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Trevor Noah calls Trump 'World's worst Dad' after president refers to Barron as Melania's son

The Daily Show host mocked Donald Trump's flippant reference to his son.


Trevor Noah calls Trump 'World's worst Dad' after president refers to Barron as Melania's son

The Daily Show host mocked Donald Trump's flippant reference to his son.

But Noah felt that Trump's reference to his own family was unusually distant, and played a clip of the president describing in the Oval Office, how in a short period of time,"vaping has become a very big business."

With the first lady next to him, the president went on to say,"but we can't allow people to get sick, and we can't have our youth be so affected."

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Well he's not wrong !!!!! Don't judge Trevor, maybe for a change Dump knows something we don't. 😂🤣 Ba hahahaha is he the father though? RbrtWllms If Barron is autistic Trump will treat him worse than a Tiffany. That poor kid should be taken by CPS and put in a loving home. A treasonous criminal mafia traitor and a lying shallow possible spy are clearly not a loving mom and dad situation.

Barron looks like Putin. Worst of the very worst POTUS!. He may be the world's worst dad, but he sure is a mother. BrownDavidb1202 Poor Baron Agreed. As if he's not the child's father (see my earlier tweet on same matter).

Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers Take Aim At Trump’s Call For A Vaping BanPresident Trump said today that his administration would ban the sale of the type of flavored e-cigarettes favored by kids. The move came as an epidemic of lung illnesses appears to be sprouting, w… Michelle Obama's male genitalia EXPOSED on the Ellen Show!!! 🌰🌰 fakenews deadline got this from cnn. On 9/11 this is the talking point they go with.

THe divorce papers will probably be signed the minute he loses the election. Can we leave people's children out of this? He never asked to be that dirtbag's son; he doesn't deserve to be a part of today's horrible discourse So weird that the left thinks that a father saying his wife has a son somehow means he is not a father.

'Are you Melania's son?' Weaknews drives trashtruck. Delivers. Not the first time I love FLOTUS outfit in this pic! Disgusting role model for HIS son. realDonaldTrump is already the world’s worst everything else, why wouldn’t we expect dad to be included? Maybe it’s not his son..?

Controversial Trump aide John Bolton exits WH knocking TrumpPresident Trump has fired controversial National Security Advisor John Bolton on Twitter, after they ‘strongly disagreed.’ Sparking more controversary, Bolton offered a different recount, saying he previously ‘offered to resign.’ Former Obama official Richard Stengel argues ‘the problem with replacing Bolton’ is ‘when someone leaves the Trump administration, they’re never replaced by a better actor.’ stengel Ummm, you got shitty windows MSNBC. honestelaine stengel He WILL be replaced by someone who is not. stengel MSNBC sucks BERNIE SANDERS 2020

If you look at photos of Putin at same ages as Melania’s kid the last few years, the resemblance is striking. I am just saying.... for a friend. GOPlastdays He learned it from his own dad. Barron's face says it all Barron assumes trumps fortune after trump croaks, give all the money to Feed Africa charity, undergoes a gender transition and lived happily ever after.

The examples he sets is what disqualified him as a dad in my book. The exam Look, he’s had kids with a lot of women, it’s easier just to organize them this way. And when you add in all the abortions it gets really complicated! Perhaps Barron isn’t his child. 🤷‍♀️ Maybe that's how he keeps his kids straight in his pea brain, by who their mother is. 🤷🏿‍♀️

this just proves she would not let that slimy creature near her, artificially became pregnent

Trevor Noah jokes Melania tried to sneak out with John Bolton: 'So sad to be fired, I am also going' The Daily Show host mocked the departure of the national security adviser, who disputes that he was fired, insisting instead that he quit the Donald Trump administration. Tabloid fodder? Ahhhh...those crazy Europeans...anything for a 'tickle' !... ; The war monger himself

'Melania has a Son'.... Does that use the same tune as 'Mary Had a Boy Child'? He’s also the Worlds WORST President! perhaps he has to refer to all his children this way to be able to keep track of which one came from which wife categorizing and compartmentalizing is a good way to remind yourself of important information when you are suffering memory difficulties

MaryEllenBella4 Maybe Trump knows something we don't about the kid's lineage. Is Trevor Noah in the states legally? No empathy for his own children, wife or any animals. No real friends apart from sycophants and pedophiles. If that isnt a series of 'red flags' then nothing is! Trevor! Sure your Dad doesn’t own that title?

