Trump contemplates using pardons to move subject away from impeachment and riots

President Trump is contemplating using pardons as a means to distract from impeachment and riots, sources say

1/14/2021 3:39:00 AM

President Trump is contemplating using pardons as a means to distract from impeachment and riots, sources say

The House voted Wednesday to impeach President Trump for his role in inciting the deadly Capitol attack. The vote comes as President-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office on Jan. 20. Follow here for the latest.

As President Trump made history tonight as the only US president to be impeached twice, one White House adviser said “everybody’s angry at everyone” inside the White House, with the President being upset because he thinks people aren’t defending him enough.

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“He’s in self-pity mode,” the source said.The view among many close to Trump is “his actions led to here, no one else,” adding, “he instigated a mob to charge on the Capitol building to stop decertification, he’s not going to find a lot of sympathetic Republicans.”

During the last impeachment effort, Trump allies in and out of the White House publicly defended him and sent out talking points throughout the impeachment proceeding.Today, it was the President who was left to fend for himself at the White House, releasing a statement first given to Fox News denouncing further violence, followed by a five-minute video that struck a very different tone than his first message following the attack on the Capitol last week. Aides scrambled to find a way to release the video, worried that even a contrite Trump might have his videos taken down.

Also, there was no organized effort to send out talking points, unlike his first impeachment.Many White House staffers have left or resigned since the riots, including Trump’s once longtime confidante Hope Hicks. Another person close to the White House said “he’s been holed up in the residence, that’s never a good thing.

"He’s by himself, not a lot of people to bounce ideas off of, whenever that happens he goes to his worst instincts. Now that Twitter isn’t available God only knows what the outlet will be," the source said.One outlet Trump is focused on is wielding what power he has left: pardons. Multiple sources told CNN the next batch of pardons could come as soon as Thursday, in part to distract from the current narrative.

One of the sources also noted that Trump was planning to give New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick the medal of honor tomorrow, but. Announcing some pardons could replace that, especially if there are some high-profile ones.Moving forward:Another question that lingers is whether Trump will pardon himself and his children.

One person close to Trump believes it’s a bad idea for him to pardon himself and his kids in the wake of the riots, but that he wants to exercise what remaining power he has. Read more: CNN »

Sources say poll shows people dislike media 2 and the 1 that Trumps Trump is people despise Cable TV providers , something wrong when your cable bill is more than your power bill , then you have some network telling you Sources this and Sources that , I can see why your 2 Yes. PardonSnowden PardonAssange

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He needs to flee. Little snowflake puzzies!!!! Good. I hope he pardons all sorts of his toads so they can't plead the 5th in Trump's criminal trial. Who’s he gonna pardon? Charles Manson? Who cares, cnn will forever be known as fake news. FACT Charles Manson! On second thought, let’s not. We would probably elect him president.

Pardon Assange and Snowden!!! Sure, busting his squad of supervillains out of prison is going to distract from the impeaching. imagine 2 cops conducting a illegal entry into your home in the middle of the night. Then Strip searching you to humiliate you, then tossing you out in the street before beginning 3 years of harassment & sex crimes. Will you please help me get a FBI/TheJusticeDept investigation

So true! I am going to Pardon people so evil and deprived, the Dishonest FakeNews media will have no choice but to focus all there atention on them- starting with My children and MYSELF!!! SethAbramson Wow, what a Gordian Knot? Do we become distracted by all the pardons? Or do we impeach him, then challenge the pardons in court? What to do? What to do?

Uh oh, the CNN sources are back Worst American human being. He sent five Americans to their deaths on a false promise. Confess! This is BS...he has been planning Pardons all along Of course! He's going to pardon himself and all his shitty kids. He can try a self pardon but the 1974 Nixon justice dept said No & its a good bet our SCOTUS will agree as a self pardon gives a president the power of a King & our fore fathers specifically did not want a king so divided power between house and senate.

He can try but it ain't going to fly. He can't run from the law anymore. Que se autoindulte I hope 17 to 18 Republicans vote to convict him in Senate. His impeachment and conviction will set a global example against fascist head of states who promote and profess radical RW violence. Didn't someone mention that over 70% violence was by RW terror organizations? Freak!!!

Edward Snowden? neandermudgeon What happened to Trump saying 'If I don't get a pardon then nobody gets a pardon.' give him a break ffs desperate, pathetic, psychopath.. I think that may bring quite a bit more attention - might want to have your flunky Pence do that He has nothing to worry about.