Pete Buttigieg says he’s the only candidate to have beaten Bernie Sanders so far

On Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg says 'I am the only candidate who has beaten him at anything so far in the voting that has gone on this year.'


'I am the only candidate who has beaten [Sen. Sanders] at anything so far in the voting that has gone on this year,' Pete Buttigieg tells HardballChris.

On Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg says 'I am the only candidate who has beaten him at anything so far in the voting that has gone on this year.'

On Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg says "I am the only candidate who has beaten him at anything so far in the voting that has gone on this year."

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HardballChris Storytelling 101 HardballChris No he hasnt HardballChris Did anyone point out to him that there have only been 1 caucus (which was truly fcked up) and a primary that is not even remotely close to to indicative of the Democratic party HardballChris give it up pete your not the Bernie is.

HardballChris That’s not all he Beats!! LMFAO Old Peter Puffer !! HardballChris He helped pay for the app that counted the votes. He's as worthless as the corrupt DNC. HardballChris He literally has not won anything HardballChris Pete LOSES to Trump. Bernie -- in poll after poll -- is only candidate that beats Trump. Facts --

HardballChris The rat-faced weasel lost Iowa. HardballChris Pete Buttigieg lost Iowa by 6,000 votes... HardballChris Fewer votes, a rigged 'weighted' grade lol

Pete Buttigieg campaigns at USC, warning against nominating Bloomberg or SandersPete Buttigieg campaigns in Los Angeles, warning Democrats that either Michael R. Bloomberg or Bernie Sanders would be a 'very, very tough sell' to voters in November. He should drop out and endorse ewarren. WallStreetPete for the 1%. Platitude flip flop Pete is not so honest. Pete your arrogance is awful. You are nothing new nor refreshing. You lie

HardballChris Actually in terms of votes cast, you know, the universal measure of democracy, Bernie Sanders has lost to no one this year....tonight will prove your candidacy’s futility. Thanks for playing Pete, now back into the charging booth, your batteries are zapped. HardballChris Pete lost Iowa.

HardballChris But when is he building Ice Town? HardballChris Mayor Cheat Rattyrat says what? HardballChris Pete is wrong. HardballChris Lol no you haven’t HardballChris ^ Dude. Petey boy. Mayor 'There Are Good People On Both Sides.'.... You LOST both Iowa and New Hampshire. Bernie destroyed you in the popular vote, and that's what counts.

HardballChris Nobody likes this twerp HardballChris Pete didn’t win anything. Bernie won by 6000 votes. The Iowa Democratic Partty played with the system and handed Pete a narrative to exploit and the media ran with it. Gtfo. HardballChris Welcome to nevada mayo cheat

Pete Buttigieg: Bloomberg not what Dems believe in, opposed Obama and increases to minimum wage'Mike Bloomberg is politically nothing like Donald Trump, but he's also not like what most Democrats believe in,' Pete Buttigieg says. 'Somebody who opposed Barack Obama, somebody who opposed increases to the minimum wage.' Right. Why didn’t Republican Bloomberg run as a Republican? For that matter, why didn’t Independent Socialist Bernie Sanders run as an Independent Socialist? Ernest high school student vomits word salad

HardballChris Go away... HardballChris My friends, the central committtee of the USSR would have killed to have had the MSNBC propaganda machine. HardballChris HardballChris AHHHAHAHAAHAHAHAAAAAAHHHAAAHHHAHAHAHA- HardballChris sweaty, desperate, and untrue HardballChris Well it seems the city you were mayor of don't have anything good to say about you


Pete Buttigieg, In ‘Ellen Show’ Appearance, Again Responds To Rush LimbaughPete Buttigieg is in Los Angeles today for campaign events and an evening fundraiser at the home of Seth MacFarlane, but he also squeezed in time for a guest spot on The Ellen Show. Host Ellen DeGe… I don't personally like buttigieg, but even giving those other immoral pieces of crap any attention is the greatest tragedy.

