As COVID-19 cases climb in the U.S., there are still none in the Marshall Islands

As COVID-19 cases climb in the U.S., there are still none in the Marshall Islands

7/16/2020 4:03:00 PM

As COVID-19 cases climb in the U.S., there are still none in the Marshall Islands

As coronavirus cases climb in the U.S., some Pacific Island nations, including the Marshall Islands, have maintained covid-free status.

The Marshall Islands is still COVID-19 free.“We saw the threat and took action early,” said Jack Niedenthal, secretary of Health for the mid-Pacific island nation, describing the island nation’s March 3 travel ban, which prevented incoming travelers from across the globe. The Marshallese government had banned travelers from China several weeks earlier.

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The safe status of the Marshall Islands contrasts with what Marshallese immigrants are experiencing in the United States. As, Marshallese have been disproportionately infected with the coronavirus in cities such as Spokane, Wash., and Springdale, Ark., in part because many of them serve as essential workers.

AdvertisementIn the South Pacific and Central Pacific, many islands nations, including New Zealand, have so far staved off the worst of COVID-19 by closing their borders early and taking other public health measures.Across the globe, onlysix countries are reportedly COVID-19 fre

e. With the exception of North Korea, all of them — Kiribati, Palau, American Samoa, Nauru and Micronesia — are Pacific Island nations that closed their borders to outside travelers.As of Wednesday, there are nearly 3.5 million coronavirus cases in the United States, more than any other country.

The Marshall Islands’ travel ban is still in place — and currently extended through Aug. 5 — while the government builds the infrastructure and stockpiles the equipment it will need should the virus invade.AdvertisementAccording to Casten Nemra, the Marshall Islands’ minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, construction on a new COVID-19 medical isolation center on Majuro — the nation’s capital and most populated island — is almost complete.

“Then we can begin bringing back our citizens who have been stranded,” he said, noting the nearly 500 Marshallese traveling abroad when the travel ban was announced — including Niedenthal’s wife, daughter and grandson, who were visiting family in Portland.

When the pandemic spread out of China and Europe earlier this year, the Marshall Islands had already been restricting domestic travel because of a dengue fever outbreak. So the decision to close down early was easy.“People thought we were out of our minds,” said Niedenthal, who leads the nation’s healthcare response. “They said travel bans don’t work.”

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AdvertisementBut for island nations, he said, they do.Now the nation is considering restricting outbound travel too.Niedenthal said the Marshallese are watching “the mass chaos in the U.S.” where government officials “have lost control over the disease and don’t seem to be doing anything on the federal level to protect its own citizens.”

“Given how hard our own citizens have been hammered by this disease in the U.S., it just scares the hell out of us,” he said, noting that a decision is likely to be made by July 23, when the next commercial airline flight is scheduled to depart. Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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Good news. So there are no cases on barely populated isolated islands. Wow that’s amazing. I am sure you find away to make fake news about it soon, to say there is!

Almost half the country’s states have set new daily COVID-19 records in July22 states, plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, have had at least one record day of COVID-19 cases since July 1. Alaska leads the pack, having set new daily records 7 times this month. Fake numbers How are we going to stay informed if the CDC is bypassed in the reporting of Covid statistics. Make your voices heard, rant and rave to all the Senators, don't let this happen. Whichever contractor chosen may never give out the real stats!!! wait - Alaska not Arizona?

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L.A. County sets record for COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations as conditions worsen“While the city of Los Angeles’s COVID-19 threat level remains at orange, we are on the border of going to red,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday night. “It is up to all of us that we don’t.” People need to “social distance” and wear masks. It is NOT that difficult. FEAR PORN... let's see some patient profiles/stats of hospitalizations - what they are in for! Elective surgery? Put off surgery? In because they got Covid and they need hospitalization, or just 4 observation? or in for something else and 'have Covid' Full ICU's=lots of $$$ Garretti is co-chair to Biden’s campaign. If opening the economy helps Trump, he will close your business. He will make your life miserable. He will blame you. Fuck this guy.

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