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Kayleigh McEnany Joins Fox News as Commentator

The former White House press secretary is among the most prominent veterans of the Trump administration to be hired by the cable network.

3/3/2021 7:30:00 AM

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany is joining Fox News, bringing one of the Trump administration’s most prominent figures to the cable channel

The former White House press secretary is among the most prominent veterans of the Trump administration to be hired by the cable network.

share common ownership.It isn’t uncommon for White House veterans to look for opportunities in cable news. Fox News Media said last month that Larry Kudlow, who was director of Mr. Trump’s National Economic Council, would be an analyst for the news division and host his own weekday program on Fox Business Network. Mr. Kudlow was previously a host on CNBC.

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There were a number of staff moves between the White House and Fox Corp. during the Trump administration, with White House officials frequently taking jobs at the company and vice versa.Hope Hicks, a former White House aide, joined Fox Corp. in 2018 as chief communications officer before returning to the White House. Bill Shine, a former high-ranking executive at Fox News, left the network in 2017 and joined the White House in 2018. Raj Shah, a former White House spokesman, joined Fox Corp. in 2019.

Several White House spokespeople have attempted careers in media after leaving their lectern in the briefing room behind. George Stephanopoulos was a spokesman for former President Bill Clinton before becoming a political analyst forWalt DisneyCo.’s ABC News. Ari Fleischer, who served as White House press secretary for former President George W. Bush, is a contributor to Fox News. Current White House press secretary Jen Psaki, a former Obama administration staffer, was a commentator for CNN before joining the Biden transition team.

Ms. McEnany’s appointment has been in the works for some time. In a filing with the Office of Government Ethics earlier this year, Ms. McEnany listed an employment agreement with Fox News and a start date of sometime in January. She signed the disclosure form electronically on Jan. 12.

When her disclosure was posted online that month, Fox News said she wasn’t an employee or contributor at the network. At the time, a person familiar with the matter said employment talks between Ms. McEnany and Fox News had begun after the presidential election but were put on pause.

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Surprise surprise...!! Like a bile spewing moth drawn to a truth burning flame. 'Prominent' lol. Thats best she was the court jester who wore clown makeup Such a shock. Said No One Ever. Prominent? Wall Street Journal, what happened to you? I love this lady. She is a christian. I loved that she wore a cross. People hate her because they hate us christians. Jesus said deny me on earth and I will deny you in heaven. In other words. Go to hell.

She is very qualified to continue LYING JUST LIKE TRUMP 🤢🤮 David Wallace has to be pulling his hair out! Thanks well deserved every time she talks it's like seeing diarrhea coming from her mouth As is Fox News wasn’t already a joke. Now it’ll be a circus act. Another Goebbels with a pretty face. Faux News one upped the Nazis in propaganda techniques.

Such hateful people on this thread. Replies are full of stunning and brave NPCs. well, at least she is not on CNN! Trash She was so good at lying to the American people it was a wrap. Count down to her harassment lawsuit. What else you can expect for a network like fox just more stupidity . 🤮 Sad, sad day. Lies goes on and on

That's what Fox 'News' needs--another interchangeable blonde spouting lies. Oh, goody. Some people never happy all these haters...congrats dear She needs money to pay for her house maids! What else? Oh yes, she probably didn't a book contract. Looking forward to all of the disinformation. Only place for her what you aspect.

Shocking boooooo But of course!!! She would be a sexual attraction! No smarts at all but looks good She’ll fit in perfectly with all the other liars on Fox. Awesome! Great pick up for Fox. Blonde Barbie fits right in!! Ok. That was predictable. I think she'll do well... She's got a job at Fake News, given to her for her performance as the press secretary of the 'former guy', BC nobody else would employ her.

I might want to watch once but with her all you get is reruns. She has really let her self go too. Faux news doubling down on the lies by hiring kayleighmcenany, one of the worst press secretaries we have had. And thats comparing her to our other favorite scumbags, seanspicer and SarahHuckabee Shocking!

They mean one of Trump administration's most prominent liars ... Prominent Really lol !! A total LIER just Fake Fox News Surprised she didn’t end up at OANN or NewsMax where lying is honored 24/7. And changing the channel is a breeze, Thank goodness I never HAVE to watch her again in life! bn Oh no! Hahaha. Don't watch FOX and don't intend to. I can only listen to so many lies before I throw something at the tv. Too expensive.

