Trump on 2020 election results: 'This is going to be the scam of all time'

Over the past few days, President Trump has tried to undermine the results of the 2020 election.

9/25/2020 8:21:00 AM

.ChuckTodd: “As President Trump directly challenges a peaceful transition of power, the first question many will ask is once again ‘should we really take his comments seriously?’” “The short answer is we have no choice.”

Over the past few days, President Trump has tried to undermine the results of the 2020 election.

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People are literally dancing in the streets as they wait to vote

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chucktodd Here is a FOX supported Family Guy episode where Peters young daughter Meg is raped by Trump. I wonder how Walrus reacts to this FOX media product? chucktodd Chuck and ALL MSM CNNneed to start preparing viewers of a Coup attempt by DT on or about Nov. 3rd. We MUST be vigilant and patient for the results and WAIT for ALL BALLOTS to be counted. Please get this message out. TrumpIsALoser TrumpLiedPeopleDied

chucktodd Bottom Line MSNBC whether you like Trump of not he 'is' The President & 'still' has the Executive Power & Privilege right now to knock Biden/Harris out the park. He knows exactly what 'time' it is, he 'is' far from Stupid! He 'can' make history! & Yes,he holds all the cards. isis chucktodd Hahahaha Snowflakes are melting....Just announced Barrett as Supreme Court pick.....HAHAHAHA 3 in 3 years.....

chucktodd President Mouthpiece muddies even more swamp. chucktodd TweetO is a blithering buffoon. chucktodd What transition of power is this? chucktodd No chucktodd TuckerCarlson just won a defamation lawsuit that realDonaldTrump lawyers could argue the same thing. chucktodd Especially, if the supreme court is destined to rule on it

chucktodd 🤯😱🤢 chucktodd Yes we should, he has stired so much trouble in this year alone, dont get complacent chucktodd Lol A fair election* But here you are.... twisting chucktodd Very convenient 😂😂😂😂 chucktodd Man the liberal news built that up. chucktodd It’s a stupid question. Of course, you have to take it seriously. He will drop nukes if that’s what it takes to maintain power, and the GOP Senate and House will deliver the bombs when he tells them to. POTUS Capone is griping about a “Rigged” election while he’s “Rigging” it.

chucktodd Good start chucktodd. If Trump wins a second term do you think he’s going become a fan of “sleepy Chuck Todd” and respect your 1st amendment rights? It would be a shame if you had to spend all of the money you’ve made over the last fours years on defense attorneys. chucktodd Yes the people know what your up to thats why they are voting you out.

chucktodd Trump’s “make me leave” if I lose the election attitude goes unchallenged by cowards in the Republican controlled Senate. No republicans deserve to return to Congress. chucktodd Should we ever take chucktodd seriously? chucktodd Chuck Todd asking a DUMB question again. Trump doesn’t kid, Chuck.

chucktodd Please resign. If you don’t take his psychopathy seriously, leave your show and make get someone who will. chucktodd Meanwhile in REAL news NOT being reported- chucktodd I believe now Trump has once and for all made himself into the worst president this nation ever had. I know there were others who did horrible things, but I can't remember one attempting to usurp power like a tin-pot dictator. I never thought it could happen in the USA.

chucktodd Chuck Todd needs to retire. He is not up to the moment. Chuck Todd is the worst and be bumped to the 5am MSNBC weekend time slot. When is his complacent ass going to be bumped from MTP? chucktodd More and more honest and moral Republican are jumping a sinking ship as their elected officials go Wishy Washy and do not truly represent them while committing salience to Trump and his quest to rule America as a dictator.

chucktodd Todd needs to go. chucktodd This baseless fraudulent rhetoric spewed over and over again should render him disqualified from the race. He is cheating and abusing his power. (again) chucktodd Why did America exist in the first fucking place? For this? chucktodd If an organization calls themselves, “news” whether we agree or not, we as people are still intelligent enough to see that the propaganda has gone to far and worry about the lack of facts being reported to us and increase in propaganda and opinion

chucktodd Gaslighting chucktodd Everyone knows that this is Trumps biggest scam. chucktodd Why is it Trump is asked about a transition, but Biden isnt. Oh, yeah, media is all in for incompetent Biden. chucktodd Serious enough for 50+ Republican Senators to sign a resolution indicating there will be a peaceful transition of power. If they see the necessity for that how can they vote for him?

