heads will roll literally they already are. Reinstate the PUA ASAP

Well, that solves the rent problem. The State of CT doesn't charge late fees for rent. Yikes We're gonna start seeing a lot mor of this. i bow to one man Automatic death penalty! Be mad at your government, people. If this doesn’t get you to rise up, then what will? Who do you think allowed us to get to the place where a person would 1) not have a job to pay his rent & 2) think that he shouldn’t have to pay his rent? The people who will put an end to this.

Democrats, black lives matter movement should take responsibility for this dastardly act. They encourages my fellow black brothers to commits heinous crimes under the cover of black lives matter. What did Democrats says about this evil?Is it not clear that everybody's live matter That’s one way of getting free rent.

Now that is messed up. He should be checked for mental issues before he is directly thrown into jail. He needs to be protected from the population though. Based Too bad he gave in to the evil Doing something like this extremely gusty, but illegal. Talk about exterme retaliation.😬 Looks like he will get free room and board now.

Well apparently BLM should help this guy out as well. Said it before n will again, every Creed n culture has them just plain asshole people so before you start crying about how good you are take a look to the left, right,forward and behind. I don't care what ethnicity. Senseless! He just secured housing for the rest of his life. Sad!

Three comments: 1. Facetious: We told you rent relief was necessary during a pandemic. 2. Pro tip 1: Never room with your tenants. 3. Pro tip 2: Never have any dealings with a 'sovereign citizen.' Especially rooming with your tenant. That said, I feel sad for this guy. based free our king 🙌 politics aside, WITH A SWORD?

This is why i told my tenant. I understand if they cant pay. Just pay what you can, when you can. They only missed 1 month. Bring back the 'Electric Chair ' and that will slow down some of these uncalled for murders Well at least it wasn't gun violence. jjmacnab SC Finish him! I guess he won't have to worry about rent any longer.

Now he will have bed an 3 meals a day People should be executed in the same manner in which they murdered their victims. What going to end up happening is it going to be a race war and this time we want be slaves 😱 If I was a renter I would not look at murder as an alternative to paying my rent. People need to understand that land lords need to pay their mortgages and that comes from rent due. So it’s a two way street. Murder is no excuse

Was this black on black or black on white? You conveniently leave of race unless it’s white driven. This is ridiculous. The fear of being homeless warrants chopping someone's head off. I don't think so! There's more to the story than that. And here it starts. The administration is playing politics with American lives and their homes. As the money runs out, we will see more and more of this.

Yeah I would totally allow that guy to live in my house lol So sad...Oregon rents were stopped until September 4th then all hell is going to break loose. Our homeless population is already top 3 in the country, and with winter 3 months after so many evictions I am fearing the worst. Luckily we have paid our landlord but bills like water !

hoodrowtrillson Fuxk that landlord Well now he is going to have a place to stay. So, he was his landlord's roommate? Not strictly landlord/tenant. Not that it matters. Eviction was still the primary catalyst of the event, I guess. Let's get this guy a noose. based asl Black Lives Matter Landlords have mortgages to pay as well.

Wow this is so sad ! It’s just horrible for something like this too happen over rent. But this guys is not the only person who is one step away from a mental breakdown! People are suffering right now! They are feeling desperate ! This is what it is coming down too. No respect for life. Follow your own rules. What do people think if they break rules. They just can go and kill the rule maker? Its becoming a 'Mad Max ' world. Its scary for those who are not rule breakers.

This is why I will not rent out a property 🤦🏽‍♀️ Why do the heinous people get arrested without incident and the innocent get excessive force? Lock him up and throw away the key. Period. Another gentle giant I suppose? BLM? 😬😬😬😬 but also 🤷‍♂️ Did he survive? This is the landlord. 100% this would have been sold as a ‘racist’ attack if it was the other way around. Black on white murder = rent dispute White on black = always racially motivated It’s not right.

So many assumptions and rude comments. I guess a landlord,in the yes of many, doesn’t have to eat, or pay the mortgage. FYI-Not all landlords are multi-millionaires owning hundreds of units. Many are small businesses and own one or two properties & have mouths to feed. Landlords life’s matter. This is why we need the Death Penalty.

What's wrong with these JoeBiden supporters Landlord Lives Matter too Future DNC campaign worker and spokesman for BLM! They’ll be more of this happening the way the economy is going... People are losing their minds.. He got his wish though, he won’t be homeless Not gonna lie that's fucking metal!! This headline should read “psycho man decapitates roommate with sword”

Refused to speak. With a search warrant, police found paperwork suggesting Thompson believed he was a 'sovereign citizen,' or an individual who believes he is not subject to any statutes and interprets the laws in his own way, the detectives wrote. Res ipsa loquitor. Sick sick sick! Who here is surprised? No, no, no, evicting millions of people will turn out just fine!

