Hayes: Danger of Trump is born of his unpopularity, not political strength

“If he for an instant sets foot into the rest of America to see the majority of Americans that do not approve of him, this is what it looks like,” Chris Hayes says of Trump booing at Justice Ginsburg’s memorial.

9/25/2020 7:21:00 AM

“If he for an instant sets foot into the rest of America to see the majority of Americans that do not approve of him, this is what it looks like,” Chrislhayes says of Pres. Trump being booed by mourners at Justice Ginsburg’s memorial.

“If he for an instant sets foot into the rest of America to see the majority of Americans that do not approve of him, this is what it looks like,” Chris Hayes says of Trump booing at Justice Ginsburg’s memorial.

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Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing live updates

The high-stakes confirmation hearing for Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, is underway Monday in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

chrislhayes chrishayes said with certainty and pride, as a fly burst from his mouth a buzzed away into the night air....... chrislhayes Everyone of them acted like a deranged idiot that’s why the Democrats lose and they shouldn’t be allowed to oversee a lemonade stand ever chrislhayes Lol Trump train go “too-toot”

chrislhayes You are in for a rude awaking. Ur fake news and blatant lies are unjust. trump2020 chrislhayes Big Majority do approve of the President how disgusting that you can not even act civil at a memorial.✌ chrislhayes chrislhayes More and more honest and moral Republican are jumping a sinking ship as their elected officials go Wishy Washy and do not truly represent them while committing salience to Trump and his quest to rule America as a dictator.

chrislhayes That's a backwards statement chrislhayes Desperately wish I could have been there to hear the chants and personally see him humiliated. chrislhayes Booing the idiot-in-chief is music to my ears, but one issue is that this is a bubble too: how many of Trump's morons came to pay respects to RBG?

chrislhayes That’s because your network only tries to keep saying lies about him. You never give him credit for anything. He could find a cure for cancer but you will say he is in collusion with Russia chrislhayes does my heart so good chrislhayes They’re just terrified because they know their candidate has no chance of winning

chrislhayes chrislhayes You mean a bunch of female RBG fanatics? Yeah, that's America voice. GTFOH 🤣 chrislhayes “Don’t approve of him” is such a nice way to put it. chrislhayes HE knows that the man he pretends to be does not exist. It’s the 63 million, mostly white, supporters he has that are believers.

chrislhayes In 40 years Ginsburg hired 1 - that's right, One! - black clerk for a grand total of 0.6%. This guy lol: chrislhayes chrislhayes Must not be watching his rallies then. This article is now debunked! chrislhayes It’s only the paid rioters. The rest of America besides the crazy leftist love him.

chrislhayes Lady G should clue Trump in that the majority of humanity despises him chrislhayes You're beyond parody. chrislhayes

‘Chilling’: Hayes unpacks Trump’s vast and ongoing project to steal the election“I know—it sounds like dystopic science fiction,” says Chris Hayes. “We have to be honest about it, the same way we had to be honest about what the virus was going to do to this country back in late February. It is frankly a plan for an authoritarian power grab.” chrislhayes 😂😂😂😂😂 Trump 😂 doesn't 😂 have 😂 to 😂 steal 😂 we 😂 love 😂 him! 😂😂😂😂😂 chrislhayes chrislhayes Plotting He doesn’t need to . If people keep protesting and and destroying property, he won’t have to do anything. He going to win because he backs law enforcement and everyone’s being irrational.

Chris Hayes Reveals The Most 'Chilling' Part Of Trump's New Election ThreatThe MSNBC host says Trump's election plot is even darker than people may realize. Imagine believing anything partisan hack chrislhayes has to say. 🤣 His brain is broken Just assume Biden has to have a blow out to win. If it's close, a narrow Biden win = Trump Presidency.

'The Department of Trump': Biden bashes Trump, Barr for DOJ interferenceJoe Biden accuses President Trump and AG Barr of politicizing the U.S. Justice Dept., saying the president uses the agency as his 'private law firm.' Joe Biden just announced he’s the second gunman on the grassy knoll. Probably Bashes..really? He can hardly finish a senrence

Mehdi Hasan says ‘let’s call it the Trump virus’ because Trump is ‘objectively pro-covid’On coronavirus cases continuing to climb and the president’s mishandling of the pandemic, Mehdi Hasan says, 'Fine, let's call it the Trump virus ... Put it this way: if you wanted to spread the coronavirus, if you were trying to get people to get the virus, what would you do differently that Donald Trump's already not doing right now?' Go and question the Mulla in your home country that if the virus will be destroyed if the faithful offers namaz? Yes Trump is pandering for Herd Immunity more death his cult does not care we care we want trump removed start the impeachment HouseDemocrats RepJeffries the AG in Kentucky is with senatemajldr granddaughter SenateGOP corrupt ABC donlemon AC360 DavidMuir JoeBiden AG conf COVID_19isTrump

President's Niece Mary Trump Sues Trump Family For MillionsMary Trump's father, Fred Trump Jr., was the president's older brother. Did not make enough money selling the book, so now is plan B. Good for MaryLTrump as she should get what was rightfully hers that Benedict Traitor realDonaldTrump and his siblings stole from her. Its an outrage that this happened to her and I look forward to how this will play out.

Mary Trump: Take It Seriously That Trump May Not Hand Over PowerHow far is he willing to go to remain in office if he loses? 'Farther than you can possibly imagine,' warned the president's niece. Wow Says a niece who has admitted to not being close to him for decades. If the man loses he is leaving the White House whether he wants to or not Probably far.