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Jeff Bezos would pay over $5 billion a year under Warren's wealth tax

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said the tax is even more urgent during the Covid crisis, as the pandemic has exposed and accelerated America's wealth gap.

3/3/2021 7:40:00 AM

Jeff Bezos would owe $5,700,000,000 in taxes for 2020 under the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act proposed by Sen. Sanders and a group of Senate and House Democrats. - CNBC

Sen. Elizabeth Warren said the tax is even more urgent during the Covid crisis, as the pandemic has exposed and accelerated America's wealth gap.

"The lesson from other countries' experiences with wealth taxes should serve as a warning that the U.S. should avoid adopting one in the first place," said Erica York of the conservative-leaning Tax Foundation. "A wealth tax would be plagued with many administrative and compliance problems as well as avoidance and evasion issues. It would be an enormous administrative challenge to implement, and it is not clear, even with more resources, that the IRS would be able to collect a wealth tax efficiently."

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To combat evasion, the Ultra-Millionaire tax would provide $100 billion to the Internal Revenue Service for stronger enforcement. It would also include a 30% minimum audit rate for households with $50 million or more in assets, as well as new technology tools to help the IRS value hard-to-appraise assets such as art or real estate. For those who would seek to move to another country and renounce their citizenship to avoid the tax, the proposal also includes a 40% "exit tax" on those who try to leave.

"The implementation part is really a lot easier than it looks," Warren said. "We learned from some of the mistakes they made in Europe. This version of the wealth tax covers all of your property. It doesn't matter if it's held in stock or in real estate or in racehorses. Everything is covered, so there's no point in moving property around. Also wherever you hold, it is covered, whether you hold it here in the U.S., whether you hold it in the Cayman Islands."

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I wish I had those tax problems. Good Nice And have to sell stock to do it along with every other major share holder. Net effect would be a perpetual devaluation of everyone’s retirement account. Just like POTUS Mark to Market fire sale at center of Biden Great Recession. Good, use that money to FIX OUR EFFING ROADS!!!

The better question in all this is with the apparent reality of new monetary theory why are ANY of us paying ANY taxes? Government overspending and lack of accountability is the problem, not finding new sources of revenue. We need a press, especially a business press, that seeks to starve the Leviathan not feed it more. Wake up CNBC.

Warren complaining about the widening wealth gap is funny considering locking people in their homes and draining their savings accounts is the cause of it. A_Wonderful_Lif Get it done! Fund schools! 'He still would have been left with a net worth of more than $185 billion after the tax' All in the fine print...

Good I'd say fair enough. Point is where and how will the taxes be used. Must be spent on reducing inequality, affordable health, education etc Bezos doesn’t “earn” anything until he sells. If he had to pay $5.7B he would have to sell 20% over that amount to pay it plus the capital gains on that stock.Selling stock affects the stock price and the stock could nosedive hurting employees who own stocks or common investors.

We all know that’s not happening.... Ever MAKE IT MORE! 90+%!!! So...would he be poor? I think not. Let me rewrite this headline “Jeff Bezos would still be worth 188 billion after year 1 of the proposed tax” Good why not?! How can you pay that money on unrealized wealth Ok 👌good he doesn't need that much I wish I had 5 billion in taxes to pay

Most U.S Citizens think this is a good idea, I’d guess. Taxing the rich isn’t much money and could easily drive them out of the U.S. Removing most politicians from office and Adjusting the spending would do more good. Half the U.S is too stupid to understand that though. So make him pay the tax ! Dang. That’s more than Nicholas Cage spent on his dinosaur skull.

Only in America, you'll find so many poor and disadvantaged individuals defending the very wealthy people and their unfair advantages. Not if he moves out of USA 5 billion is change cash to Jeff Bezos. We suppose to feel bad? How much is his wealth again? Not to worry. They will pay off members of Congress so that doesn't happen. This has been goin on for years.

Can healthcare be finally fixed with this new tax? ...and Ohhh nooo😱 he will have sell crack to get by😅 Bezos' annual salary is only $81,840, most of his wealth comes from his Amazon shares. That’s his political party right? He believes that’s the right thing to do, right? Let him do it, just don’t force it on everybody else. If someone believe government is the ultimate benefactor they can give as much of their money as they’d like. Quit talking & write the check.

Get cucked free market lib About $16 a person living in this country. Is there worth selling our souls over because make no mistake this is just theft justified by envy. That's great... liberals eat their own and I laugh. As he should Tax these wealthy people! He’ll never wind up paying anywhere near that. When CA raised taxes on the highest earners it didn’t come close to pulling in the tax revenue that was projected.

He makes more than that in deals states around the country have given him to open facilities in their towns only to pay people below a living wage and using our mail service at below cost deals to sort and deliver his packages even on Sundays when we can't get mail service Good!! Drop in the bucket for him

That would cover Nancy Pelosi's percocet and vodka budget! Seems fair. He could always give himself a raise or bonus I think he’ll survive Seems fine Disgusting Still not enough. Blue origin to the U.K. seems good Why not just donate it to the guvmint? How about we give these dudes 2 options. Pay the tax or pick a social program that the money can go to specifically?

He made 60 billion last year. Somehow I think he’ll survive What we need in this country is fewer successful businesses so that we can all be poor together. I would happily trade places. So what! He probably makes that in interest! For a few days, just until they figure how to dodge it. Th Cayman Islands would love us for it!

If you think anyone with money would stay a US citizen under Warrens nutty plan you’re crazy. Amzn 5.7b market [year] on close to the sell side? And he would still have 900 billion left! elections and washingtonpost editorial positions have consequences When you make so many billions in one year... You owe that many to uncle Sam..we all hate to pay them...he must cause it's right

Sounds like a lot of money, but is actually amounts to roughly 3% of estimated new worth. That would take of some infrastructure! No? Elaine Chao's weekly infrastructure week did nothing for the country except beef up the stock market but this could really help our system. Hope he can afford it, though 😉

Never understood this concept of taxing those who worked their ass off to be successful. and he would still have hundreds of billions left!!! TaxTheRich This doesn't mean shit unless it's set in stone what that money would go towards. TOO BAD THIS WILL '' NEVER'' HAPPEN. Our government is going to spend it whether they get it or not. So why does it matter.

No need to take up a collection... This is a horrible idea. Taxes on unearned income, forcing those people sell their stock and assets, tanking their companies and ultimately putting it out of business. How does this help? Oh no, 2.9% of his net worth? How will he ever afford his 12th yacht? good for him..he says he wants to pay more but is stopping his employees from becoming union

I’m pretty sure he’s going to move to a different country if he is going to pay that much just for being successful Time for a GoFundMe Jeff Bezos would choose not to be American. See what is happening to millionaires (former bilionaires) in Argentina - all moving residence to Uruguay. That does not work.

Unpopular opinion, but this is still just government theft. Better to correct the extensive tax loopholes, but this would hurt most politicians too, so they won’t pass laws that hurt their dollars. Term limits would be the best thing for this country. No life long bloodsuckers! In an economy with high debt and high stock market how much of these wealths are actually tangible? I am afraid billionaires will have to raise money by selling stocks. Stock market will drop,$5.7 Billion will shrink after cost basis adjustment. While *we* will land in chaos.

So the government distributing his money is going to create more jobs than him investing his own money? The country that gave him the platform to become absurdly wealthy,should benefit from his success and help drive down its debt !!! America needs to get its debt in check ! Who is John Galt? EEEESSSZZZZGGGVVVCCCXXXXX BBBBBBGGGGFFFFCCCTTTTTYY6YYYYYYHHHHHHBBBBBBBBVVVGGGGGGFFFFCCCCCJJJJJJNNNNNNBB;BHHHHHGGGGGVVVVVVVVYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUJJJJJFFFFFDDDDDXXXXXXXXZZZZZZZZZDDDDSSSSSSSSSSSSRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKKKKKIIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLMMMMMNNNNN

Imagine the sell of on those stocks if they had to liquidate to pay the tax. Lots of households would lose their gains. Okay, he got it. Absolute paints a diff picture. That’s a drop in the bucket for him as a % of his net worth and overall wealth Right - so he wouldn’t even notice Would start a bear market. Tons of stock tax selling to pay their bill.

