Baseless birther attack on Kamala Harris shows how Trump is struggling to define her

Baseless birther attack on Kamala Harris shows how Trump is flailing against her

8/14/2020 1:48:00 PM

Baseless birther attack on Kamala Harris shows how Trump is flailing against her

Ever since Kamala Harris was named as Joe Biden's running mate, President Trump and Republicans have lobbed scattershot, contradictory attacks that have focused on her race and gender — and now her citizenship.

Trump not a fan of Kamala Harris as Biden’s VP pickJenna Ellis, a Trump advisor and lawyer for his reelection campaign, retweeted the article Thursday morning. Later that day, the president answered a question about it at a White House briefing.“I heard it today — that she doesn’t meet the requirements,” Trump said, complimenting Eastman as “a very highly qualified, very talented lawyer.” He added that he had “no idea” if the argument was correct.

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AdvertisementIt’s not. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution says that anyone born or naturalized in the United States is a citizen. A Supreme Court ruling in 1898 confirmed birthright citizenship.On Twitter, Ellis defended her promotion of Eastman’s article.

“It’s an open question, and one I think Harris should answer so the American people know for sure she is eligible,” she wrote.Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the UC Berkeley School of Law, said such insinuations that Harris could be ineligible are “nonsense as legal arguments.”

Advertisement“John Eastman for years has said the Supreme Court is wrong and he doesn’t believe there should be birthright citizenship,” Chemerinsky said. “That’s not the law. That’s John Eastman’s opinion.”In reviving the birther playbook, Trump has added another volatile element to an already-muddled approach to campaigning against Biden’s newly minted running mate. Trump and Republicans have alternately portrayed Harris as a radical leftist and a lock-'em-up cop. Allies in the media have fixated on how to pronounce her name and whether her biracial background qualifies her as truly a Black American.

Former President Obama, pictured in San Diego in 2015, also had his eligibility challenged by conspiracy theorists.(Denis Poroy / Associated Press)The confused messaging underscores how vexing Harris, the junior senator from California, may be as a campaign foil.

Advertisement“I’ve just been absolutely stunned that the person most likely to be picked was picked, and yet they were still caught flat-footed,” said Bill Burton, who served as deputy press secretary under Obama.Trump campaign staff did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump displayed a tendency to define his opponents with derisive nicknames — “Lyin’ Ted” Cruz, “Liddle Marco” Rubio, “Crooked Hillary” Clinton — that he endlessly repeated. Because of Trump’s past successes, Biden’s vice presidential vetting team

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asked prospective running mateswhich sobriquet Trump might bestow upon them.Sure enough, when Biden announced his pick on Tuesday, the Trump campaign swiftly responded with an online video dubbing Harris “Phony Kamala” and accusing her of tacking to the far left during her campaign for the Democratic nomination.

Advertisement“That first ad that they posted I thought was very good, and I think could be effective,” said Rob Stutzman, a Republican consultant based in Sacramento who has been critical of the president.By attempting to run the same birther playbook at a time when the country’s attitudes on race have shifted significantly toward supporting Black Lives Matter, the president and his allies threaten to undermine his own campaign’s messaging.

“That’s disgusting Trumpism,” Stutzman said. “That is exactly the type of tactic and theme that will not help the Trump campaign try to win suburban voters who otherwise may be leery of a Democrat Party that’s too far to the left of what they want, and they don’t think Joe Biden can rein it in.”

Trump has also attacked Harris’ personality, saying she was “nasty” during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. A fundraising email from his campaign described her as “the meanest” U.S. senator.Advertisement“Calling a woman nasty really implies that all women should fall in line and be seen and not heard,” said Amanda Hunter, research and communications director for the Barbara Lee Family Foundation, a nonprofit that supports women’s involvement in politics. “It’s an antiquated attempt to impugn her character.”

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Flailing and failing... How can you trust someone who went from calling Biden a racist & a sexual predator to being like cool bro I’ll be your running mate. What else do you think she’ll flip flop on when she’s presented with an opportunity to further her career? Hey LA Leftist Communist Times , bashing Trump again !!! and not one word on the Mid East Peace Agreement !! I hope the LA Times goes broke !!!

