South Carolina man charged in Capitol riot bragged he dressed as antifa and fought police

'I'll look just like ANTIFA. I'll get away with anything,' William Robert Norwood III is alleged to have boasted in a text message group chat before the Jan. 6 riot.

3/3/2021 7:30:00 AM

A South Carolina man bragged in a group text chat that he disguised himself as an anti-fascist activist during the Jan. 6 Capitol riots and succeeded in assaulting officers and stealing police gear, according to a criminal complaint.

'I'll look just like ANTIFA. I'll get away with anything,' William Robert Norwood III is alleged to have boasted in a text message group chat before the Jan. 6 riot.

Someone identified as T.D., who the FBI says is Norwood's brother, reprimanded him."You admitted to going and being something you're accusing other people of being. And then got mad and blamed others for the same thing you did. What the actual f--- is wrong with you?" T.D. texted, according to the documents.

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Norwood is alleged to have replied,"The one cop who deserved it, got it. The cops who acted s----- got exactly what they deserved. The ones who were cool, got help."A family member of T.D., identified by the FBI as J.D., tipped off agents, saying T.D. had told her that Norwood had done"'terrible things' inside the Capitol, including assaulting law enforcement officers," the criminal complaint said. T.D. then shared the messages with federal agents, it said.

When agents interviewed Norwood, he said he and his wife had traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend the Trump rally. He admitted entering the Capitol and its rotunda after he was separated from his wife, according to the FBI.He claimed that"two U.S. Capitol Police Officers were waving people inside, and that one of the Capitol Police officers told him, 'I'm on your side,'" the FBI said.

He said he wanted to leave but could not because of the large crowd. He said he protected officers against being assaulted and claimed that someone else took a police vest from a pile of equipment and put the vest on him, the FBI said. He admitted taking a helmet from the pile and putting it on his head.

"Norwood also denied assaulting law enforcement officers, and claimed that any statements he made in text messages were meant to make Norwood sound tough," the criminal complaint said."Norwood repeatedly claimed that he only attempted to help law enforcement, not hurt them."

Norwood provided the FBI with a photo of himself wearing a camouflage jacket standing near the Washington Monument on Jan. 6. A man who was wearing the same clothes and appears to be Norwood was recorded on surveillance video in the rotunda, the FBI said.

Norwood faces charges of violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds, obstruction of justice and Congress, theft of government property and other counts. Efforts to reach him by phone were unsuccessful Tuesday. Read more: NBC News »

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I'm more disturbed by this part: 'I got a nice helmet and body armor off a cop... and I disarmed him.' I'm sure the USCP just handed him the body armor. (Out of concern for his safety, I guess?) GOP hypocrisy! The CON serving CONservative GOP = Ghouls of Politics, Group of Perpetrators, perform sleight of hand deceptions, when pointing accusatory fingers at the left 👈🏻, for the very offences that that the right “🤌🏻” is committing!

Come the 2022 election, Vote out the GOP! We must vote out the CON serving CONservative GOP = Ghouls of Politics, Group of Perpetrators, & replace with real 🇺🇸 patriotic dedicated public servant’s, who will honor their 🇺🇸 constitutional oath & do the 🇺🇸 people’s work! ... Insanity is defined as doing the same thing, over & over again, expecting different results. And As the adage goes, doomed are those who don’t learn from history, of repeating it! We can’t afford to forget & repeat! Come the 2022 election, Vote out the GOP!

Grease up that ass buddy. You are going to be making a lot of new intimate friends. Wait wait wait...I thought antifa was dressing up was Trumpers! 🤣 GOP GOPLeader GOPChairwoman RandPaul RonJohnsonWI RepBoebert These GOP idiots....... So you're sawhe dressed up like a Trump supporter (he's wearing a Maga hat), to disguise himself as antfi, when he was actually maga?

That's why they thought they could blame Antifa. They planned it that way. Now... who was in on the plan? Because I hear high ranking Republicans and right wing media figures saying this. Until the republican party is willing to face this problem within their own party things are only gonna get worse.