Bezos borrows against his stock with deutche/Goldman atinterest 0.01 % effectively having no income Yeah this is great,.. take from the rich who worked so hard to get there and give it to the lazy Who sit at home and collect unemployment. Great job Democrats by extending it all the way through September!

Bezos has lost 20% of his wealth since September, shouldn’t the government also provide a wealth rebate tax when the wealthy lose money too? “Jeff Bezos would move to another country under Warren’s wealth tax” There, I fixed the title. And I bet he wouldn’t miss a meal. I'd be happier if they left the taxes as they are and did a better job at managing how those tax dollars are spent.

lol at anyone who thinks this tax would be effective. Just look up other attempts. There are ways to raise taxes on the ultra-wealthy that would actually work. This is untethered populist drivel, akin to thinking a coast-to-coast border wall would successfully keep out illegals. Can't see how one man could be using that much water, roads, sewers, govt programs, and so on. Pay one's fair share, don't punish success to feed inefficiency.

How about JeffBezos donate that $5.7 billion into a program that he has some control over. Say education. Or infrastructure. Or health. Let him design and run it. Anyone but the government should deploy that money. Otherwise it will be wasted. Does anyone have an issue with a billionaire paying taxes. I don’t.

Seems fair to me Ok ✅ Fun fact- $5.7 billion is about half of what Jeff Bezos has made in a DAY over the last year (source- Robert Reich). Doesn’t seem like nearly enough when you put it into perspective that way, does it? Who cares he still didn’t pay enough. Greed will hurt Accountable ELECTION'S HAVE CONSEQUENCES!!! ENJOY THE RESULTS!!!

Better check your information. I heard .SenWarren say they only had to pay 2 cents. If we all r serious about reducing the ever widening wealth gap...dnt see any problem with it. Hv to start from somewhere....! Relatable. Don’t you see this isn’t news? This headline is analogous to “5%*$100B=$5B”. The world works better when you report on events.

Good! You keep seeing opportunities to trade bitcoin, buy crypto and you think it’s too good to be true. Well this is the right time to make $$$ dm now. The wealthy will be fine... StopTheGreed And he won't even notice. Money much needed to rebuild infrastructure, public transportation, decrease education costs et al. $183 billion is his 2020 net worth. So a taxable amount of $5,7 billion is chump change. And those defending wealthy not to pay the 3% are self-entitled, privileged imbeciles.

But she didn’t author it, her wealth tax expert did. And his plan states that the government can take an equivalent value of ownership shares in your company if you don’t have the cash to pay the tax. Which means it forces you to give control of your company to the government. 🤔 How would a guy worth 200 bill ever be able to afford this? Shameful

Rich are more rich always . Stimulis is other trash lie people. People seeing Netflix and waiting Easy money while banks and politicans Buy back shares. Silent people but rich are more rich. They take the control Good. I support it. Now, tell me what programs are being supported by the extra increase in the government is receiving. The people need more transparency.

Not if his army of ivy league educated accountants and lawyers have anything to say about it 🤣 But Congress wants to spend 1.8 Trillion, that’s a big difference. thanks for voting for me y’all He'd paid it once at most and then move his tax residency to somewhere else and never pay another dollar. No person would pay a wealth tax year after year.

He’ll be moving to the Cayman Islands and we won’t get a penny. Good he can afford it! These numbers mean nothing to him at this point. He isn't changing the world for common beliefs rather he is just making profits from a good service. What price do we want to pay for consumerism that kneels to corporations?

I am full red but since many sacrificed so others can live for 1 year govt has job to equalize.. He would OWE, but he WONT pay 🤷🏻‍♂️ And? Make him pay up or make him transfer that mi h worth of shares to your Inland Revenue Authority Which is nothing considering while small business was shut down Amazon was crushing it

To lower their tax rates, Bezos & others could donate $3M each to nonprofit HRChealthcenter. That would help them continue providing high quality medical, dental & behavioral health services throughout the community. ValueCHCs The “ultra millionaires” would just out smart the government as usual and that $5.7 billion would be paid by the middle/lower class.

America does not have a revenue problem it has a big GIANT SPENDING PROBLEM! It's time for an intervention! And he wouldn’t miss it one bit So great Not if he made that money in stock. That’s what people are not getting. A lot of rich people don’t pay as much as some people think they should because their income in coming from stock. If Dems wanna shake things up, they could fight to raise the Capital Gains Tax.

as painful as it is i pay my taxes , so should bezos. amazon JeffBezos. as a little guy and filing single its people like me that are disproportionately taxed. about time for the burden to shift. No, no he won’t. Cough cough caymen islands cough cough I really like this! How much would Bill Gates owe? jb111 It’s not enough

Government is more worried about taxing people's crypto and keeping us down. Why would tax the rich when you can just print the rest of the world works for Amurica, saving paper usd and giving you all the goods! By the way, that's why you import 600bil goods more than you export. Makes sense, goods for paper money

And... I think he will get away with a milion or 2 in bargain. Well that's not going to happen. Instead of Bezos expanding his business and provide people with jobs, the government will take his money and give it to the lazy. Seems a modern Robinhood too me. This is good news for those interested in someone else’s wealth. His taxes are his fucking problem. JeffBezos moneyronn

People happy about this like the money goes into their pockets… unbelievable 🤦‍♂️ Well when is he coughing up? 🤑 it will never happen It’s now a crime to be successful the government would spend that on pork in 1 second. No he wouldn’t If you must collect a WealthTax: 1. Make it 10%, but with a high-water mark, set at $50M initially. For example, if your wealth is $60M, then you pay $1M, and nothing more until your wealth goes above 60M. 2. Wealth can fluctuate a lot, so use the average of last 10 years.

Yes! spread the wealth and the love.... but not into defence budget (read, politicians' pockets and the military complex. 1. Make it 10%, but with a high-water mark, which is set at $50M initially. For example, if your wealth is $60M, then you pay $1M, and nothing more until your wealth goes above 60M. 2. Wealth can fluctuate a lot from year to year, so use the average of last 10 years. WealthTax

JeffBezos amazon AmazonHelp steal sellers money and take those monies into their dirty pocket, here is Gncgcr story, see how Amazon stole her money! WhiteHouse SpeakerPelosi cnnbrk ABC7 amazon cancelprime cancelamazon NBAAllStar FTC CAgovernor ConsumerAttysCA Theft The Government can just ask the rich for a few billion instead of making them villains.

D.C. can not be trusted to keep this new tax limited to the 0.05% of earners. They'd get drunk on the revenue and eventually, we'd all be paying State, Federal, and Wealth-tax. Có học vấn, công việc ổn định. Networth increase is not equal to cash in hand. This simple common sense is not known to freeloaders and left loonies and wokes. They shout too much.

Hello DICKHEAD This act is too extreme. Taxing unrealized gains is a mistake. Yes it costs an enormous amount of money to run the country Time to pay his share. Imagine all the schools and mental health facilities that could be used for!! healthcare BillGates Hey Bill gates, when you going to 'FIX' the Large File Name Error and give it Unlimited access to transfer files using Large or Long File names, even though the files I try to transfer on the same drive and to back drives too, are not going over the characters limits!!

Wouldn’t that be helpful to our country? And the Government would spend that years taxes in 5 minutes. that ain't shit for him.. and he hasn't paid taxes for years hilarious that all the people on this thread think the democrats are serious abut this would or will..🧐 Dont worry Biden gave him more H1Bs to take US jobs as his first acts. he will make 50 billion with his monopolies

Yes! He can afford every penny. Good l pay taxes why not Jeff Bezos? He has the Lawyers, Tax Attorney's and Politician's in his pocket. He'll be fine. Will he cry about it on CNBC like Leon Cooperman? Their CPAs would find different loopholes to get them back to zero owed. So, he ONLY would’ve made $68Billion in 2020 This is egregious! Let him keep his money, JoeBiden. Poor guy.. Donnie would NEVER do this! JoeBiden STINKS! I mean, make the poor pay more taxes! There’s more of them, and they’re not white!

