Portland mayor decries hate ahead of expected demonstrations

Residents and leaders in Portland are bracing for what could be violent clashes over the weekend.


Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was joined by dozens of local groups on Wednesday to send a message ahead of expected demonstrations in the city this weekend: 'violence and hate have no place here.'

Residents and leaders in Portland are bracing for what could be violent clashes over the weekend.

Portland police have said they attempted to make contact with the event organizers, but it is unclear if they were successful.

The police have also released a map showing that there are a number of peaceful events planned for Portland on Saturday - including the Portland Hot Sauce Expo, an adult soapbox derby and the Oregon Bigfoot Festival - in addition to the alleged protests in the center of the city.

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That’s a joke, right? Portland doesn’t care if violence and hate is done to anyone on the right or someone would have been arrested for the attack on Andy Ngo by now. Even when they have video and a group of people taking responsibility for it. Except for Antifa, Portland loves them some Antifa Hahaha that’s pretty rich coming from a guy that protects antifa with his police force

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mayor Wheeler moonlights as Antifa. Wink Wink Ngo will show up again and claim he was assaulted by a milkshake. Then conservative news outlets will cry foul for days. Just filth and anarchy. Got it. People coming to a place that strongly disagrees with its agenda is not a peaceable assembly. If you go looking for trouble, the authorities are empowered to prevent it.

Unless they are practiced by those on the left against conservatives and this president. Then this mayor and others like him in his party and in the news media. Don't have a problem with it !

Portland leaders send unified message ahead of Proud Boys rally: Stay homePortland officials to far-right activists and anti-fascist supporters who plan to protest in the city this weekend: Anyone 'using the guise of free speech to commit acts of violence' is not welcome in the city. How is this happening in 2019? Oh, I remember now. lol Lol....the city is run by antifascumbags

What he saying is violence has a place here in the form of antifa and if you come here you're not welcome That settles it. He's in favor of love and peace Portland is a shithole. I hope the police stay safe. Why doesn't he ever tell that to antifa any other weekend? Actually they don’t really care Portland has been a hot bed for white supremacy some Oregon became a thing.

Send in the national guard asap Wow wheeler condemned Antifa. Good for him.

Maarquii's 'Full Outfit' Is Queer, Black, and Sexually Liberated​The nonbinary Portland rapper premieres their latest video.

ABC News @ABCHAPPENING NOW: Protesters gather inside Hong Kong airport as anti-government demonstrations continue. this is a really smart tactic on their part Let freedom ring Donald Trump is arriving. Everyone PROTEST!!! LOL!!!

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Bullock accuses Steyer of buying his way onto Democratic debate stageGov. Bullock accuses fellow Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager and liberal megadonor, of buying his way into the third presidential debate. Independents for Trump... 2020!! So. He has some good points and deserves a chance to be heard. And if he has to spend his own money to try and help the people. More power to him. Let’s hear what he has to say he’s putting his money where his mouth is. More than what 45 has ever done LOL LOL LOL

Female protester punched in the stomach by Russian police in viral video diagnosed with brain injuryThe footage has sparked anger among many, who have accused authorities of using excessive force in breaking up a demonstration in Moscow. In France female protesters get beaten up every week. This soft police treatment looks compared to that like a walk in the park. She should be happy with Russian police, French police aren't that soft. gilletjaunes

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