Antonio Brown: NFL must put Patriots receiver on exempt list


'The NFL is not a court of law. It’s a sports league that understandably cares very much about optics. It also can control what it puts on the field for public consumption,' writes cbrennansports for usatodaysports.

Opinion: NFL must do the right thing and bench Antonio Brown Christine Brennan USA TODAY Published 6:00 PM EDT Sep 11, 2019 In the fast-paced world of Antonio Brown developments, a day can feel like a lifetime. So, as the hours ticked off and afternoon turned into evening on Wednesday, the day after Brown was accused of rape, sexual assault and sexual harassment by his former trainer in a federal lawsuit, a question hung in the air: Where was the NFL? The New England Patriots, Brown’s latest team, said in a statement that the NFL was investigating, but there has been not one peep from the most powerful league in the country. For exactly five years and three days – the length of time that has elapsed from the moment we first saw the video of Ray Rice’s punch of his then-fiancee Janay Palmer to right now – the NFL has spent a lot of time telling us how much it cares about women. There have been some hits and misses on that topic for sure, but the breaking news about the lawsuit Tuesday night presented the league with an opportunity that could best be described as a lay-up. Antonio Brown warms up during his first practice with the Patriots on Wednesday. Greg M. Cooper, USA TODAY Sports No one yet knows who is telling the truth, Brown or Britney Taylor, who chose to make her name public as she presented the allegations, but if we’ve learned anything in the #MeToo era, it’s that we should listen to women. That doesn’t mean kicking Brown out of the league, or even suspending him. Not yet, and perhaps not ever. OPINION: Antonio Brown is becoming the worst thing to happen to NFL's 100th season What it means is taking the lawsuit seriously enough to stash Brown away somewhere for the time being while Taylor’s allegations are investigated. That somewhere? The commissioner’s exempt list, the place where the NFL’s bad boys go to get paid and get out of the way. The NFL is not a court of law. It’s a sports league that understandably cares very much about optics. It also can control what it puts on the field for public consumption. This coming Sunday, Brown’s Patriots will play the Dolphins in Miami. Let us all picture the scene if Brown is on the field. Let’s envision the players and teams around the league who will be given short-shrift if Brown, the man newly accused of sexual assault, is catching Tom Brady’s passes, perhaps scoring touchdowns and generally becoming the face of the league. This wouldn’t be the dream start to the league’s much-ballyhooed 100th season that the NFL has anticipated. It would be a nightmare. But it’s so easily avoided. Over the years, the list of players who have landed on the commissioner’s exempt list include Michael Vick, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Kareem Hunt. Some have called it paid leave. For others, it’s more of a penalty box. For now, it's the perfect place for Brown, at least for the time being. He’s not guilty of anything right now (other than the past few weeks’ ridiculousness). But, with accusations pending, including graphic text messages that could corroborate one of Taylor’s allegations, he shouldn’t have the privilege of playing football this week, not in the NFL of 2019. The league has increasingly become a mirror of American society, with the Rice story from 2014, the Donald Trump-Colin Kaepernick battle and a fan base that the league says is increasingly made up of women and girls, up to 45% now of the NFL’s overall total. The NFL is just as much a part of U.S. culture as the #MeToo movement. They co-exist in 21st century America, and that's as it should be. So, before too much time goes by, the NFL needs to get Brown off the field for as long as necessary. This one is simple. It has the commissioner’s exempt list written all over it. Published 6:00 PM EDT Sep 11, 2019 Read more: USA TODAY

DSD cbrennansports usatodaysports Over an unproven allegation in a civil case? I don't think so. cbrennansports usatodaysports So bench AntonioBrown over allegations because the world thinks so? SA is real but it must be investigated. Him cheating on his wife is not punishable. cbrennansports usatodaysports This has to be the most asinine thing I’ve seen today

cbrennansports usatodaysports I am quite offended as a woman, a rape survivor to your article. I would never have faced the man who attacked me again, let alone continued to return. I am not victim shaming but I find the current, “ me too” environment quite disturbing. It is like the boy who cried wolf.

cbrennansports usatodaysports Get back in the kitchen and make some pancakes ! metoomyass cbrennansports usatodaysports So by this logic Peyton Manning should have been suspended in 2003. Where were you on cbrennansports usatodaysports Interesting that many in the MSM who think AB84 accused of rape in a civil case should not be allowed to play football but BillClinton accused of many rapes in many civil cases should be allowed to be President. Twice! Wonder why?

cbrennansports usatodaysports Hey Christine, apparently innocent until proven guilty isn’t a part of your thought process. So if I allege that you assaulted me 3 times would USA Today “do the right thing” by preventing you from working in a field that you’re currently a part of ? cbrennansports usatodaysports Its a sad day for football when an allegation keeps possiblly the best receiver in the league from playing. Especially when all evidence suggests otherwise.

cbrennansports usatodaysports Wrong!! cbrennansports usatodaysports Christine you a horrible columnist a feminist gone wild Antonio Brown is innocent until proven guilty North Americanis not a columnist world run by feminist sorry to break that to you

