Portland leaders send unified message ahead of Proud Boys rally: Stay home

'We don't want you here. We never wanted you here. If you come, we will expose you to the light of day,' said one Portland, Oregon, official.


Portland officials to far-right activists and anti-fascist supporters who plan to protest in the city this weekend: Anyone 'using the guise of free speech to commit acts of violence' is not welcome in the city.

'We don't want you here. We never wanted you here. If you come, we will expose you to the light of day,' said one Portland, Oregon, official.

Police have seemed overwhelmed by the cultural forces at war in their streets.

, masked antifa members beat up a conservative blogger named Andy Ngo. Video of the 30-second attack grabbed national attention and further turned the focus on Portland as a new battleground in a divisive America.

Republican Sens. Ted Cruz, of Texas, and Bill Cassidy, of Louisiana, introduced a congressional resolution calling for anti-fascists to be declared domestic terrorists, and Trump echoed that theme in a tweet last month.

City officials hoping for relative calm must also contend with antifa, whose members have issued an online call to their followers to turn out to"defend Portland from a far-Right attack."

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Portland has long been lost to the fascist ANTIFA, the military arm of the DNC. I miss the days when Nazis were the far enemy. Sounds like they’ve already made up their minds regarding the Proud Boys Portland, don’t give an inch! New Rule: Every pair of PB's and AF's you arrest must be put together in the same cell or transport.

Lol....the city is run by antifascumbags lol How is this happening in 2019? Oh, I remember now.

Portland, Oregon, braces for far-right rally, counterprotestPortland police mobilizing to prevent clashes between out-of-state far-right groups planning rally and homegrown anti-fascists who oppose them. Anything to stir up fucks and fights I ♥homegrown anti-fascists. 'far right groups' = those wicked white folks who believe in border security. 'anti-fascists' = the communist mixed multitude seeking to remake America into a tower of Babel.

Border Patrol Agent Who Hit Migrant With Truck Pleads GuiltyMatthew Bowen, who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge, had sent a text message referring to immigrants as “subhuman” and “murdering savages,” according to court documents. Finally some Justice!!! Welcome to trump's America. Illegal alien. Say it with me. Illegal alien.

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