The Internet’s Favorite Grandmother on Her 10-Year-Old Meat Thermometer

The Internet’s favorite grandmother on her 10-year-old meat thermometer.

12/6/2021 11:02:00 PM

The Internet’s favorite grandmother on her 10-year-old meat thermometer.

The viral TikTok star behind Brunch with Babs rarely cooks without this reliable tool.

for blenders; it’s the one brand you’d think of when someone says “meat thermometer.” But the Thermapen uses go beyond meat—Babs also uses it to temp casseroles which can be hot and bubbly on the outside, but cool and undercooked inside, as well as anything that goes on the grill.

“It’s taken out a lot of the guesswork,” says Babs. “I don’t have to make little cuts around a piece of meat to see if it’s still pink.” Or in some cases, throw it again on the stove. “There were nights where I was taking out a frying pan and sauteing chicken after it’d come out of the oven because it wasn’t the right temperature.”

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