Fans boo, chant 'USA' when Nashville SC, FC Dallas players kneel during national anthem

Dallas right back Reggie Cannon lifted his right fist in the air as he knelt. Cannon called the fans' booing 'disgusting' and 'disgraceful.'

8/14/2020 1:51:00 PM

Dallas right back Reggie Cannon lifted his right fist in the air as he knelt. Cannon called the fans' booing 'disgusting' and 'disgraceful.'

Reggie Cannon called fans' booing 'disgusting' and 'disgraceful' as FC Dallas and Nashville SC players knelt in peaceful protest during the anthem.

, and they were heard from before Wednesday's game with Nashville SC.Some fans booed during the playing of the national anthem as players from both teams knelt in solidarity, protesting against police brutality of Black people in the United States.

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According to the, one fan threw a water bottle onto the field and was escorted out of Toyota Stadium.A total of 2,912 fans attended the game, whichNashville won 1-0 for its first MLS victory. Some of them chanted"USA, USA!" as the players knelt during the anthem.

Dallas right back Reggie Cannon lifted his right fist in the air as he knelt. Cannon called the fans' booing"disgusting" and"disgraceful.""For a lack of a better word, it (ticked) me off," Cannon said."We discussed it prior with what we were doing. We discussed it with Nashville. Everyone from Nashville was on board. Everyone across the league was on board with what we were going to do."

Cannon continued: "(The booing fans) don't understand why we are kneeling. They can't see the reason, they just think we're the ignorant ones. It's incredibly frustrating."Cannon is one of many Black players in MLS who represent the

, which was founded on Juneteenth and works to improve inclusion and experiences of Black players, coaches and staff in MLS.On Thursday night,MLS Commissioner Don Garber released a statementcondemning the fan behavior."During the playing of the national anthem at last night's match between FC Dallas and Nashville SC, the players from both clubs and match referees chose to kneel. As we have stated consistently over many years, Major League Soccer supports players and staff who protest peacefully on behalf of equality and social justice.

"Some of the comments made on social media following the match were appalling. We want to be very clear that MLS will not tolerate any abuse or threats to any individual player or team who decides to exercise their right to peaceful protest during the playing of the national anthem or any other pre-game ceremony."

FC Dallas also released a statement Thursday, saying:"FC Dallas supports our players and fans in their right to express themselves in a peaceful manner. The National Anthem was played before last night’s match while the players were on the field which Major League Soccer requires when fans are in attendance. While we understand the decision to stand or kneel for the National Anthem is a polarizing issue, we hope that FC Dallas can be a leader in helping our community accept diverse viewpoints in a respectful way as we all work together in the ongoing fight for racial equality."

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Wednesday's match was a continuation of protests before matches. Previous protests were all performed in the Orlando bubble of the MLS Is Back Tournament, although the national anthem was not played.On the opening night of the tournament July 8, the Black Players for Change, including Nashville center back Jalil Anibaba, among other Nashville players,

before Orlando City SC and Inter Miami CF played. Read more: USA TODAY »

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😂😂just one more sport that will die a slow painful death Definitely 👍 It’s Dallas right ? Red , racist DT lovin state! No surprise! Soccer is after all a communist sport. Who in the hell watches it. I would rather watch paint dry. Not everybody think the SJW are clean or innocent in this play. While I appreciate their concern it seems that these boys are just as complicit in the scenario

In 2015, Justice Antonin Scalia explained why he cast the deciding vote in Johnson: 'If it were up to me, I would put in jail every sandal-wearing, scruffy-bearded weirdo who burns the American flag. But I am not king Actually, all African descendants owe the world reparations because their ancestors created slavery and profited from it for 10,000 years. America abolished it in just 75 years. TakeAKnee and ask for forgiveness!

BackTheBlue The flu got us out of World War 1 then they gave the women the right to vote, then the stock market fell, then it took World War II to get us out of the depression, then they sign the civil rights law and we went to War again. Shouldn't that tell you you're doing something wrong. Boycott MLS

Check watching/supporting “professional” soccer off the list. Thank you Reggie! It was disgusting that the players kneeled should have been booed of the field Such a shameful display of their great nation. These punk kids today have zero knowledge about what their forefathers went through so they could act like spoiled babies.

There were “fans” in the stadium? But they hell don’t bitch about getting their money! F-ing losers! Reggie Cannon is a nobody running his mouth when will theses punks learn Boycott Soccer and he’s the disgraceful one Never bite the hand that feeds you, loser! The fans were exercising their right of freedom of expression just as the players. To call that disgustin or disgraceful is pure ignorance and a doublestandard by ReggieCannon15. MLS NationalAnthem kneel protests

Sports & Politics don’t mix. Suspend this Team 4 six months. Finally fans with brains I'd boo also if I were there. Luckily, I can just change a tv channel if needed. We are done with sports in this house. mirror kneeling during national anthem is disgusting and disgraceful These soccer teams aren’t American anyway. Most of the players are foreigners. Fans should boycott all the teams until they are forced to fold.⚽️

Good!!!!! Kneeling for what exactly 🙄 Freedom of speexh goes both ways There were fans? The boo-ers went to Kid Rock's joint to breathe on each other straight after Without paying fans you’d be a bartender ReggieCannon15 🇺🇸 Yeah funny how freedom of speech works. You can kneel. They can boo. Seriously...people are fed up with the kneeling. Sports is supposed to be an escape. What did that kneeling do? NOTHING. Get out. Register voters. Start petitions. Get signature. Run for office. Etc.

Sorry bro ..just like it’s your right to kneel it’s the fans right to boo! Republicans finally gonna start watching soccer now Wanna make $5⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ real quick❓ lmk👋🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

Jerry Jones suggests wiggle room over Cowboys' anthem policyWhile he reiterated his belief in standing for the anthem in his annual pre-training camp meeting with reporters, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tried to say he intended to be more open to the points of view of players. About time! I think the anthem should be sung in all the schools every morning ‘and every kid should Tgank Gid fir what they have and live in USA This is so sad. Only in America. No other country would ever dream of kneeling for their anthem. Certain things you just don't do smh

Jerry Jones promises ‘grace’ as he and Cowboys discuss kneeling during national anthemJerry Jones promises 'grace' as he and Cowboys discuss kneeling during national anthem

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones addresses national anthem stance, says he will listen to playersUntil Wednesday, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had not made any public comments since the May 25 death of George Floyd. Yall gotta stop expecting these old racist white people that grew up during segregation to view black people as human beings, it aint gonna happen, at this rate we just gotta wait a few more years for them to go away How the heck is he going to do that? Have every cell of his body transplanted? It’s just like religion fake as hell

Jerry Jones Reconsidering Cowboys' Stance On Anthem Kneeling, 'I Am Listening'The team owner says he'll have discussions with Cowboys players over the anthem policy. I am cowering he means BLM is all about bullying & extortion at this point. It will never be ok to kneel during the national anthem I been a Cowboys fan since i was 12 years old. Smh... that's a long time. F*ck Jerry Jones!

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Controversial Black-ish Episode Pulled by ABC Over Anthem Kneeling Now on HuluNow that fans have seen the 2018 episode that addressed Colin Kaepernick's protests -- among other topics -- it's hard to see why it was ever yanked. TooFab I don't care to see anyone else on their knee disrespecting the American flag, if you dont like our flag go to a country where you do TooFab It’s still hilarious to me that grown adults don’t understand the kneeling. No one is opposing the American flag, they’re protesting police brutality. Has literally nothing to do with the soldiers or the America itself. Can’t fix stupid I guess TooFab The children in underground tunnels haven't seen the light of day either.... still......