TRUMP'S WORLD NIGHTMARE!!! Wow big news. Trevor Noah is a big time Washington mover and shaker. Trevor has become the big thinker and philosopher for Democrats and Leftist. Trevor speaks and Newsweek listens.

Trump Calls for Fed’s ‘Boneheads’ to Slash Interest Rates Below ZeroPresident Trump urged the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates below zero, suggesting a last-ditch monetary policy tactic tested abroad but never in America Your paper, The NYSlimes, is pathetic! So is the economy great or not Don

Well it is Melanie’s son. tRump did not want a kid but Melania did! Barron be like: trump has shown time and time again that he has no care for Barron. To Trevor, leave Trump’s family out of your script. It’s not fair to his son. Although, the President’s son could push back about your father(s)., but let’s not go there.

I agree: ' the world's worst dad'. If she were my wife, she would have stormed out of the room. Melania is a very calm and patient woman. So Newsweek is reporting on comedians? Wow , how the mighty has fallen. No matter how little I saw my dad, he always referred to me as “my son.” Once met one of Barron’s teachers. She said he was sad, telling her “my father is a very busy man,” which translates into “he has no time for me.” Hey, Barron, my father preferred golfing over spending time with me too.

Poor child. What is all this (much deserved) ranting doing for his own mental stability? I don't know how to prevent mental disorders, but I do know 1) if a parent is ill, a child is more likely to become ill and 2) stress is a factor. Protect this child if possible, y'all.

Trashing Fed 'Boneheads,' Trump calls for central bank to cut interest rates to 'ZERO'Trump called on the Federal Reserve to slash U.S. interest rates “down to ZERO,” calling chairman Jerome Powell and other leaders of the U.S. central bank “Boneheads” Gives the top 10% a huge tax break creating multi $Trillion deficit. Now he would increase that debt by loaning money at 0.0%? It takes a colossal Bonehead to call others Boneheads. Will no one rid me of this troublesome...President? SpeakerPelosi RepJerryNadler GaryPeters We can not wait until 2020 to act. If we don’t act, our institutions will be completely destroyed by the end of THIS year. Public hearings now! ImpeachTrumpNow

I thought Barron is Melania's son. Maybe Chump ain't his Daddy. Yes ...because we’ve witnessed how Trump just gave the rest of his kids that playboy lifestyle, not requiring them to get an education or a job. 🙄 Can’t wait for all the Biden speech critiques when he wins 🙄 The real story is teens can vape THC that’s 25 times Grandmas pot from Woodstock It’s a huge problem and admin is addressing it

People you have to understand, the man Senil obviously suffers from dementia. So forgive in the He is old and sick, oh so He is America's President, well then everything is ok Trump sounded like an ordinary 'sperm donor' who assisted Melania to have her son We already knew that. So Baron is not her son? Is that a lie? Grow up people.

It is odd that Trump never does anything with his son. Weird. WTF!!! I feel bad for Barron. No child should grow up without a father.

Trump picked the worst possible weekend for his secret Taliban meeting, and it broke Stephen ColbertWe're deep in the I Don't Even Have A Joke For That era. That didn't broke him. A tumpor will. Inevitable Tumor. Stroke. Sudden death in an active death sentence. Such is human condition.

Actually, the young lad will be lucky if he’s not from that gene puddle. tds Well, in all fairness he only considers ivana’s kids his real kids. Me if I caught my son vaping. Who cares what this joker thinks or says? Clearly, he is confused. It’s easy to make fun of him because he is such a moron to begin with, but this is a prime example of dementia. He forgot he had a son.

Ask this question to Melanie why he preferred to use this language. Problems created by women in any relation are almost %100. Really? Worst human. Who's Trevor Noah? Trevor Noah would be right. TrumpisWorldsWorstDad

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