Lmao - like his battalion of lawyers aren't getting him an exemption or loophole... WAKE UP Worth noting he made an extraordinarily large amount of money because of the pandemic. He’s thought to have earned $75 billion in 2020 alone. Oh no! Does he have a gofundme? No one cares. He who has the gold write the rules. Jeff can probably own cnbc if he wanted too. Stop it with the click baiting title

And we all still pay more in taxes percentage wise than this guy. So yeah. 🎻 🎶 First experience happens to be a total failure but I never give up because I knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously, fortunately but now I am smiling by getting involved with you DavidLingleyBT as my account manager

Imagine paying $5.7 to the government every year for them to light your money on fire. Lmfao So still zero. I hope he does ok with his $50+ Billion net gain. Dangerous. Too much government control. Good ill vote for the Bill Taxation is theft Which would still be a pittance of his net worth. Good. CNBC Should ultra rich people such as Jeff Bezos been required to pay a wealth tax? $AMZN

CNBC ninaturner CNBC Vui vẻ,sống có tình cảm,ko giả dối...! CNBC Good. tachytaenius CNBC Good. People are struggling while these rich assholes skate around the world with an impossible amount of money. Life doesn’t change if you live off 20 million a year or if you live off 200 million a year. You’re life won’t change. You can still buy whatever you want🙄

CNBC This is SenWarren wealth tax bill! Get it right! CNBC Doesn’t matter when the country is gonna be $30 trillion in debt after the next “stimulus.” It’s all a dog and pony show. CNBC good! that’s barely a scratch why isn’t it more wtf your weird money-mongering bs is so 2008. get w it, NBC CNBC And

CNBC That’s just 3% CNBC Ok. I have no problem with that. CNBC And he wouldn't even miss it! kburton40 CNBC He could so afford that. CNBC Which ain’t shit to him. So next CNBC so only 3% of his wealth CNBC Yeah but people don't know the difference between wealth and earnings which makes their tax plan stupid

CNBC I don’t know who needs to hear this, but anyone’s who’s in the position to have to pay this tax knows that they need to pay this tax, and as a response to this will probably leave this country. CNBC What’s the point of taxing so much if universal healthcare isn’t passed? More bombs for more wars?

CNBC Good. He needs to pay more. CNBC He can afford it. When the hole in security does not involve the need to protect the president of the United States, you have found key culprit CNBC He is worth billions and billions and billions, this is small change for him CNBC could just say he'd pay 3% of what he's worth.

CNBC Good. That is chump change to him. CNBC Sounds great. CNBC Sounds fair CNBC CNBC This is disgusting. After the way he has so cruelly treated his workers and manipulated the market for years, the tax should be at least 10 times that much. CNBC Uh.. yeah CNBC Rookie numbers yvonnecarns CNBC ....and still have $100,000,000,000,000,000ish leftover. What a pathetic crap misleading headline. Do better.

CNBC I’ll be happy to send him the invoice. CNBC Triple it IMO CNBC kool CNBC That's a good thing! Make him pay! CNBC Jeff Bezos would owe a MEASLY 3% IN TAXES FOR 2020 under the Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act proposed by Sen. WARREN and a group of Senate and House Democrats. Fixed it for you CNBC Well you know, baby steps

CNBC CNBC That would be great. Think how many kids' education could be paid for with just one year's taxes from just one man. CNBC So? That is the entire point CNBC CNBC 3% CNBC Cool. Can we do it like... 15 more times? CNBC I think Senator Warren proposed that. CNBC Are we supposed to feel bad? CNBC You mean the proposed ewarren wealth tax? The one that was central to her POTUS run?

CNBC Really? I mean, this is pretty bad. CNBC And? CNBC He made 2.3X that much money on *A SINGLE DAY* last year CNBC It should be closer to 150 Billion at the least. CNBC Would he even notice it was gone? CNBC cool he should pay it energy_ann CNBC And that would still leave him with approximately $194,300,000,000.00. For FS, when is enough enough?

georgialove0916 CNBC I can’t like this enough. CNBC Elizabeth Warren? CNBC And he'd still be filthy, filthy, filthy, fiiiilthy rich after his tax bill 😉 CNBC The Republicans would have you believe that such a tax would stop innovation as no one would want to be a billionaire if it means they have to give up 3% to a tax.

CNBC Good CNBC Good. What’s the issue, NBC-? CNBC Jeeeeez. Then how is he supposed to make ends meet CNBC It’s Warren’s not Bernie’s🙄🙄🙄 This is how Bernie became popular because is stuff like this Taking the credit from women and giving it to Bernie. CNBC Warren. Proposed by Warren and a group of Senate and House Democrats.

CNBC And he wouldn't even know it was gone is the real story CNBC Though he is one of the ppl gobbling up all business & using it to rule us? This is robbery of his earned money. CNBC As much power as that man holds in this world, it’ll never happen. Sad but true CNBC CNBC When all your tax dollars get handed straight back to the rich and the war machine, who really cares? Screw the USA

CNBC OR, and just hear me out on this, you could phrase it without all of the corporate fearmongering you're trying to present here: Jeff Bezos would owe THREE PERCENT of his earnings in taxes for 2020 under the Ultra Millionaire Tax Act. CNBC Good. CNBC So 3% CNBC Your social media person stinks. How in the world could you frame the tweet this way?

CNBC Under six billion is a joke to the earnings of that man. He still pays less in relative numbers than most other Americans. CNBC no context but lotta zeros. Jeff's $5.7b tax would be 3% of his $176.8B net worth; drops him to a mere 171.1b. FYI, the median US earner makes $31k, and that 3% is about $1k from 5,700,000 Americans to make up the difference. Aren't you the business channel?

CNBC Yeah sounds good! It’s 3%. Fuck whomever wrote this for real. CNBC Corporate media moguls gonna side with other corporate moguls. Brian worried he might have to pay taxes too? CNBC Good. CNBC Thats a start at least. He wouldn't even miss it. CNBC why shouldn't he pay his fair share, he made his $$$ here, in China or Russia, or N. Korea, he would pay much more than that, let him move his co. there, good riddance, cheat

CNBC The article headline literally says it's 'Warren's Wealth Tax.' Yet somehow Bernie is the only one who gets mentioned... Plus ça change... CNBC Good CNBC He can afford it. CNBC Good! And they’d still be shockingly filthy rich. CNBC how will poor bezos survive off 200 billion 😔 CNBC That’s only 3% of his wealth. We could tax him 20 times that amount and he’d be fine; That money would save millions of American lives and jobs.

CNBC So... that's less than 3% of his wealth. So are you saying maybe we should be taking MORE away from him? Bezos is using his ridiculous wealth to mold our laws in bad ways, hurting the working class, making it harder to unionize. CNBC how much did he make during the pandemic? CNBC Good CNBC That’s all? Should be more.

CNBC Five lousy percent, say it, the dude's a fucking dragon CNBC So... like... 3% ? CNBC That little? Need to bump it up a notch CNBC for anyone wondering, that's 3%, so you don't have to read all those big scary zeros. CNBC I think the amount is pretty low since he hasn’t paid taxes in years. He should definitely pay more since he doesn’t pay his workers anything near what they deserve.

