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Skeletal remains of Florida man missing for 22 years found after submerged car spotted on Google Earth

Skeletal remains of Florida man missing for 22 years found after submerged car spotted on Google Earth


Skeletal remains of Florida man missing for 22 years found after submerged car spotted on Google Earth

William Earl Moldt's car has been available to view on a satellite image since around 2007 but the vehicle has only just been pulled from the pond.

When officers arrived at the scene, they confirmed a car was in the pond. Police noted that the vehicle was heavily calcified and appeared to have been in the water for a very long time, reports

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Appropriate last name of Moldt 😂😂😂 strange

A Race for the Ages: 74-Year-Old Florida Man Wins Ultra With 230-Mile EffortBob Becker's 230 miles over 73:45:13 gave him the comfortable victory by 18 miles. I’ll die and this dude still running Nice job Bob! See you at Everglades Ultras 😊 My uncle is such an inspiration and all around cool guy. Love you, bobruns150 !

‘Hustlers’ Set To Deliver Record $25M+ Live-Action Opening For Jennifer Lopez – B.O. PreviewThe box office heat surrounding STXfilms’ Jennifer Lopez stripper crime pic Hustlers is real, and has been so since it hit tracking on August 22, with projections spotting that this could be … Crazy all due to iamcardib okrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr FeelinSoHaram I thought $28 million?

Water vapor has been found in the atmosphere of a potentially habitable super-EarthThe exoplanet is 110 light-years from Earth and was discovered by NASA's Kepler spacecraft in 2015. Oh we can go thrash and trash that one too? Super earths could harbor life but but not multicellular intelligent life. I'll go there if Republicans and fake Christians aren't allowed

Sea turtles have been targeted multiple times this year in Florida. Another was just found with a spear in its neckA green sea turtle was found with a 3-foot-long spear in its neck and rescued, according to nonprofit Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. The 150-pound, sub-adult turtle, named Splinter, was taken into surgery, and the spear was removed. This is horrible the punishment should me greater for this crime. As a Floridian I'm outraged. That is one heckuva lot of effort for one turtle... Who did the cost / benefit analysis for this one? let them live peacefully 😟

Teacher finds 'detailed' mass shooting plans in high school student's notebookThe high school teacher in Florida found a notebook containing details of who to shoot, where to target on campus, and dates and times that a mass shooting attack should take place. Scary Gee, I wonder if she will tell authorities and then they will actually question this student..OR...will they bow to the left, as usual, so that another leftist orchestrated mass shooting can take place as leftists sacrifice innocents in order to confiscate citizens guns. NRA IS A DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION!

Florida man smashes 20 cars, says 'I did it because Donald Trump owes me one trillion dollars'After busting windows with rocks and a belt buckle, he took a nap on a nearby bench, where he later made his claim to deputies. Florida. Nutjob - Donald Trump owes you jail time Klumpf why u do this

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