Waiting for MAGATs to somehow turn this into something racist shit...... I thought the pen .... ? Now he has free rent for life Misslee35 And I don’t want to pay rent either, but you don’t see me decapitating people cause of it 😭😭 And this is what happens when people are on house arrest for an undetermined amount of time. It was supposed to be 2 weeks. Going on 3 months

That maybe a dry run for 3 November 2020. You'll never get ahead in life that way. Sad story..we have no idea the mental state as we get through this mess. If a white man decapitated a black landlord we'd be having more riots. Is this legal. Dosnt day he was arrested 🤣 He got somewhere to stay now permanently

It's the dude from the movie platform! Lmfao Hell yeah Just another peaceful protester. Nothing to see here. Ever notice how CNN doesn't mention skin color in the title when it doesn't fit their narrative? Honestly, wouldn’t be surprised if House Dems defend him and blame it on the Republicans! Respect The thing that makes me furious on here are the ones bashing BLM. Yes, a black man was charged with homicide, but that does not mean all black people are violent. I'm not 100% sure the full details of this story, but this is ONE black man, not an entire race. BlackLivesMatter

A just punishment is called for. Just another affirmation of the stereotype/reputation of the blacks for violence This is not a normal behavior. Stop making excuses. Don’t push me...cause I’m close to the eeeedge... there can be only one... This murder is on the GOP! If they would have halted evictions until we have a quarantine this wouldn’t have happened!

Please stop promoting the narrative that Black men are criminals. They are already over represented in our prison system & in movies & on the news, no need to help perpetrate the imbalance even on occasion when a Black man is accused. It puts innocent Black men in danger. According to Democrats the landlord got it coming.

Now he has a permanent residence, ppl are so fkd up.. This is the culmination of the Rent Is Too Damn High party's rhetoric! Well he'll be living rent free for now on. During this pandemic the more evictions —more violence. Jesus wept... Landlord’s have no rights. Pre-existing condition, I'd guess I looked at some answers and saw many attenuating the murderer's guilt and criminalizing the victim, is it really that? is there any action that can endorse a beheading? it made me a little afraid ...

Is the US going backward to a primitive society? Someone read Crime and Punishment I blame the person that supplied the sword. Since apparently being held accountable for your own actions isn't a thing. Deplorable for sure. Landlords have bills to pay too. Just another example of the desperation people feel.

All Lives Matter! Will he get a free pass? because we know only black lives matter. cnn maddow will say the man was mostly peacefully protesting and that 1000 years of oppression and racism caused this so it's justified. Then the lefty sheep will call to cancel all rent because rent is racism They give people all kinds of extra money there is no reason not to pay rent they make more money then if working this is awful this man probably won’t even go to jail poor me syndrome

Death penalty. That's horrible Why do some ppl assume that landlord means millionaire home owner..? Even home owners have to pay back loans/credits to banks and can not simply wave the rent due to pandemic. CarlosPellecie1 Looks like they was also room mates and king was his land lord so king may have to pay rent so needs his room mates part to pay

Well he won't be paying rent in $ anymore OMG 😱.That’s drastic. Black lives matter 😢 👑 Horrible. 😢🙏 Another covid death? Interesting headline A black man decapitated his white landlord over rent.. This should be the best caption. But we need more 'common sense gun safety' (control) now 😉! ( because we know if he had really had the chance he'd have used a gun to kill him instead🤮) bradybuzz GiffordsCourage Sarcasm

Don’t have to pay rent now. Death row nice and comfortable. That guy must of done alots to him for this to happen HE IS DEFINITELY INSANE! Well, he sure found a permanent one now. This guy just screwed himself, oh well 😔! This could become common place among people losing their unemployment and stimulus checks. People will become crazy with fear for the welfare of their families

Hmm.. This is murder. Life imprisonment. No parole. Ok, next. Disgusting needs a life sentence And so it begins.... No chance of him being evicted from his next apartment... Uncool. A black guy murdering someone! No way! It’s always the ones you least expect Now he has to move out for other reasons. He got free rent now and bologna sammiches to boot.

