TikTok and its employees prepare to fight Trump over app ban

TikTok and its employees prepare to fight Trump over app ban

8/14/2020 1:58:00 PM

TikTok and its employees prepare to fight Trump over app ban

The lawsuit comes after President Trump issued an executive order that employees fear could stop their paychecks from coming in.

More CoverageInfluencer exits. Ban threats. Can TikTok weather the storm?Unlike other Chinese tech companies targeted by Trump, such as telecom giant Huawei, TikTok has a widespread popularity among Americans that adds a layer of complexity to its legal and political challenges. The looming ban has annoyed TikTok users, some of them Trump supporters such as Pam Graef of Metairie, La.

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The 53-year-old fitness instructor found nearly instant TikTok fame after downloading the app this summer and posting a video of herself dancing frenetically in a kitchen as someone pretending to be her embarrassed daughter shouts that she’s doing it wrong. The video has nearly 3.5 million views.

“I don’t want it to be banned. It’s just a blast,” Graef said. “It’s a way for me to promote my virtual training and virtual classes.”AdvertisementShe said Trump won’t lose her vote over this, but she doesn’t understand all the fuss about the app’s Chinese ownership. “What are they gaining by spying on us?” Graef said. “We’re just doing stupid videos and having fun.”

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that, until late last year, the TikTok app was able to track users of Android phones without their consent by collecting unique phone identifiers in a way that skirted privacy safeguards set by Google. TikTok responded that the technique it used is a common way to prevent fraud and said it no longer collects the unique identifier.

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It is literally spyware. YES EXHAUST ALL AVENUES TO GET TRUMP OUT OF THE RUNNING IN THE COMING POLLS!!! I think this is more about tiktok.. it’s not just about the data they collected from US, but the collusion with CCP to suppress information freedom within China alone should warrant remediations when will Google & Facebook get to send China to court In China over their bans?

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TikTok employees filing lawsuit, separate from the company, to fight Trump over app banThe employees' legal challenge to Trump's executive order will be separate from a pending lawsuit from the company that owns the app. The reasons why Chinese eat bats and everything.. He’s the President. He could issue an executive order citing National Security; their lawsuit is ‘frivolous and W/out merit.’ That’s a legal term and they will be defeated. It is what it is. A joke.

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TikTok star who gained viral fame for Trump lip-syncs gets Netflix specialSarah Cooper began creating videos that lip-synced quotes from Trump’s news conferences during the coronavirus pandemic, earning millions of views. I have to read this - bookmarking - need to know when it will be on!!! so happy for sarahcpr She 100% deserves it and got millions thru COVID-19 with humor - not an easy task!!!! She isn’t funny ... at all Hard pass.