Review: Grubhub offers drivers transparency and lots of gigs

Review: Grubhub offers drivers transparency and lots of gigs

7/16/2020 4:18:00 PM

Review: Grubhub offers drivers transparency and lots of gigs

GrubHub is one of the better food delivery apps for drivers. It combines brisk demand with some pay guarantees and better-than-average delivery transparency.

Kevin Ha recently quit his day job, choosing to work gig-economy jobs on nights and weekends and spend his days with his new baby. He has strategies on how to optimize.Although the site has revised its pay formula to eliminate base pay, drivers are given details about the delivery before they accept it — which is shockingly rare among delivery apps. And, if you commit to a set delivery block and take all the deliveries offered during that time, GrubHub also guarantees a minimum hourly wage. The hourly rate changes by market and demand, but, again, you know what it is in advance.

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AdvertisementThe app also encourages customers to tip at a restaurant-style rates and passes on 100% of the tip to the driver.Driver reviews are generally positive, with some caveats.Like other delivery jobs, parking can be tough, which makes it difficult to deliver orders on time. Additionally, you use your own car and pay for your own gas.

That said, GrubHub is one of the few delivery apps whose drivers maintain they consistently earn a decent hourly wage. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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Is that like uber eats merging with uber because thats a not a bad merger and great gig or second job on the side 😜👎 for drivers, not for customers. Brought to you by GrubHub

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