CNBC That's right CNBC Good. CNBC good CNBC And? CNBC When a dude's single-year tax bill is FIFTY SEVEN THOUSAND TIMES a person's pre-tax $100K/yr INCOME, well... No one should be crying for him at ALL. *shrug* CNBC I and many others who live from pay check to pay check give absolutely 0,000,000,000 fucks

CNBC So way less than he should, or would have in most of the twentieth century? CNBC and.....? CNBC You spelled WARREN wrong. CNBC It should be more CNBC NOOOO DONT MAKE JEFF PAY TAXES!!!! IM TRYING TO GURGLE THAT BEZOS CUM!! CNBC Which isn’t nearly enough. Instead of saying the high amount of money it LOOKS like it is, you should say that it’s only 3%

CNBC Great, now do Jeff Shell and Steve Burke CNBC After a certain income level it's not about the money, it's about power, and that is not just unhealthy to individuals but it's detrimental to democracy and the society as a whole. CNBC Works for me! CNBC You're right, he should pay more CNBC Good. CNBC And he should pay that tax

CNBC Good. CNBC Good. Take his money CNBC Not enough. 6 billion out of 70 billion... PER YEAR! Then they go and spread anti union shit while their employees touch a package every 8 seconds and piss in gatorade bottles... CNBC Maybe he could pay his employees better, then he would pay less on taxes. CNBC JESUS CHRIST YOU *STILL* HAVEN'T FIXED THIS? Did Sanders write it himself?

clfunez CNBC Good. CNBC not enough. CNBC Oh no, Bezos is going to go from $191,000,000,000 to $185,300,000,000. How could we possible tax someone 2.5% 😱 CNBC Should be more CNBC Good. Also, please take your phrasing and spinning and ram it really far up your butthole. Like WAY UP there. 👆🏻 CNBC Okay and? Pay up bitch

CNBC don’t be shy, take at least 5% ❗️❗️❗️ CNBC That would be Elizabeth Warren's plan - not Sanders. Why does MSM always credit others for her work? CNBC CNBC Good CNBC CNBC That is really not enough. We should be aiming for $10, $20, $50 billion from his estimated $196 billion worth. That's 25% or less; still paltry, but better than a measly $5.7 billion.

CNBC Good CNBC 1) So? 2) The problem with that is what? 3) OMG. Where will he ever find the money to pay? 4) Does Amazon sell those tiny, little violins? CNBC Yeah, and his net worth is $176,800,000,000. So what? I can write out scary big numbers too. CNBC That’s not how you spell SenWarren and RepJayapal

CNBC Proposed by Sen. Warren. If Sanders also supports it, great, but STOP giving men credit for work that a woman did! CNBC Poggers CNBC Good CNBC Good CNBC Based if true CNBC You misspelled “Senator Warren.” Perhaps you could fix that. CNBC Bill Gates said a wealth tax was needed and he'd be fine with paying $20 billion. Time for Bezos, the Waltons, Warren Buffett etc to man up and embrace America like their capitalist forerunners.

CNBC a very small amount. CNBC CNBC make 20% instead CNBC ...and he would still be an ultra ultra billionaire CNBC And? I mean for Bezos, that's literally 3% of his wealth. CNBC The government takes more than enough money. They need less not more. CNBC Good? Should be more AshleyEsqueda CNBC ….and?

CNBC This is good CNBC As he should... why is this even a debate? The IRS harasses the middle class daily and ignores the wealthy daily. It’s sickening! CNBC Unless he moved his assets to any other country, doesn't go far enough! CNBC It's a start CNBC Just because he owns $191,000,000,000 ? So unfair

CNBC He's got that in his left sock. He'll be fine. CNBC CNBC Sound good but not enough. CNBC But how can someone be expected to live on $187 billion alone?! CNBC You spelled Elizabeth Warren wrong. CNBC Point blank, if you are an American citizen, resident, or otherwise working in America even if citizen of another nation, you should be paying taxes here. There should be ZERO persons, entities or corporations not paying their fair share. End of topic. No more tax breaks. Ever.

AshleyEsqueda CNBC Boo. Fucking. Hoo. CNBC for context, He has $196,000,000,000 CNBC fuck yeah CNBC Bezos made 72.7 billion dollars in 2020. 5.7 billion is about 7.8% of his income. This is the same tax bracket as someone who makes $40k . The average salary for a teacher in north carolina is about $54k, with a tax rate that hovers around 9.25%. He's taxed less than a teacher

CNBC that's it? that's not nearly enough CNBC It isn't enough. CNBC Good. CNBC should be more CNBC It's literally Warren's fucking bill. CNBC The Ultra-Millionaire Tax is Elizabeth Warren's. 🤨 CNBC yeah and? CNBC Damn sill seems low!!!!! CNBC We need to tax the $70 billion and let ol Jeff keep $5 billion

CNBC Sounds good! CNBC Elizabeth Warren's Wealth Tax. CNBC Sounds good. What's the % he'd have to pay? CNBC CNBC As a capitalist nation, our country should have a paid to play fee of $5 billion a year. For that you get the US military, you get to buy off politicians, and the taxes go to help build modern cities

CNBC This is ridiculous. This is and has always been a bill by ewarren Do better, CNBC You had me at would owe. CNBC Only? Let’s kick it up to 10billion a year CNBC Good CNBC And... CNBC Cool, how much is that as a fraction of his total wealth and income? CNBC He should be taxed even MORE. CNBC seems low tbh

CNBC That's less than 3 percent of his wealth. Totally inadequate. CNBC Yes, good, and? CNBC That’s a lot of zeros to say “$5.7 billion, out of a total net worth of $183 billion.” Or, put another way, a net worth of $183,000,000,000. CNBC An honest headline would mention what a tiny percentage of his income that is.

CNBC He’s got it CNBC so? CNBC CNBC So.....3% CNBC Good CNBC Good. CNBC So roughly 3% got it. CNBC This is Warren’s bill. CNBC Good. Take all his fucking money. Union-busting rat fuck. CNBC Proposed by Sen. Warren* CNBC Good CNBC Fix your headline; this is Sen. Warren’s bill. 🤬 CNBC IT IS WARRENS BILL FFS

CNBC Most of us are fine with this. Billionaires getting ever-richer off the backs of the working and middle classes is destroying our society. And this is Warren’s bill. It’s very sexist to credit it to a man and not bother to correct. CNBC Niceee CNBC ... it's Warren's bill. CNBC That would be excellent. 3% only

CNBC This is Senator Warren’s initiative . But I’m sure you will correct the record if it fails. CNBC This is Senator Warren’s Bill. CNBC so, what is that? 3% of his earnings? Not enough. He should pay more. CNBC NBC, most people are capable of recognizing that a couple million dollars is a very small amount to someone worth hundreds of billions. But nice try.

CNBC I'm all for raising income taxes on the wealthy, their effective rate is what should be looked at, same with corps. But to tax money that has already been taxed, albeit not enough, is not a good idea and to do it year after year is more akin to confiscation of wealth over time. CNBC Good. CNBC And?

CNBC That's Senator Warren's bill, give her credit. CNBC TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich TaxTheRich

CNBC Good CNBC So what? He makes $152,207 a minute. CNBC We could really use the money to help the people of this country CNBC What the what? Sanders? It’s not April Fool’s Day yet... CNBC This is a feature not a bug ninaturner CNBC It's our money. He got it from us. ClcpierceCarol CNBC Well he certainly can afford it.

CNBC Proposed by Senator Warren. CNBC I'm sorry, whose bill is this again ewarren CNBC Warren's bill. Not Sanders CNBC It's Senator Warren's bill CNBC thats 3%, nice try NBC, going to bat for billionairs every time CNBC CNBC And that's still not a high enough number CNBC That’s 7.7% of the estimated growth his net worth saw in 2020. That’s about the Florida sales tax. I think he’d be perfectly fine.

CNBC And? CNBC Good. CNBC That's not the kind of short-sighted, opportunistic government Jeff Bezos paid for! CNBC Because he brings in $4M an hour. That amount of tax money is chump change for him. He just doesn't want to pay his share of taxes. CNBC Good CNBC Or we could simply take everything from him and put him in prison for stealing from humanity.

CNBC Good. CNBC So 3%? CNBC CNBC And how much would he have left CNBC He deserves so much worse. Fuck Amazon CNBC He will have to start living in his car like the people that work for him!!! CNBC GOOD. How much money does one little man need? CNBC He can never spend all his money. Give some back Jeff!