Patriots say NFL investigating allegations that Antonio Brown raped his former trainerNew England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown stands accused of raping his former trainer in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a federal court in Florida

cbrennansports usatodaysports The NFL absolutely has to put him on the commissioners exempt list until this plays out. Why is it even a question? cbrennansports usatodaysports Awful take by cbrennansports. As more details come out, it's becoming more and more clear these accusations are just a money grab.

cbrennansports usatodaysports Thank you for saying this about AB's situation. I have season tickets, and wondered if I should show up this Sunday. Guilty or innocent, AB should not be playing, on principle. cbrennansports usatodaysports I've never understood how women can get assaulted and then want MONEY instead of Justice. Charge Brown & arrest him or this is a non-story.

cbrennansports usatodaysports Predictable. Another knee jerk reaction. Just put him in jail now and he can just wait there for it to come out the women wanted a pay day. cbrennansports usatodaysports There must be due process this is not 1965! cbrennansports usatodaysports You are wrong! There is no police report, strictly accusations. Did the NFL even investigate Mr. Roethlisberger when he was accused of rape twice?! No, they let him settle out of court! Why do you feel they should make an example out AB? Why?!

cbrennansports usatodaysports I understand you think it’s a huge problem but it’s a allegation, meaning may or may not true. You wanting actions to happen cause accusations is not fair. We can’t always believe in accusations, Reuben Foster case is a pure example of why we don’t act first CivilCase

cbrennansports usatodaysports As long as that plague occupies the White House with absolutely no ramifications, how dare you preach to us about a A. Brown. Obviously the White American public has a high tolerance for sexual misbehavior. They still support tRump. cbrennansports usatodaysports It's decision time for the Pats.

New England Patriots Player Antonio Brown Denies Raping Former TrainerHis attorney claims he denies each and every allegation brought forth in a lawsuit He has had problems more than just once concerning this lady... just sayin'. Where there's smoke... Well I wouldnt think he would admit to it 🙈 Well,- OF COURSE he's going to deny the accusations.... I don't see him DEMANDING a Polygraph test to prove his innocence....

cbrennansports usatodaysports By this logic one only has to make an allegation to keep someone off the field. Whether it’s Brown, Cam, Brees, Elliott, Brady, whoever...someone could make an allegation the day before the Super Bowl and the commissioner should take them off the field. Am I understanding right?

cbrennansports usatodaysports One would think you would have learned your lesson after you embarrassed yourself over the Duke lacrosse incident. Clearly not. cbrennansports usatodaysports Boy are we headed down the wrong path.... Whatever happened to DUE PROCESS cbrennansports usatodaysports public needs to send a message to NFL execs; stop enabling these abusers/rapists

cbrennansports usatodaysports What happened to Robert Kraft's charges with the massage/solicitation...lets talk about that cbrennansports usatodaysports He shouldn't be able to play this year, he's making a mockery of the system!!!! Additionally, Gronkowski shouldn't be allowed to play this year either!!!!

cbrennansports usatodaysports Football causes head trauma & will shorten ur life cbrennansports usatodaysports Being a slut and then saying it was rape seems to be a trend. Can't we all agree this is just a money and 15 minutes of fame grab? cbrennansports usatodaysports So by that same logic, can we hope to see less of Robert Kraft this season -an owner literally caught on tape with his pants down at an massage parlor associated with sex trafficking under-age girls-or are the rules different for wealthy owners?

cbrennansports usatodaysports I would agree with you but I have one question. Why file this lawsuit right before you are getting married and then instead of going on your honeymoon, you are meeting with the NFL? Seems strange.

Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown accused in lawsuit of raping former trainerA woman has filed a lawsuit in Florida accusing the NFL star of three instances of sexual assault. If the Patriots release him, I think Trump may sign him. This dude....

Antonio Brown Gives Car Interview In Boston Traffic, Pumped for Patriots!Straight from the driver's seat ... it's AB! Imagine Giselle right now? Scared AF! TomBrady This is the biggest Antonio Brown story of the night! Thats Like The Worst Photo Ever... Sad ... You Litterally Picked A Picture That Could Be Any Black Person, Or Any Person For That Matter.... In Bad Lighting...

Ben Roethlisberger Has Priceless Reaction To Antonio Brown Joining PatriotsFOXBORO, Mass. — It’s no secret that the divorce between Antonio Brown and the Steelers was fairly bitter. As such, watching the New England Patriots sign the star wideout after he was … NESN Well don’t you also think it’s shady that sexual assault charges come out of Pittsburgh NOW? NESN NESN But they have so much in common

New England Patriots wide receiver Antonio Brown accused of raping former trainer in 2018A lawsuit filed in Florida claims Brown sexually assaulted his female trainer twice in 2017 and then raped her in 2018. Wonder if TomBrady is still hosting. Oh wait. Brady is a Trump supporter...Brown will fit right in.

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