The law & order crowd? Shocker Told you so! Wow. He sounds tough. 🙄 These people aren't real bright are they so many of them arrested for bragging on social media 😂 nitwits Seriously, how did this guy get this far being so stupid? Hey have anyone of U called ur chosen one to bail u out? He adores all u brave idiots that I'm sure he'll string u.He marched right along side u.The con still got it.Used u and left u out to dry LOL

CNN paid ANTIFA to agitate Jan 6 They thought that the tactic they used during racial equality protests, dressing up in black like ANTIFA, looting and damaging properties also could be used to blame ANTIFA for the insurrection. Man, were they wrong! These fuckin people 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Why is it all of the things the repubs rant about turn out to be re-published doing them?😲

I'll never understand people like him. What did he get out of it? To brag on how 'cool' it was to attack officers and steal things? Inexplicable. Psych Op A$$-Hole just lock him up and throw the key 😝 He seems extra smart Why would he disguise himself as Antifa whilst surrounded by right wing extremists?

Life is tough, but it's tougher when you're stupid. — John Wayne They thought that the tactic they used during racial equality protests, dressing up in black like ANTIFA, looting and damaging properties also could be used to blame ANTIFA for the insurrection. Man, were they wrong! BBQ all of their treasonous asses.

Treat yourself with a little ghoulish tale of mayhem and murder. Don't commit a sin in this Bed and Breakfast or you might be the next unforgotten meal in 'Entrapment' No more 4th of July, is America going back to commonwealth? He sure helped make america great again. Antifa is an ideology, an approach to combatting Fascism. It is anti-fascism and there is no group called Antifa. There's no leadership, no other loosely formed groups, nothing. It was a diversionary invention created by a very famous former reality TV star & pathological liar

The MAGA hat is definitely not part of the ANTIFA look. What is the stereotype of the antifa look? Obviously without horns and animal skins. After that, maybe being black? No THAT doesn’t fit. What then? American flag wavers? Puzzled. Please help! MissDebbiesHere Because Antifa is full of a bunch of COPD diagnosed 40 year old carpet installers from North Dakota, right? 😂

'I'll look just like ANTIFA. I'll get away with anything.' they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. MAGA only cares about cops when they're beating ppl they don't like. Cops should never endorse them ever again. Need your help covering this story! My friends life depends on it please cover his trial this month in San Bernardino!!! Please contact me for more info. Mark geragos and Alexandra Kazarian is defending him! Please help save a life and bring light to injustice

what about all the antifa dressing up as trump supporters though! bu bu bu 🤣 He’s who MAGA really is. Violently attacking our brave police officers while putting up BS blue line flags as cover. Uhh antifa has disguises? Its nots the first time they have done this. They did it up in Portland and Minnesota too

Whatttttt, you mean right wing terrorists dressed up as antifa to pass blame? Who woulda known Lock his ass up!!! Agent Provocateur, only stupid Convict and lock him up for good What does antifa dress like? I shop at Eddie Bauer. avarebecca919 Dude, if you want to convince us that you are on our side, you should try dressing like you are going to be the star of the best Pride Parade float ever. You look like a typical MAGAt in that tired old get up.

Wonder which one he dressed up like? These idiots have absolutely no concept, other than what Don the Liar Con has said , exactly what Antifa is. cc: white nationalist fools ChuckGrassley SenRonJohnson HawleyMO LindseyGrahamSC SenMikeLee tedcruz GOP your lie is unraveling So the only election fraud found was a trump voter in PA and now the only antifa at the capitol insurrection was a Trumper maga fucker... ok ok cool, as long as we are all on the same page about this!

It's like this dumbass tried to give a book report after just watching the movie version. moran We don't dress like that. need your help to please please cover my friends trial coming up this month in San Bernardino Please contact me for more info !!! Been trying to get your help for the past year. Please

That's why he's in camo. Trump did say he loves the stupid JohnJHarwood Lock him up forever. WOW Antifa wasn't there, stop the nonsense, even f bi said that What’s the latest antifa fashion craze? Gotta make sure I’m hip to the trends. How dumb can you be dude? And the media does nothing to call him out on his lie. That’s how Hitler got into power. NBC has failed the people.

I have every reason to announce to you all because at least I'm trading with the right account manager Charloteameli , he has make me never to look on my pay check. We must never forget. Sounds like he will be going to jail Cool story