But yall worried about an invisible virus with a 99.9% survival rate lmao Will trump pardon this man? He was unfairly being evicted. So much evil Off with his head Democrats are dirty sick scumbags child abusers.THE STORM IS COMING BYE BYE DEMS Seems fair This is inhuman Our brother from Africa done so much for usa now, if trump doesn't help them...i think there will be consequences

thestinkmarket you ok ? Must be a Biden supporter and BLM angry person. Did he get the rent? Welcome to Hartford Black males commit over 40% of nations murders yet black males are less than 10% of the population. This guys keeping up his end of those stats while saps are screaming systemic racism around every corner.

Slightly overreaction. No coming back from beheading. Hate crime? Lol Well. That's one way to avoid eviction. The gov better extend unemployment cuz this simulation is getting wild 😭 $600 might have prevented this. Also, what was the landlord thinking.....this is a pandemic CUT people some slack. Not a pun in poor taste btw.....just came out that way.

The media and leftists made him feel entitled. I would suspect it’s more complicated than black man kills white man with sword. Black lives (are quite complicated and don’t fi So the police were called for help by the landlord prior to the fatal event, and did not go?! Well now he definitely has to move out.

Landlord Lives Matter!! How come the victim always is made out to be kindest person on earth who wouldn't hurt a fly? Doesn't really fit with evicting someone during a pandemic. Obviously murder and decapitation is not the answer and the perpetrator will get his due. He claims to be a 'sovereign citizen'. Can I also claim so and don't have to pay my bank loans!

“People will do what they do” Democrats He will never be homeless again by god. So the landlord name is King. There is a joke waiting to be made... Man. It's really? WTf happen with world. JESUS come back please. NOW HE IS GETTING FREE RENT FROM TAXPAYERS FOR LIFE! HOW NICE! COURTESY OF THE PENAL SYSTEM! BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY IN ALL STATES!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN refused to call him a 'black man'. FakeNewsCNN trying to avoid race here because it doesn't suit her narrative of winning the black votes. CNN will add race to it if it will help get blacks votes. Many blacks are wiser now. This is why I support the right to bare arms. Anyone want to rent this guys place ? It has cutting edge facilities.

WITH A SWORD Who just casually keeps one around? 😒😒😒 I cant get jiggy with dis shit And the Senate took Friday off without extending eviction moratoriums. Cute. That certainly guaranteed him long term alternative accommodation.

Pentagon to release new details of UFO encounters to public - CNN VideoThe Pentagon will release new information surrounding UFO encounters. “This is a topic that the oversight committees should take seriously and investigate,” ex-US Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Christopher Mellon tells smerconish. smerconish How smart can these aliens be if they are coming to visit us? Can’t they see how fu*ked up as a planet and people we are. Run, go back to where you came from. Save yourselves!!!🥴 smerconish 2020 smerconish Oops, it’s only smerconish. I thought the aliens have their own Goon Island.

See mammoth bones discovered in Russia - CNN VideoThe remains of an adult mammoth have been discovered in Russia. Scientists estimate that the remains are at least 10,000 years old. Climate change ParveenKaswan Global warming?

What's the risk of getting Covid-19? An epidemiologist explains - CNN VideoIs it safe to eat at a restaurant right now? What about getting your hair done or exercising? A public health doctor explains the risk level of several activities. My hair is almost down to my waist at this point. It’s fine. I do miss restaurants but I fear being without my family, in a hospital on a respirator more. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 witch experts? Bill and Melinda Gates ,Zuckerberg .

GOP-appointed judges may back Trump in 2020 disputes expert saysDonald Trump has floated delaying the election using unproven concerns over mail-in voting. The courts, which have seen dozens of recent GOP appointments, may facilitate the president’s unprecedented disruption of the 2020 election should it occur, Justice Correspondent for The Nation Elie Mystal alleges to host Jonathan Capehart. Right. Funny becusse that’s exactly what we all think you guys are doing They better all have bunkers.

Turkey and Greece avoid coming to blows, for nowTurkey has long refused to recognise the economic zones around the Greek islands hugging its shores They must not like thanksgiving Turkey and Greece have been avoiding war for decades. One day it'll finally happen and the world will rejoice those regions belong to Turkish territorial waters.the islands have such a status. Greek demands are against international law.

Rent's due, again: Monthly anxieties deepen as aid falls off - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Yeah, this insane idea of quarantining the healthy may not have flattened the curve but it sure flattened the economy And get this, Democrats are overjoyed! Amazing. In the immortal words of Fascist 'elites' of old: 'Let them eat cake!'. -Or GMO foods.