CNBC Good. He should be PAYING HIS FUCKING TAXES CNBC And how is that a bad thing? 5 billion to a guy worth 25 times that and making more every year. CNBC Good! When’s the last time he paid taxes? CNBC Good CNBC He has almost 200 billion. He'll be fine. CNBC So.... this is a bad thing? ninaturner CNBC MUST PASS. FENCE SITTERS ? GOP Government Obstructionists Party? Let’s stop trying the BiPartisanship stuff !!!! Cons and corrupt business with subsidies and bailouts the Koch Bros with ALEC must be stopped now

CNBC Oh no... now he’s only have $173 Billion — what will he do.... 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ CNBC good CNBC So ninaturner CNBC Jeff Besos says, “who can I give $5.7 million to so this doesn’t happen?” And guess what! StoneZone CNBC We can't keep borrowing money. We need to tax him and a boat load of others. There is no trickle down effects. We need tax dollars to pay for stuff, stuff Jeff Bezos needs to make his billions....infrastructure. We need education and a healthcare system that can handle a crisis.

CNBC One day's pay for Bezos. Tax the rich. CNBC Cool and how much did he make again? It’s kinda irresponsible to post the amount owed without contextualizing the amount he made or did you want the headline to sway people a certain way? CNBC And? CNBC exactly. do it. CNBC Bring it on. CNBC Ok, great.

CNBC CNBC Elon Musk can make him lose more money by writing 'Bezos dipshit lmao' on twitter CNBC Good. jpeterse5525 CNBC Somehow I think he’ll manage. Also, this is Warren’s bill. CNBC And? Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? CNBC And he’d still have more money than 99% of Americans, so really, what’s the problem here?

CNBC If I only had to pay 3% of my income I'd be thrilled, he's so lucky CNBC So his tax rate would be 3%? Man, they need to raise that rate. CNBC Great. Let’s do it. CNBC WTF NBC? Warren’s 2¢ tax. Jeeezus when will you stop trying to erase her? CNBC CNBC BS CNBC You say this like it’s a bad thing. CNBC Get off his dick NBC. He’s getting off easy

CNBC It’s Warren’s bill. It was the centerpiece of her entire presidential campaign. Do your job. CNBC Should be way more tbh CNBC He can keep 100 million, we should take the rest CNBC Bezos worked his tail off for every penny he has. I read Ayn Rand and she said people should worship men like him so that's what I do.

CNBC Good DorianWest39 CNBC CNBC We need this. CNBC Oh so suddenly you're putting all the zeroes on it CNBC Yes, and? CNBC He can afford it ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ CNBC it should be more lol CNBC good! :) CNBC And.. CNBC Truth America' Let's be clear, Amazon and all of the Wealthy use Tax Payer engineers, Highways, streets, bridges and Police, that we all pay for. $5 Billion is 5% of Bezos Wealth, Anyone know how hard it is to spend '$1 Billion dollars Democrats want to share America's Wealth

CNBC Did you read your own article before posting it? Credit goes to SenWarren not Sanders ! WealthTax CNBC Drop in the bucket for him especially with the Trump tax cuts for millionaires/ billionaires. CNBC CNBC The Democrats don't have the sand to pass $15.00 an hour, they sure don't have the courage to pass the wealth taxes. Classic Democrats choke in power event happening now.

CNBC sounds good CNBC That’s only 3% CNBC What’s with all the zeros? Is “5.7 billion” too confusing? CNBC Great! Should be even higher considering how much he made in 2020. CNBC Won't someone please think of the billionaires? CNBC Oh no not a 3% increase on his taxes. Know what the highest tax bracket Elvis Presley paid into? 90% and look at his lifestyle. Multiple manors, a fleet of cars and his own private jet. People should stop siding with the ultra wealthy, dude should quit hoarding wealth

CNBC CNBC Greed and jealousy are so ugly CNBC Can he not afford it? I pay 21% on my income and that stifles my ability to really save for retirement. CNBC Jeff Bezos’ company has not laid income taxes in years,of ever. Why do we feel sorry for him again? He won’t think twice about that money. CNBC Wait I’m taking out the violin 🎻🎻🎻

Kimmiemac21 CNBC Still not enough. CNBC Hey, , can you c’mere for a sec? I just wanna talk. CNBC And? If that’s what he’d owe, that’s what he’d owe 🤷. CNBC Why did you feel the need to spell out every single 0 like you feel bad for him CNBC awesome! great news! CNBC And he’ll make it back in like 20 minutes. He’ll be fine.

CNBC Y'all really get picky and choosy over when to use the full number versus the percentage eh. He made that in 25 days. Do not get it twisted. CNBC Ok let’s go. Tax the motherfucker. He won’t see or feel the loss. CNBC Cool CNBC Sounds good to me! Let's goooooo! CNBC those are rookie numbers, jack them up 10x at least

CNBC Anyone thinking that Amazon would leave the greatest market in the world tells me they have not taken any business classes at all. It's in the first chapter of every business class ever. CNBC okay? he should pay it. CNBC Good CNBC We so need to see this happen. TaxTheRich Thank you SenSanders and SenWarren! (The NBC article has a good interview video with Sen. Warner.)

CNBC Sickening. It should be at least 10 times that. CNBC So we should get more. CNBC I cannot emphasize this enough, GOOD! CNBC good CNBC How about you get it correct NBC and give the credit to Senator Warren. CNBC It's not enough CNBC Not bad for him. Thats what to the rest of us. CNBC Just think how many other countries we can bomb with that money

CNBC WOW. This is the most blatant erasure of Elizabeth Warren yet. Terrible CNBC Wow that’s crazy. He’s apparently worth $184,000,000,000 CNBC CNBC Good. CNBC CNBC I made 57k last year. I'm never going to feel bad for billionaires CNBC You misspelled Sen Warren. But its still not enough. Lets put this into more relative terms: I have a hundred and eighty-four dollars and sixty cents, and I need to give them five dollars and seventy cents? Sure! No problem! I wont even notice it. BillionairesShouldntExist

CNBC Not enough CNBC Boo motherfuck hoo. He ain't staving, unlike some of us. He isn't about to lose his (one of many) house, unlike some of us. He ain't in danger of losing his way of life, unlike some of us. CNBC Good! Tax Bezos!! CNBC Good CNBC CNBC CNBC Sounds good CNBC Now he’ll only have $175B. That’s not fair.

CNBC Seems reasonable. CNBC It’s a start CNBC 3% CNBC 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 CNBC He makes that in less than 1 I'm pretty good with that. CNBC wtf based CNBC HE SHOULD BE PAYING WITH HIS LIFE IN ADDITION TO HIS ENTIRE NETWORTH CNBC It's not enough. CNBC NOT ENOUGH CNBC 😎👍🆒 CNBC Make it more. CNBC CNBC seems low

CNBC Cool, I bought a Reese's for $1.99 today CNBC I agree that this is far too little CNBC Good CNBC I don’t see a problem here. Look at the amount he would still take home. It’s not like he’s hurting in any way. CNBC Not enough CNBC CNBC So 3%? CNBC great! CNBC And he wouldn't even miss it. CNBC Any idea how that will equally apportioned across the US as a direct tax?

CNBC Fantastic!!! Let’s get it started CNBC That's what we call a good start. CNBC Great! CNBC good CNBC Good. Let's do it. But it should be much higher. CNBC good CNBC CNBC Oh no. How will he recover? CNBC Cool. We should double that number. CNBC Oh no, he can totally afford it. 😢 but what about his hoarding money, huh? That would suffer, his hoarding of money.

CNBC Sucks bernie is such a moderate, but it’s a good start. CNBC And that isn't nearly enough. CNBC good CNBC Take it all CNBC CNBC 👏 Eugene_Scott CNBC He's got it though CNBC Jeff Bezos has done more to enrich the lives of customers and workers in the past year than Bernie has for Americans in the past 50.

CNBC Please provide context to these numbers in your headlines by sharing what % of income it represents. Yes it's a huge number but it's only a small fraction of his total income. CNBC CNBC so he’ll be fine CNBC That’s all? We’re leaving tons of money sitting in the table. CNBC Jeez, how much money is enough for yourself? {;d be over the Moon if i had $1,000,000 :)

CNBC Oh so shut up with this ridiculously framed headline. Try harder to kiss these villainaire’s asses CNBC Goooooooood BenjaminPDixon CNBC Should be more imo Eugene_Scott CNBC Okay... BenjaminPDixon CNBC Did NBC calculate all his deductions? I know his Corporate Attorneys will! BenjaminPDixon CNBC Pay up Jeff.