Yawn More like the media staging her as a victim to distract from her record as an abusive prosecutor and her calling Biden a racist. Remember when Tulsi eviscerated her at the debate? Good times. Fake news... He was asked about it and said he didnt know, but came from a credible source. You people are in a lying cult.

Lol She was Indian American now she’s black? You mean the daughter of an East Indiana and a West Indian slave trading Family? She will start to grate on people He said nothing about it. A reporter asked him that baited question. He said he had no heard. FactsMatter More Trump lies and dirty tricks. It’s what we’ve all grown accustomed. He’s attacking the Postal Service, using his lapdog AG to squash opposition, using Fox News to spread ridiculous conspiracy theories. Yes It’s corruption at its finest.

It's pretty pathetic to question Harris' citizenship. It's baseless and avoids any actual issues. .realDonaldTrump didn't attack her, he said he would hope Democrats checked her out when asked if he knew about the news of it being in the news. A Constitutional lawyer has made the question of her eligibility a question mark, Trump didn't.. So this is Journalistic Malpractice

Yet as PsycheProfile of BIRTHER problem that matured for Obama of MommyIssues (?) raise PsychoBabble may be needed on that of KamalaHarris to if also of triggers to by how citizenized she became endeared to trying to bring USA yet to away from CONSTITUTION & regular order? TRUMP STARTED COWERING IN FEAR OF KAMALA BECAUSE KAMALA WILL ONE DAY FILE SUITS AGAINST TRUMP'S CRIMES!!!

SenToomey will you take a stand against racist ploys like this? Ever wonder what happens, when an idiot connects with weaklings? Now we know... She's a natural born citizen because she was born in Oakland, the status of her parents is irrelevant, unless they were enemies of the state (according to the Supreme Court). The Supreme Court could rule that anchor babies aren't eligible to serve as President, but they haven't.

Lol its literally been 2 days. Her record is so garbage theyre probably just having issues deciding what horrible thing to go for her on first. Personally id start with witholding evidence that freed a man on death row and go from there. Also: he doesn't need to attack via birther all. he needs to do is show clips of her talking that should do the trick

Of course... and yet here you are addressing them 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸🌎

Trump Can't Be Racist Because He Donated Money To Kamala Harris, Says Trump CampaignPresident Trump has already gleefully taken to calling Sen. Kamala Harris—Joe Biden’s official 2020 running mate— “nasty” and “mean,” but he must not have thought she was so bad when he donated $6,000 to her re-election campaign.\n And he’s friends with Kanye. You can be racist if you have acknowledged that someone is black. Noticing someone is black is the pinnacle of anti-racism

Team Trump struggles to define Kamala HarrisIf the last 24 hours is any indication, the president’s reelection campaign has yet to settle on a coherent strategy to counter Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick. She's just another Fracking Monster like JoeBiden. Her state is literally on fire where all the below fracking locations are and she just lets everything burn. No they aren't. She's a childless hag who wants to end private health insurance, ban fracking and force taxpayers to pay for illegal alien's healthcare. She's another fraud who pretends that she's going to fight systemic racism when in actuality her grandfather was a slave owner in Jamaica.

Kamala Harris running as VP sends Trump back to his favorite pastime — bashing CaliforniaPresident Trump has long used California as a political punching bag. He's already amping up those attacks now that Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's running mate. Nah I’m a Californian and Both candidates are With dementia issues. The tapes and interviews are worse than Regans where. And he was early onset of Alzheimer’s! She is a sleeze

‘Extraordinarily nasty’: Trump hurls one of his favorite insults at a new target in Kamala HarrisThe resonance of Trump’s “nasty” adjective is often different when the recipient is a woman — and different still when that woman is a person of color. Only non nasty women are his odd daughter and Ghislane Sanitize white house and the entire UNITED STATES from DONALD TRUMP VIRUS using JOE BIDEN That woman been talking about trump too. She is just as he is.

Analysis | Kamala Harris came out swinging for voters that Trump has been targeting hardestHarris used most of her time to focus on how the Trump administration has harmed Americans broadly, through his response to the coronavirus and matters of race.

Neil Cavuto Fact-Checks Trump Campaign: Kamala Harris Never Called Biden RacistNeil Cavuto fact-checks Trump campaign: Kamala Harris never called Biden racist Right. She just accused him of not caring about young children of color and lying about bussing issues She is on the record. You can't lie your way out of this, and many other things either! haha, I like funny news.