Wasn't she already employed by Fox? Another reason not to watch. Well that's a suprise Did she actually meet the minimum IQ required for the job? No surprise there. It seems like that there is more money to be made from subscribing to extremist views than just straight fact news! Lawmakers are understanding this and they are not concerned about loosing their job because they may make more money in other places with their extreme opinions!

🤮🤮🤮 Is anyone surprised? I mean it was either here, Newsmax or OAN. They really don’t want any credibility This is great news cause I never watch Fox Ugh It’s wonderful that we can choose our news sources for truth. What an asset she is...NOT Awesome Cancel Kayleigh. I thought she was already working for FOX News

“stupid is as stupid does” Shocking! Where did that come from? The Liar‘s Club. The lyrical Liar joins the racist network!! White class combo!!👌🏾👏🏾 this is boring boring boring Makes sense, she blonde and gorgeous. Yeah, I love her! She’s smart, her enthusiasm and energy is something FOX needs. Fox News, Liars

Mong tìm được người bạn trai có thể nhìn mình, hiểu mình thông qua tính cách, cách sống của mình chứ không nhìn qua lớp vỏ bề ngoài, chân thật và hiểu nhau , thế thôi là đủ ^^ Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... what took so long This is really all she can do. I mean, what else could this pathological lair possibly do?

Fox News only has commentary, they are the voice of fake news, just ask Shepard Smith. She was a mouthpiece for Fox when she was the “Press Sec,” so now it’s just official, I guess. Fox News = traitors Perfect fit for Fox’s long troubled 7pm slot, warm up for the onslaught of disinformation to follow Another clown for the Comedy Channel

Shocker Thankful I don’t watch that station I m glad I don’t have to hear her anymore The stench of Fox News just became a little worse. Spoiler alert - she never left. Sad Cool , now she doesn't have to pretend to tell the truth stupid She’s perfectly qualified for this job. “Bringing one of the most prominent liars and mouthpiece of misinformation to the cable news channel” Fox News: “She lies like a pro with a straight face. She’s hired!”

Most prominent liars, there, I fixed it for you. You mean their BIGGLIEST LIAR!!!!!!! I think she has a good shot of getting an oscar this year...adapted screenplay or something... They want ratings and they feel she will deliver them. Get ready for lots of BS! Well who else. The misinformation rhetoric and sharp rebukes as press sec makes her perfectly suitable. All talk, little compassion and understanding of the dangers facing humanity and you have the Fox mold of commentators.

Not another fake bitch please ! Of course Fox News just needs more liars on it’s list of liars. When only qualification needed lie with a smile on your face and 'news' channel bit of a stretch. Show of hands, who is surprised?.... Amazing she has the nerve to show her face in public after debasing herself so in the White House.

She fits right in with the gaslighting liars Way to go Fox News. Sending a message about Trumpism after its festival of lies and sedition. You’re all in! Of course she is 🙄 Eeewwwwww Just in - Fox News hires chief lie spinner from former best known domestic terrorist’s staff. Requests Kool-Aid as preferred beverage for Fox News.

“She’s OFFICIALLY joining Fox News.” Fixed it for ya. Honestly, where else can she find a job? No credible news organization would take someone who proudly used alternative facts as a disinformation tactic to their viewers. Since Fox is an entertainment company, she fits in perfectly She should have been on Fake News in the first place.

Qualification for the job: can do 5 lies every breath she takes! of course where else would she go? Welcome to bitch group Yet another reason to avoid Faux News. New liar for a fake news outlet spewing lies. The FCC should shutdown white racist news outlets that foment insurrection. Wonderd where she would end up 🤣

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Good news. Aside from AOC and the other loud mouth 'wokes' lets pinpoint the whos that are behind ridiculous new multi-gender rules in public ed and elsewhere. Who is behind washing young minds into believing there are only them and their? This is K-8 policy folks! Oh, surprise, surprise. 🙄 A PROFESSIONAL LIAR 🤥 JOINS PATHOLOGICAL LIARS!

Perfect fit for a network that doesn’t value integrity. Sexually harassed and settlement in 3, 2, 1.... Strange, she doesn’t really look the part. Will she be hosting a prime time spot? seditionhour with kayleighmcenany Are sleeves part of the deal? Good means I will never see her again Prolific liar joining king of insurrectionist cable channel?