Eugene_Scott CNBC LETS DO IT BenjaminPDixon CNBC And still be the richest man in the world. BenjaminPDixon CNBC Okay. CNBC We all should pay our fair share , why are you making him a victim CNBC Maybe he could bring his lunch from home, skip the Starbucks and carpool? CNBC Should be much much more

Eugene_Scott CNBC Good CNBC Do it CNBC wel. amazon doesn’t pay taxes, so this seems pretty fair to me. TaxTheRich CNBC Good, make it happen CNBC It's a start CNBC Pocket change for him. CNBC You say this without pointing out that this is about what he makes IN ONE DAY. He'd still have TRILLIONS left, more than he could ever use. Why are you taking the side of rapacious billionaires?

CNBC Quite the objective, fair-handed headline there, NBC 🙄 CNBC good CNBC Good CNBC And it would mean very little to him. How about write a piece on how that money could help Americans? CNBC Abs still the richest man. CNBC Poor him 😢 CNBC If you base it on Bezos' 2020 income, this is comparable to a person who makes $100,000 per year owing $7.84 under the bill.

CNBC He'll be just fine CNBC Good. CNBC GOOD. PAY UP BEZOS. CNBC Is this meant to be bad? ZacRulzOK CNBC He should pay ten times that CNBC Who gives a shit? He still will be loaded and underpay his workers. TaxTheRich CNBC My dudes he'd still have $185,000,000,000 to cry into so CNBC That's 2.7% of his total wealth.

CNBC He can give up the lattes and avocado toast and scrape by, somehow CNBC not nearly enough CNBC Hooray CNBC yeah, way too fucking low CNBC I’m sorry you can’t tax on money you might have. CNBC Could you imagine the awesome things we could do with that money to make our country and lives better. It's long past time to tax the rich and cut off their corporate welfare.

CNBC Or, in less disingenuous terms, he would owe only 2.9% of his total wealth. CNBC Ok and? Sounds like a good start to fixing our roads.... CNBC Sounds good to me CNBC Government Robbery! CNBC I mean, it's that or the peasants revolt. I'm sure he can spare a few billion to avoid the guillotine. CNBC 👍

CNBC CNBC It’s a start CNBC Yeah...and? CNBC Can this be done in reconciliation? CNBC He should have that much money in the first place CNBC That's it? Reminder: Bezos is making about $321 million a day, $13.4 million an hour, $222,884 a minute, and $3,715 a second every year. He'll be ok. CNBC He’ll have to buy off brand Mac n cheese for awhile until he can get back on his feet.

CNBC He can spare it. CNBC Bezos made 16 Billion in one day not long ago, so STOP with what he cannot afford, idiots CNBC too low CNBC cool now tell us what percent that is of his actual yearly income not even net worth, just yearly income also how much money did he make during the pandemic while the rest of us got totally fucked in the ass financially with only $600 in relief?

CNBC we gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers CNBC This is good proposal. CNBC Good. CNBC And should CNBC Seems light CNBC poor Jeff Bezos, how could he possibly survive on $187 billion? CNBC Leaving him with enough money to buy a new $10,000,000 mansion and burn it to the ground every single day for the next eighteen years. What's your point?

CNBC $200 billion (more money than he can ever spend) - $6 bn (more money than he can ever spend) = $194 bn (*still* more money than he can ever spend in his life) CNBC Maybe Jeff should just go to Starbucks less, rethink that Netflix sub CNBC He’d still be worth more than each of the bottom 100 nations in the world by nominal GDP.

CNBC Seems low CNBC And he would still have 148 lifetimes worth of money for himself and his family... CNBC CNBC Yes, and he wouldn't even feel it because he'd still have more billions than any person could ever use. CNBC And? CNBC It’s a start. CNBC It would take him 26 DAYS to make that back... lets not start playing the worlds smallest and goldest violin for him just yet...

CNBC awesome, 5.7 billion for schools and roads, to repair crumbling infrastructure and pay for healthcare. CNBC Not nearly enough to compensate for how much he has stolen from his workers. Send his tax rates to the moon! CNBC And he would still be the richest man in the world. CNBC Alright I guess it's time once again to post this:

CNBC Bezos would have to give up a tiny percentage of his wealth hoard so that the country that fueled his opportunity to obtain that hoard could fund badly needed support. Sounds good! CNBC CNBC He wouldn't notice it missing. He should have to give ten times that CNBC And how would you like to pay that bill? Cash or check?

CNBC Good CNBC This is wrong because.....? CNBC * Sen. Warren CNBC Okay. CNBC And his wealth (passive, on its own) would still grow much faster than your wages or mine CNBC CNBC Great! He certainly won't miss it! And think of the good we could do with that $$! CNBC He can pay 10x that amount and still have more money than any human being could ever spend.

CNBC You do realize that is not even a dent, right? CNBC i'd've gone with the guillotine option but this is a fair compromise i guess CNBC So, pocket change for him. Got it. CNBC New roads, schools & millions of jobs!!!! And it wont affect his lifestyle in they very least. 98% of America wants this.

CNBC It’s only fair that richest man in the world pays the most taxes. CNBC So, a pittance compared to his actual wealth? Obviously an even higher tier is needed. CNBC How much does he owe his workers? CNBC That is 3.8% of what he is worth. CNBC not enough. He makes that in a month. CNBC thats it? CNBC That's it. Seems like he should owe more.

CNBC Basic economics people, if he had to pay? No more amazon jobs / no more building / no more spending billions in America. He’d simply offshore. I’d rather him pay $0 in tax (yes it makes me sick) but I went him to spend billions in our beautiful country CNBC In 2018, 24¢/1usd in fed income tax went to US military. 25.6¢/$1: -unemployment & labor (7¢/$1) -veterans benefits (5.9¢/$1) -food & agriculture (4¢/$1) -housing & community (3.4¢/$1) -Education (2.2¢/$1) -Energy & environment (1.3¢/$1) -Science (1¢/$1) -Transportation (.8¢/$1)

CNBC Good. CNBC CNBC Good! CNBC CNBC It doesn't matter how you word it or that it's equity or that market correction could change the number or whatever, he and Amazon should be paying their fair share of taxes and they aren't. Their workers are exploited AF and no one should pity Bezos. CNBC That's a start,, sounds like there is still some wiggle room to raise that tax higher if necessary.

CNBC good, fuck em CNBC Sorry, proposed by Sen. *Warren.* It’s literally in your headline. CNBC And? CNBC This sounds awesome. Let’s do it. CNBC CNBC Sounds good to me. CNBC I'm okay with this. Bring the tax. CNBC And the really twisted thing about that? He wouldn't even feel it. His lifestyle would remain the same.

CNBC According to CBS, Bezos salary in 2019 was only 87,000. Amazon paid 1.2% of revenue in taxes while the average American wasn14%. I think a flat rate 0ercentage of tax would be more equitable. I'll pay 10% if everyone above poverty level does the same. Simplify the tax code. CNBC He can afford it.

CNBC It's not enough but it would be a start. CNBC I do believe Bezos sneezes in $5 billion so he can pay his fair share CNBC He’s worth $150b I think he can afford it you pack of shills CNBC It’s not like he doesn’t have it in his bank account! I don’t care 🤷🏽‍♂️ if he would have to pay that much he is the riches person on the planet pay your fair share!

CNBC So, 2% of his wealth. I think he’ll be okay. CNBC He's not going to fuck you NBC CNBC GOOD. CNBC y’all act like this is a huge amount to take but that’s literally like 2% of his total wealth fuck capitalism CNBC Awesome. Let’s do it. CNBC Fucking good CNBC Bezos would be left with a measly $170 billion dollars. How will he afford to fuel his rocket ships?

CNBC You seem to have neglected to mention his wealth grew by $75,000,000,000 in 2020. CNBC That’s only 7.6% of the amount his net worth increased in 2020. CNBC Hey, if you're going to mention a name in your tweet, how about the one who had her supporters chanting 'two cents' at rallys more than a year ago? Don't get me wrong, I love Bernie, but this is SenWarren's accomplishment, not his. At least the headline writer got the memo.