chucktodd Yes we have to take it seriously. But first you have to beat him before you can start thinking about 'transitioning power'. Vote chucktodd How come this moron is still talking in front of us? How come no one can put this animal in the cage yet? What a pity! chucktodd Eveyone falls for it again....if people are talking about transition of power, they aren’t talking about the issues, Covid response, national debt, etc. Media and left falls for Trump diversion tactics and he wins again,it’s comical. Military and secret service wouldn’t go along

chucktodd Trump won’t scare me. Trump won’t threaten me. Trump won’t stop me. Trump won’t scam me. Don’t enable Trump. He is a coward. VOTE HIM OUT. Don’t give him attention. Don’t play his game. Just go after him at the polls. Ignore his BS. chucktodd The shorter answer is fuck that guy. chucktodd You are in fact the scam. The WH will need fumigating when your vile body and clan are kicked out. You were brainwashed by your father and mentors into the monster you are and have been for decades.

chucktodd realDonaldTrump IS a dictator and he will do as dictators do in order to stay in power. chucktodd His only choice is Dictator for life or jail. Not a deep choice for him. chucktodd Brilliant Chuckles. chucktodd So what is the plan if Trump “doesn’t commit” to a peaceful transfer of power? What is the scenario. Break this one down? He simply refuses to leave the White House? Handcuff’s himself to his desk? What’s this looking like, Chuck? Looks to me like a media contrived scare tactic.

chucktodd chucktodd having another MELTDOWN while STRUGGLING with their TDS! Grocery Store TABLOID fighting to survive with another DELUSIONAL STORY LINE! FakeNewsMediaMSNBC LiberalsLiedPeopleDied TrumpDerangementSyndrome chucktodd No the short answer is if he looses he goes. chucktodd If a man with a gun says, 'This is a stickup,' we cannot risk assuming he is kidding. If a man with the power inherent in the presidency says he may decide to ignore the will of the people, we damn well better take him seriously.

chucktodd We don't have to accept his behavior. Enough is enough. chucktodd Stop amplifying stupidity. chucktodd Have the Secret Service or Military drag him out and put it on live on every tv channel and internet site ! chucktodd Well-spoken for the Scammer of alltime. chucktodd We need God Not politics!

chucktodd We can't even take his hair seriously

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Trump says he thinks 2020 election will end up at Supreme CourtPresident Donald Trump said on Wednesday he thinks the 2020 election will end up at the U.S. Supreme Court, adding that is why it was important to have nine justices. realDonaldTrump Justice should have to recuse herself if election goes to Supreme Court. Enormous early voting should negate this VOTE EARLY 🗳🗳 It will end up in court, after realDonaldTrump cries like a baby when he loses, he's going to sue every state he lost, and try to get all mail in ballots thrown out! That's what he is setting up for! realDonaldTrump is a loser. If he played a game he would always be crying saying I won I won

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Time 100: Anthony Fauci, Donald Trump, Megan Thee Stallion, Michael B. Jordan make list for 2020Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Donald Trump, actor and producer Michael B. Jordan and rapper Megan Thee Staillion have made this year's TIME 100 list. PC list

Debunking (Some of) What President Trump Has Said About the 2020 ElectionCan he actually delay the election? Refuse to accept the results? Let's discuss. They’re not myths. The reality of fraud is very real. Stop allowing your prejudice to cloud your common sense. And stop with your gross misinterpretations. It’s irresponsible and dangerous. But you know that, don’t you? I think Elle magazine should stick to beauty and fashion! Politics is not a good look for the magazine. Not myths

Today’s 2020 Election Polls: Biden Competitive In Red States Trump Won Easily In 2016Today’s 2020 election polls: Joe Biden is close to President Trump in traditionally conservative states including Texas, Georgia and Iowa that went to the president by significant margins in 2016 Trump is the worst President in American history! Vote him out to save democracy. 😂😂😂😂😂 no bueno