‘Stop killing us...we simply want to be allowed to live': Brittany Packnett Cunningham

“The demand is simple — stop killing us. We know that Black victims will never be perfect enough for this system. We simply want to be allowed to live.” — @MsPackyetti on racial justice following grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s death

9/25/2020 7:42:00 AM

“The demand is simple — stop killing us. We know that Black victims will never be perfect enough for this system. We simply want to be allowed to live.” — MsPackyetti on racial justice following grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor’s death

New calls for racial justice fueled by pain, frustration and disappointment are once again rippling across this country after a grand jury decided that no charges would be brought against the Louisville police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. Georgetown Law Professor Paul Butler and former member of President Obama’s 21st Century Policing Task Force, Brittany Packnett Cunningham join Stephanie Ruhle to discuss.

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MsPackyetti It is my understanding that the officers at the scene were just following orders to search for drugs and they had nothing to do with issuing the no knock warrant. MsPackyetti A bounty hunter told a friend that he waited with binoculars in tall weeds for four hours to make sure he had the right house. That's the least they could do when trying to apprehend someone. It's a tragedy that the wrong house was broken into and Breonna was killed.

MsPackyetti makeamericafreefromracisminequality Make 'Black Live Matters' Successful! Vote for Joe Biden to save American Lives!!! MsPackyetti 🙄seriously? No one is just shooting you black people. You conveniently look at the crimes, drugs and warrants invloled in the shootings. Most of the high profile cases are thugs resisting arrest with rap sheets a mile long. Shit the hell up with the bullshit. America is tired

MsPackyetti The Attorney General just disproved 90% of the Breonna story, with proof and witnesses.... MsPackyetti MsPackyetti How about stop committing crimes and resisting arrest. MsPackyetti Stop shooting at police. Blacks are more likely to victimize eachother if you've ever lived in the ghetto. The gangs, drugs attics and thieves.

MsPackyetti I agree 100%... I also think that your equally perfect for the system.. starting Now ! We need to unite / understand/ educate people.. come together Unite ! Stand up to RacismMustFall- America! My thoughts and Prayers BreonnaTaylor family 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 MsPackyetti QUIT KILLING EACH OTHER. I don't know but maybe that's a bigger problem. Like much bigger.

MsPackyetti MsPackyetti Um, what?

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Man run over, killed by his own car as he tried to stop thief from stealing itDuring a confrontation with the van's owner, the suspect managed to get into the vehicle and subsequently ran over its owner before fleeing the scene of the crime. So much for Defund the Police, huh? Was this another mental health crisis? What kind of headline is that? 'Man run over, killed by his own van as the tried to stop a thief' NO, he was KILLED BY THE THIEF *using* the van as a murder weapon. so sad...my condolences and prayers to the family...

Family of Black man killed by police on same day as George Floyd files civil suit after cop clearedThe Maricopa County Attorney said that an Arizona State Trooper killed a 28-year-old Black man in self-defense, but the family still wants justice.