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Samuel Adams Has Dedicated $64 Million To Helping American Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

Samuel Adams Has Dedicated $64 Million To Helping American Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

9/21/2021 2:23:00 AM

Samuel Adams Has Dedicated $64 Million To Helping American Entrepreneurs Achieve Success

As more Americans take the plunge into entrepreneurship, Samuel Adam’s philanthropic program Brewing the American Dream ( BTAD ) is here to help. It gives loans, advice, mentorship, and a community to small business owners. Here are 6 female food & beverage entrepreneurs who have benefitted from BTAD .

Top Shelf CookiesTop Shelf Cookiesoffers a broad selection of unique cookies using high quality, often unexpected ingredients.“I never set out to be a baker, but I have always loved making and eating cookies,” says founder and owner Heather Yunger. “I had a crazy superstition that if I brought my Black & Gold cookies to the bar before every Boston Bruins home game, they would win. When the Bruins won the Stanley Cup at the end of the season and my cookies had been a huge hit, I decided maybe I should make a go of it.”

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Yunger says that she got encouragement from Brewing the American Dream since Top Shelf Cookies was just an idea. One of the regulars at her favorite pregame bar was none other than BTAD Director Jennifer Glanville herself. Yunger has received four loans through the program’s financing partner, Accion. She also feels that the “real life business advice is gold.” 

 Isis Arrieta-Dennis is the Founder & Owner of The Arepa Place.The Arepa Place4.    Isis Arrieta-Dennis, Founder & Owner, The Arepa PlaceTheArepa Placeoperates a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Cincinnati, OH that specializes in a Colombian and Venezuelan dish known as arepas. Founder and Owner Isis Arrieta-Dennis is originally from Colombia. As an immigrant, she enjoys sharing her culture through food.

The funds Arrieta-Dennis received from Brewing the American Dream went towards purchasing an expensive skillet. In addition to the financial assistance provided, she says, BTAD has proven “a great source of both motivation and confidence right before opening my restaurant, and some really good publicity! Also, it connected me with local entrepreneurs and community members, which has been very helpful.”

Kate Russell and Joey Medeiros are the Co-Owners of Hopkinsville Brewing Company.Hopkinsville Brewing Co.5.     Read more: ForbesWomen »

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