The GOP’s choice in 2024: Trump Ultra, Trump Lite or Trump Zero

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Here is a breakdown of the 2024 GOP presidential lanes that are taking shape

Then-U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley and then-President Donald Trump in October 2018. | Evan Vucci/AP Photo

“About 75 percent of Republican primary voters said supporting Donald Trump is a requirement for office. Again: a requirement. It’s absolutely astonishing,” Donehue said. “So she was seen in this state as being 100 percent with Donald Trump, but now over the last two weeks, we're starting to hear a lot of rumblings. People still love Nikki Haley here, but she's got to figure out a way to deal with this. I don’t know how she does, though.

In New Hampshire, sandwiched between the Iowa and South Carolina contests, Republican strategist Jim Merrill said that Trump Lite could be “potentially the broadest lane ... a hybrid that is able to point out Trump's shortcomings while also working to build on his gains with working class Americans.”Jeff Roe, who advised Cruz on his 2016 presidential bid, has polled Republican primary voters extensively in recent years on what type of candidate they would support.


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Lol, their choice of Trump has been TWO lost popular votes, one of the biggest House flips in 2018, and Georgia and Arizona turning blue for the Senate. He single handedly wrecked the GOP in 4 years.

They don't need to be that crazy. Its choice of a sensible candidate or a dangerous democracy destroying lunatic who should be locked up asap.

TheDemocrats BernieSanders SenWarren I want to know what companies are donating trust me it’s more than the limit look LeaderMcConnell where did his wife get 71M for his re-election fund look into his wife who gave government contracts to her family and big donors

Stay away from trouble Era.

President Trump is the leader of current Republican party..

Sources say that there are so many child predators at CPAC each year that they are forced to post this sign

It's going to be hard for GOP candidates moving forward. Since Democrats have moved far to the right of Reagan, GOP has nowhere to go but Left.

Trump running in 2024 would be a gift to Democrats. By then COVID will be completely under control...on Biden’s watch. It won’t be a question of IF Biden would win, it will be if Biden’s wins by even more votes.

“Trump Zero” - supports his legacy

I love that “white power” fist pump. 🤬

legant66 FascistGOP

The only reason Trump has power is because the Republicans allow it. This is who they want to be.

it’s because you keep talking about him. if the press completely ignored him, he would shrivel up and die.


Definitely trump zero

GOP has CREATED a MONSTER in Donald Trump Now the Republicans have to learn to live with him Will he be slayed? Republicans can never be trusted GOPLeader LeaderMcConnell Jim_Jordan TedCruz HawleyMO LindseyGrahamSC JMCressy GriftInc _elizbieber Holdthemaccoun9

If the GOP had a spine they’d tell him where to go and take back their Party. As long as they let him dictate he’ll be doing it. I say GOP take back your Party and let Trump start his own.

Know what would be cool? If you would find something more trenchant and less hackneyed to write about.

Can we have, like, 6 months off between the 4 year elections? M’kay, thanks.

There he is with his Nazi Salute.

He will lose again. Tho I doubt he will run or even be able to... after all he may be in prison by then. I mean, here’s hoping!! The GOP had lost its collective mind.


Stop giving a TRAITOR a platform.

Trump Zero is my vote. How about electing someone under 45 years of age. The old ones messed it all up and I am sorry I have to admit one of them. Sorry Kids.

The never-ending US election cycle.

Hopefully the giant grifter will be in jail then.

Hoping that within 4 years from now All Trump's pending criminal and civil cases will be resolved before his planned 2024 runoff. By 2024 we will see him put to rest in jail for America's shake.

So he can LOSE again 😂😂😂

What a sad pathetic group of invertebrates

I don’t care.

He's been a major failure. By the time 2024 rolls around, no one will even give him any thought.

Will Congress just please govern for 4years first!!!

RacistInChief RacistGOP this is your party Micheal?

No. Stop. Stop stop we don’t care

He will be, as he should, band from ever holding a political office in the great USA.

Let's let 2024 happen after 2022.

Don’t get it. Who wants to here Drumpf speak? He lost. He’s a loser.

A pathetic GOP...

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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