LAKUTIS CNBC he should pay a lot more CNBC About time CNBC Are we supposed to FEEL SORRY FOR THE RICH FUCKHEAD? I think not. Hell if he was LEFT with $5.7 billion, that's still more than entire families could make in their collective lifetimes. Hell, it's probably more than the entire net worth of the NBC newsroom staff combined.

CNBC wow 5% taxes? I wish I had that CNBC and he would STILL be the richest man in the universe. 😒 NationalStrike GeneralStrike LaborStrike RentStrike DebtStrike MortgageStrike CreditCardStrike PeoplesStrike EatTheRich WheresMy2K WheresMyStimulus WheresMyCheck WheresMyMoney CNBC Can we talk about why it makes sense for anyone to be making billions per year? Capital formation is essential to capitalism.extreme wealth concentration and inequality are its undoing.

CNBC So? CNBC Good, that's called participating in supporting our country. CNBC To all the poor widdle billionaires who don’t like the sound of a wealth tax, try mentally reframing it to something positive - like guillotine insurance CNBC it should be more CNBC Good. CNBC “He still would have been left with a net worth of more than $185 billion after the tax, according to the analysis.” Why isn’t this your headline, CNBC ?

CNBC the smartest way (perhaps...) for a government to raise money by leaving everyone with a smile on their faces, both those who think they can retaliate on the rich and those who will spread a few cents of increased services they provide on millions of customers CNBC Good! CNBC Why should he not pay to support the system and customers that helped enable and pay him his massive wealth?

CNBC Aaaaand America would still be broke CNBC On what AGI CNBC Sounds good CNBC TaxTheRich CNBC Good. CNBC He wouldn’t even notice that money missing. CNBC Don’t feel bad. In 2018 Amazon paid $0 in taxes on 11 billion in profit. and received a 129m tax rebate. These companies need to pay their fair share. Small business owners pay way more. These tax breaks are not fair to small businesses, mega corps have to pay their fair share.

CNBC Is that suppose to make me sad. Pay up,I do and I am on SS, CNBC and I'm ok with that. CNBC And? CNBC I'm moving to Canary Island. CNBC Yupp, that sounds about right for the richest person on Earth. CNBC Great! CNBC Makes sense. The richest man in the world should pay the most taxes. CNBC Too bad it’s not constitutional

CNBC Sounds good to me, I earn in a year what he earns in half a day, and I have to pay my fare share CNBC What is the point of this answer? Of course he'd pay a lot of money. He has made a lot of money. We all pay tax for the circumstance that lets us be wealthy. CNBC Clearly none of you have been billionaires because you would understand why this sucks

CNBC Five (5) trillion and 7 hundred billion/I don't think so CNBC Too many zeros. What? 🤣 CNBC He got it. Pay the people!!! CNBC Writing that number out like that in an effort to make it look big, is irresponsible, especiallg when you also fail to list his net worth.. which is what, $185,000,000,000? How much did he exploit from us throughout the pandemic? Stop playing pick me with billionaires, weirdos.

CNBC CNBC If he had to pay that every year, he would go broke just 10 years after the the Sun exploded. CNBC What Bezos is telling congress right now. CNBC Great! CNBC It’s coming just have to wait til the dinosaurs exit CNBC not nearly enough..i'm thinking a one time 90% wealth tax on everyone over 20 billion.

CNBC Your point is? CNBC You can use it to conquer Covid 19 and to help unemployed people CNBC That’s a lot of Amazon orders! CNBC Jeff Bezos made $74 BILLION in 2020. If he paid $5.7 billion in taxes, his tax rate would effectively be 7.7%. People living in poverty pay a higher share of their income than one of the richest humans on the planet. That must end now.

CNBC Guess he won’t get guacamole at Chipotle anymore. 🤷‍♀️ CNBC Yeah, and I'm just fine with that. In what logical world would you expect to make a ridiculous amount of money, yet pay less in taxes than the dude making a fraction of your income. CNBC Good. CNBC Awww... what a shame.... Poor baby CNBC And that's pocket change for him. Imagine what good could happen if those taxes were actually put somewhere where it could have an impact on major change. Like shoring up the infastructure needed to go renewable energy. Etc Or better yet a revamp on how we deal with homelessness

CNBC Sounds fairer than the current system. CNBC Cool CNBC Bezos net worth is $200B and climbed $75B in 2020 He refuses to pay his essential workers a living wage and threatens any who attempt to unionize Amazon pays $0 in federal taxes As the wealthiest man in America he should return some of the success America has visited on him

CNBC I don't see anything bad there. Do it, make the 'super-rich plus' group pay their part (finally). CNBC Sounds about right. CNBC Who the fuck cares. CNBC Yeah Jeff why pledge to give your money away and get tax breaks when you should just pay your fucking fair share of taxes! CNBC Good. Like, are you assholes trying to make us feel sorry for him? Lmao. I hope it’s tripled.

CNBC Yes! CNBC That's a lot of money to give up even when you have 100 billion CNBC Imagine paying 6 billion in taxes and still having more money than most people on earth combined CNBC + 1 sincere HUG CNBC Dude, can we find a fucking middle ground between zero dollars and 5 billion. What is this world

CNBC Gosh. I wonder what Bezos would do if this tax law came into effect? Ah yes, that's right - He would do what every billionaire has done in this situation, and MOVE COUNTRY! It baffles me that these lawmakers think these people will voluntarily stay here and pay rather than move. CNBC His economic foot print on America amounts to so much more,,that in any sane world would be the deal of the century for what this country and society has provided him

CNBC and now we have a way to help the medicare the billionaires depleted... get infrastructure happening... and he's just ONE... so a threat... they move... great proper taxes are still a liability then...😃 CNBC We like his ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott. She helps others CNBC Were he to pay, would it cost him the Numero Uno spot as the Richest in The World?

CNBC It should be a Law once you have 999,999,999 the rest should be given back to schools and health system. CNBC He should owe double that with all the tax loopholes he uses. CNBC Jeff bezos would CNBC Simply impossible. Even Bezos cannot afford a yearly cashflow of 5.7 billion dollars. CNBC “Jeff Bezos, the world's richest person, would owe $5.7 billion in 2020 under the Ultra-Millionaire tax. He still would have been left with a net worth of more than $185 billion after the tax,...”

CNBC Chump change. CNBC CNBC When is he cutting the check? CNBC Enough to erase homelessness & give 10K a month for a year in aid for every American. Instead we are worried about this CNBC Not enough CNBC That tax would pay the cost to educate his work force. Seems like a fair deal. CNBC Better question is what would Elon Musk owe? His private companies are taxpayer funded.

CNBC Good. Finally looking like someone's starting to figure out how to balance equations, instead of listening to lobbyists and accepting bribes/kickbacks, etc. CNBC Good. But perhaps you should be saying 'after paying the full amount of the proposed wealth tax, jeff bezos would still be the richest man on esrth, worth in excess of 200 billion dollars, more than the entire gdp over 50 countries

CNBC That's like chump change for the bastard. CNBC What you are saying is we will be collecting $5.7 bil for other countries under this proposal. Sanders is going to get a statue in Kenya. CNBC Not sure if you're going for the sympathy angle or what but if you are it ain't working CNBC Nice!!! That solves a lot of Americans problems.

CNBC Damnnnnnnnnnnnn son CNBC LOOOOOL!!!!!!! SHOULD HAVE THROWN SOME MORE ZEROS IN THERE AND MAKE IT A COOL TRILLION!!! OH WELL, COMMIES GOTTA COMMIE.... CNBC He can afford it. CNBC If he can’t afford paying his fair share, perhaps he should consider cutitng back on that avocado toast? CNBC Boohoo TheLibertyLamp CNBC Good. He should owe more.