FoxNews is a FOcking JOKE!!! propaganda to propaganda pipeline only thing she's qualified for are die hard liberals...what’s the issue? Creepy FoxNews She was not prominent!!she is a kiss ass!!! This took longer than I expected. One more reason not to watch Fox News on a new low. You’re calling this language a prominent figure? She’s a loser to the max. A racist a filthy disgusting liar and traitor.

WoW what kind of employer give this thing a job..... after lies and be part of an insurrection I'm SHOCKED a blonde Trump bimbo landed at Fox. Of course she will still have to 'go the extra mile' to get that primitive spot. Of course she will. Just more faux. Whoa! Didn't see that coming! She'll be a popular member of Fox. Espousing the same lies like the best of them.

Big fucking surprise. Show biz and politics, it’s the same thing nowadays. She spent half her time at Fox News anyways .. More ratings failures ahead. Disgusting one more reason to watch FoxNews Well duh, who else would get a chance to hire a liar of her caliber. I mean only FoxNews could afford her. OANN and Newsmax have to settle for the less qualified liars and just make up their own material to save money.

you misspelled 'liars' Yay! miss her already I bet Trumpers don’t recall when McEnany went on record saying: “One of the things [about Joe Biden] he is remarkable at is really kind of being a man of the people and resonating with middle class voters.” - NY 2015. Great for Fox news another liar for that network in where 24/7 the misinformation and conspiracy theories is the big news and is the perfect place in where this woman belongs. 🤥👎👎🤥🤮🤦‍♀️

KKK goes to the KKK Show. Brilliant. LMAO.😂😂😂 Propaganda Barbie lands on her feet 🙄😖🤬🤬🤬🤮 She’s a hot lier = qualified to work on Fox. This is the very definition of white privilege, as they whine and complain about DrSeussDay being cancelled. This is my shocked face 😶 Noooooo- don’t do it PressSec45

She’s perfect for Fox News. Lies with 100% conviction and ok with shouting people down. Figures, nobody with integrity and real journalism qualification requirements would take the lying bullshit Barbie. Liar hired by QAnon network. Once a liar always a liar. So goes Fox News. Liar joining other liars. Okay. Whatever... fox is not news.

Let's hope Kayleigh sticks with that fresh new post-January 6th look, inspired by the Murderous Trump Mob! And remember, kids: underneath every thin veneer of Trump spray-on makeup, the truth may be little bit uglier, but at least it's a whole lot more real. The worst with the worst liaers Perfect fit for their ground level of truth and veracity

Ban the thought. Well at least kayleighmcenany didn’t have to change job responsibilities post 45: Lie and spread pro-Trump propaganda through FoxNews foxnation foxandfriends TuckerCarlson seanhannity IngrahamAngle JudgeJeanine. Wingnut welfare. They deserve each other, she'll 'fit' right in... Well she will feel right at home! With the quacks!

Liars like themselves Pathetic. Surprise, surprise😉😉🥱🥱 Lol 😂😅😂 no one else would hire a compulsive pathological liar 🤥 Most prominent figure 🤣. The girl is lying moron! Shane on Harvard law to be accepting people like her! lmao her term as pres sec was just an audition for fox news All Heil Barbie Goebbels

マケナニーさんがFOXと契約したみたいです。あの鋭い舌鋒がFOXでも聞けるかな Ofcourse, where else! She literally said COVID19 won’t end up in US! Now 500,000 Americans are dead! Wow wsj lost all the creditably Ok, America has really changed. I am surprised it took this long. pretty soon FoxNews will be called 'Trump losers news', thats probably the 1st place the trump admin. puts in an application for a job

But of course she is... You misspelled “most flagrant liars.” Sad FOX news had to dumpster dive for new workers. 🤣🤣🤣 She went to Harvard! fox is fond of pathological liars. takes one to know one. it's funny that they seek professional with this particular mental disorder to fit their strategy. Oh good....

Consider me shocked I called that one🤢 cant imagine she could work many other places Who? Garbage often end up in the garbage bin. 🤮 liar. Ugh. Her again. Hasn’t she worked there for the last couple of years? I did my research and I must confess, no one handles business like you do sir gigsfrid it my privilege to work with you.