Breaking Bad, Illinois, Bryan Cranston

Breaking Bad, Illinois

Man who looks like 'Breaking Bad's' Walter White wanted by police on meth charges

Man who looks like 'Breaking Bad's' Walter White wanted by police on meth charges


Man who looks like ' Breaking Bad 's' Walter White wanted by police on meth charges

Todd W. Barrick Jr., who bears an uncanny similarity to the TV antihero, is wanted for violating his parole from earlier methamphetamine possession charges.

The drama series follows a high school science teacher, who, upon learning he has stage three lung cancer, begins producing and distributing methamphetamine to secure his family's financial future after his death.

Schwimmer even spoofed the scene in a viral post of his own, protesting his innocence.

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And I'd bet his street name is Walter or Breaking Bad. livin the dream See how tweaking ages you, he’s 30.... Life’s been tough on Mr White Life imitating art Eisenberg 🎩 Fucking Florida The real Heisenberg He *is* THE DANGER. Last spotted at a fast food restaurant serving Chicken!

Man who bears striking resemblance to Walter White from 'Breaking Bad' wanted on meth-related chargeThe mugshot of an Illinois man wanted for violating his probation circulated the internet Tuesday, yet not for the reason police intended. The Galesburg Police Department, in Illinois , posted a mugshot of Todd W. Barrick Jr., 50, and asked for the public's assistance in finding him. Barrick is you got he methlamine? Damn Mr. White, you look like....well, yourself. sheesh!!

Holy doppelgängers Batman! Mmly069 el Camino 🤔 I chuckled hard when I saw this...Life imitates art. Glasses on and still squinting Call him by his NAME: HEISENBERG! He thought it'd be a great look for him too. No resemblance other than white, bald, with a goatee. Yay science! This is entertaining IntelCrab collegetowncop WingsWoody

Man charged with breaking into Taylor Swift's home is accused of doing 'donuts' at Trump courseA New Jersey man charged with breaking into Taylor Swift's home has been arrested again, this time accused of doing 'donuts' in a vehicle at Trump National Golf Course in New Jersey. Give him an award He’s batting .500 If life is all about the stories, he’s got some good ones. My dude is just trying to live his best life!!!!

arvinrmenon this is gold bro Ask him where is the money Walter White is alive? 😱 Man who looks like 'Breaking Bad's' Walter White wanted by police on meth charges. 🤨😣😮 That's.. uncanny Oh, those crazy former chemistry teachers. Yeah that checks out Im guessing this is not by accident Life imitates art therealgruffy Yeah, if WW would have stayed in that cabin for...lets say 10 years 🤣🤣🤣

How Pushing His Kids in a Stroller Helped This Man Win 100 MarathonsFor training, he pushes two kids at a time in a running stroller, and even does his speedwork while pushing his kids, sometimes running more than 20 miles with them. My training partner moved to another city and started running with his stroller. He kicked my butt the next time we raced together. Highly recommend! I'm most impressed that his kids will stay in the stroller for 20 miles. I've done all of that (including speedwork uphill with the jogging stroller), but my children's limit was 11 miles. Granted, he's likely faster than I was.

So he is real The fiction imitates the life Heisenberg And the cycle is completed. The art imitates life, and the life imitates art. he always wins the best halloween costume contest he is his dead ringer , 😎 So where’s Pinkman? Solsjo Are we sure that's not just Bryan Cranston having a bad day?

Jamie Lomas gets protection from his 'main man' Amir Khan after Asan N'Jie brawlJamie has reunited with his I'm A Celeb boxer Amir Khan after his furious fight with Emmerdale's Asan N'Jie Oh pleeeeeezzzzeeee! OOOOOOOHHHH GOOD GOD this is laughable ... Jamie Lomas a 44 year old bloke needs protection from the worst british boxer ever to grace a stage in Amir Khan pass me the sick bucket already

Man grew nearly 700 cannabis plants in shed, claims he got 'carried away'Charles Nichols from Norfolk, England, admitted cannabis production but insisted they were for his own use for pain relief. It's easy to do That's just personal stash. This happens. They’ll understand in the UK eventually. People really like cannabis ❤️💛💚

Simi Valley man charged with shooting protected mountain lionAlfredo Gonzalez, 60, was charged with two misdemeanors for allegedly shooting the male cougar known as P-38 and vandalizing the cat's tracking collar, the Ventura County district attorney's office said Tuesday. So much ignorance. I'm glad the culprit was identified and will be prosecuted for this senseless act. Simi Valley. That’s Trump land. He will be pardoned. Hahahaha. Simi Valley is Ronald Reagan's home.

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