TheLibertyLamp CNBC That so called tax is not even a speeding ticket for these parasitic thieves CNBC And thats a drop in the bucket for him!!!! CNBC And they would all get a raise for doing nothing!🤦🏽‍♂️ CNBC Tell him to accept Doge CNBC How many ultra-rich pay no or very little income taxes? Too damn many!

CNBC That seems low... CNBC No, he wouldn't... CNBC Good CNBC Ridiculous CNBC Let's go! 🤨 CNBC A wealth tax like this is so stupid. Nobody, exactly 0 people should pay taxes on unrealized gains Imagine you buy a painting at a garage sale for $90 You later find out that painting is worth millions and you get hit with a wealth tax You can’t afford the tax so what u do?

CNBC People don't seem to understand the compound interest that even his wealth after this tax makes in only moderate investment. Wealth accumulation of this magnitude is what buys governments behind the scenes. CNBC How would he survive?!!! CNBC I see nothing wrong with this.. he’d still have BILLIONS left and no one need worry he’d be in destitute 🙄

CNBC Sounds good and he’d never even miss it. CNBC MakeThemAllPay CNBC Just imagine how much more opportunities to college and university for young Americans could his taxes create..To combat the intellectual advance of China the fastest growing first world nation.... CNBC And? CNBC Good idea. The crazy rich much pay a tax hike.

CNBC And he would still be a billionaire. CNBC Greed is Rampant. CNBC That will be nice! CNBC He makes 13,700,000 an hour it would take him 17 days to make 5,700,000,000 CNBC He'd likely get a waiver if moving this into sectors to support his workforce. private_equity CNBC Sounds fair to me. CNBC Maybe if he would let his workers unionize they would be treated like human beings who could decide for themselves when they need to go to the bathroom. Or make them clock in and out. This isn’t rocket science

CNBC And that is just one person .What about the rest of the billionaires and trillionaires ? Imagine how better off the income frontline workers would be CNBC the smartest way (perhaps...) for a government to raise money by leaving everyone with a smile on their faces, both those who think they can retaliate on the rich and those who will spread a few cents of increased services they provide on millions of customers

CNBC It should cover the 15 dollar minimum wage of the entire low income citizens of the United States of America CNBC And he literally wouldn’t even feel it. CNBC Okay. CNBC CNBC Good. CNBC Wtf, how many zeroes are there CNBC Well, when you made over a trillion last year... P-nuts. CNBC Great idea, in the land of unicorns and leprechauns. Come back here to America, it's unconstitutional. Even if it were, you're going to tax an unrealized gain that may become a loss in the following year, that's a big refund.

CNBC That money could do some real good for HARD working people in America, CNBC JeffBezos pay your rightful $5000000000 US in Taxes Per year Thanks CNBC YES!!!! CNBC And your point is? CNBC Good luck with that. This is exactly why we get nothing from them. If we were to levy reasonable taxes, we might get something!

CNBC And? CNBC Good. CNBC Good! We need the money! CNBC I wonder if that is pocket change to one of the 2 wealthiest people in the nation? CNBC Complete nonsense. We tax income. Not assets. Idiots CNBC Now do Bloomberg. CNBC Paying Taxes verses what... Buying an island? Paying Taxes is better then Bezos buying more crap.

CNBC lol - The Caymans are calling CNBC Imagine how many people we could save with all that money and he still would be rich CNBC Thoughts and prayers...No clue how he'll survive with his other 200bil...not to mention he'll probably make half of it back in a month. CNBC And he wouldn’t even miss it.

CNBC That’s would be a great way to chip in the student loan debt fr fr CNBC That'll keep the country moving for 4 seconds. Imagine the utopia. CNBC OMG THAT'S SO UNFAIR!!! That would only leave him $105 billion. How's a guy supposed to live? CNBC Just taking money from people who already paid taxes on that money is wrong. Stop over spending the US tax payers money!!

CNBC Good CNBC That’s all? CNBC Ok seems fair CNBC We should tax billionaires at least 3% of their wealth, added to income tax. They stay filthy rich & add $102B to Fed tax, to lower taxes on the rest of us. Adding 0.5% for each added billion of wealth will grow tax to $1 Trillion. This is just and reduces aristocracy & classism

CNBC He makes most of his money on the stocks he owns and dividend it pays him ... people who usually complain about other peoples money, are the ones who never even give of their own . CNBC This guy Jeff Bezos is the grand theft robberies 666 human extinction criminal that stole my website that has many of his crimes from back in 1980 s in Argentina, South America, etc., that wipes out the such records from the media after...

CNBC Good! CNBC Sanders is pushing this country towards communism. Shame on him. CNBC Seems like a lot until you consider he regularly carries that much on him in cash. CNBC 👍 CNBC You make more, you pay more. That should be the logic. A 5 year old can follow that. But instead, let’s screw the middle class over the most like we aren’t already struggling. God forbid the government doesn’t tax us to death 80 different ways 🙄

CNBC At a certain point we should give multi-billionaires a token, exclusive to the select few that make it to such great heights, then tax the f out of the excess. The tokens would be so scarce that they would be extremely valuable in and of themselves. Also a great ego stroke. CNBC And that tax would not change his life at all

CNBC Good! Go get them!! CNBC Ok CNBC If you hate how rich he is, you could stop using Amazon CNBC Good!! Small people like us are paying huge taxes!!! I hope it would pay for schools, roads, bridges and other government stuff CNBC Time to pay your fair share of taxes bald man. 👊🏾🇺🇸 CNBC Watch him just close amazon. Lol

RevJohnboy CNBC Should be mandatory. No one person needs this kind of money. At this point it’s gotta be about power. CNBC Good. CNBC People don’t understand if you take away the incentives then there’s no need to work hard, or invest more or explore the space... CNBC Wouldn’t be fun to see a multi billionaire say fuck you, shut his business down and fire everyone? Just saying. Because I would.

CNBC He can afford it CNBC A lot of people in the replies seem to think Bezos owes them something more than the greatest online shopping and delivery service in human history. But sure, let’s kick the golden goose a few more times and just pray it doesn’t fly away! CNBC Well I don’t think that’s unreasonable considering he makes like $75 Billion a year on the stock market. Any argument against making him pay $5 Billion a year in taxes is an argument he paid to start.

CNBC Why is the corporate media constantly trying to shock us with these headlines. The proposed tax is a 2% tax. CNBC What would Bloomberg, Clintons, Trump, Pelosi, and others with billions or hundreds of millions owe? Would be interesting to see a long list of people. CNBC Good. Because if $5.7 billion is only 2% of his annual earnings — he *should* be paying that much. Dude treats his workers like shit.

CNBC Taxation is theft CNBC A minuscule CNBC Sounds about right! Vallmeister CNBC Cool, he can afford it. CNBC Good CNBC Ummm... please report what his taxes are before the “Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act” so we know really just how much more he is being taxed with the “”Ultra-Millionaire Tax Act”... terrible/misleading headline...

CNBC Love to break everyone's bubble, but this unconstitutional. CNBC minh nam nay la sinh vien nam dau cua truong cao dang du lich , nay minh muon tim nha tro hoac o ghep cung duoc , neu ai co the giup minh thi pm cho minh nhe nik yh la maiyeu_minhem_19xx CNBC I’m sure Trump would love that! CNBC That’s why Sanders will never be considered a serious contender. Those guys control politicians and politics, their belief systems...

CNBC CNBC The take away here that everyone is missing: Jeff has 5.7bil to spare without breaking a sweat. CNBC Jeff bezos would move to Canada CNBC He can afford it CNBC Free enterprise exchange or free commodity order CNBC You better.....what are you waiting for? Let's get the votes CNBC good. CNBC So he would owe a tax greater than the zero he pays now?

CNBC So 1/20th of his income, unlike the working class that pays 1/3rd? Double his tax load, minimum CNBC Gee, if everyone paid their taxes like they are supposed to, along with massive spending cuts, the country wouldn't have trillion dollar deficits would it? CNBC Feels like this headline is missing an important detail that is captured in the “key points”

CNBC Wouldn’t change his lifestyle at all. CNBC Perhaps Jeff Bezos could end the need for people having to use GoFundMe to cover basic medical costs? StretchGoals