Today’s Headlines: The back-to-school dilemma

Today’s Headlines: The back-to-school dilemma

7/16/2020 4:11:00 PM

Today’s Headlines: The back-to-school dilemma

Parents and teachers across the U.S. see a 'slate of bad options' as coronavirus risk hovers over classroom learning.

AdvertisementMany parents, especially working ones, are desperate to get their kids back into the classroom.President Trump, eager to revive a devastated U.S. economy, is demanding that schools open for in-person instruction.But a pandemic is raging, particularly in the country’s South and West, and no one is sure how to keep students, teachers and school workers — and all those who come into contact with them — safe.

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School administrators are scrambling, trying to figure out rules on everything from facial coverings to plexiglass separators if students do physically return, and how to manage months of online learning if they do not. Any guidelines agreed upon now could change before the school bells ring.

And then there’s the politics at every level. Trump and his allies have sought to frame the argument in terms that essentially ignore urgent public health concerns, asserting that the social and developmental perils of missed learning outweigh the risks. Frustrated critics say it is deeply irresponsible to try to strong-arm school districts into in-person openings without taking the scale and severity of area outbreaks into account.

AdvertisementFlorida, which has more than 300,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 4,510 deaths, has issued a directive requiring all school districts to offer in-person instruction. California, which has more than 350,000 confirmed coronavirus cases and more than 7,300 deaths, says all campuses

should be prepared to offer distance learninginstead of in-person instruction if coronavirus conditions don’t improve.The Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest, has already said its campuses will not reopen at the start of the school year to protect students’ safety. But that could only reinforce some of the

. More than 50,000 Black and Latino middle and high school LAUSD students did not regularly participate in the school system’s main platform for virtual classrooms after campuses closed in March, according to a report by LAUSD analysts.More Top Coronavirus Headlines

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What's the dilemma? All the kids are seeing each other now at the beach everyday where I live. Downtown in the evening has hundreds of school kids mulling around. Get RID of the teachers and the union or say goodbye to public school education soon.

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Column: Inside Orange County's bizarre school-reopening voteOrange County's school reopening vote harks back to its right-wing past. thats what happenes when you dont pay attention. They get on the school board To Orange Country sending Children back to school without Masks or social distancing is Child Abuse. How many deaths of Diabetic or asthmatic children is acceptable to you? Personal Injury attorneys are just waiting for this absolute lunacy. Bottom line - this was essentially a political stunt which can be safely ignored by local districts.

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