HardballChris In his dreams maybe. He had to cheat in Iowa to 'win.' He lied about having black supporters, then was exposed as a liar. Of course, this is , the Fox News for Neoliberals, so it's not like we will get any factual info here. Presstitutes Propaganda sneakypete neverpete HardballChris Calm down BUTT Edge Edge. When you tell me God has changed his morals and falling in love with homosexuals and think they're the most important part of society Your credibility is less than 0. But you got your own issues you'll have to settle with God. It's going to get 🔥 🔥🔥

HardballChris Not according to the vote count he hasn't beaten Sanders. HardballChris Refresh my memory about the Iowa caucus. Did that go smoothly? I mean, with all the blatant shenanigans, Bernie still won by 6,000 votes. What happened there anyway? Could it be the Russians that rigged the Iowa caucuses to help Pete not lose as badly as he should have?

HardballChris PeteCheats HardballChris Pete has beaten nothing. In Iowa we are still examining the wreckage of our Caucus that Pete is directly implicated in. We won't overlook his campaigns connection to Shadow Inc and the state party chair. Accountability is inevitable. HardballChris The only thing your beating is your meat . Your a puppet for the corrupted billionaires nothing more nothing less .

HardballChris Liar, liar pants on fire. HardballChris All that tells anyone is the dem machine works, which is what he exemplifies. HardballChris You might want to hold off, Pete, until after the recount that your little misadventure has caused.

Pete Buttigieg Working to 'Elevate' Diverse Voices Amid Lack of Support From Minority Voters'I think the next best thing is to show up, to listen, to learn and to elevate those voices,' the Democratic presidential candidate and former South Bend, Indiana, mayor said on Friday's 'Ellen' after acknowledging that he will never have the same experiences as black men and women.

HardballChris Pete’s right. He’s winning... and everyone else has 1/3 the delegates. Not even close. If we want a moderate - Pete’s the one who can do it! HardballChris No one should be proud of winning clusterfuck Iowa. It’s like Bush saying he beat Gore in Florida. Come on man! HardballChris fire jason johnson

HardballChris Iowa? Really? Wasn't that in the rearview mirror of the Campaign bus weeks ago? HardballChris You didn’t “beat” Senator Sanders hun. You paid a faulty app and lost anyway. I think that the Senator had double digits over you. HardballChris I wouldn't exactly say 1 caucus and 1 primary is a whole lot to bank on.

HardballChris At least u r not 😝 HardballChris By, what...half a person, Pete? HardballChris I am the only gay in the Town ( Little Britain) Vote for me. HardballChris Hey Mayor Pete, it was ONE caucus, just one. You aren’t even close Vegas TrumpRallyLasVegas

Pete Buttigieg praises Denmark as best place to live the American Dream during debate'We're not even in the top ten,' former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg said. But he doesn't want policies as progressive as Denmark's....whatever. Sanders is the only one with policies anywhere near resembling the Social Democracy European countries enjoy. That is correct, Pete....but most Trump voters have never been out of their backward county, so how would they know? Not to mention, most couldn't find Denmark, or Sweden or even Canada on a map! America is way down the list of best places to live.

HardballChris you need to learn how to politically brag sir HardballChris Ha not quite. HardballChris setup HardballChris Vote HardballChris Just so creepy. CreepyPete HardballChris But how many more primaries are taking place in nearly all-white states using your friend's app? HardballChris Pete doesn’t know how to count

HardballChris No Butt in the whitehouse HardballChris Except you didn't. HardballChris Ok Opie

George Zimmerman is suing Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg over Trayvon Martin birthday tweetsGeorge Zimmerman, who in 2013 was acquitted after being charged with murder for his fatal shooting of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin, has filed a lawsuit against two Democratic presidential candidates seeking $265 million in damages. The complaint, reported Wednesday, accuses Sen. Elizabeth Warren Dude is a freaking parasite. Can’t blame the guy. Especially for Butt Giging’s tweet. Actually, I wanna sue him for his tweet. Their support for thugs and illegals will not help their bid for presidency.

HardballChris Has he though? HardballChris Warren and Buttigieg. HardballChris Buttigieg is going to disappear faster than New Coke after the Super Tuesday primaries. HardballChris If Pete is the nominee, will it help the gay community or make them targets of mean Trump supporters? I fear the latter.

HardballChris HardballChris Lol, Debatable if he beat Bernie in IA. But Bernie since has surged big, raised a huge chunk of money, whilst Pete hasn’t moved at all and is broke. Bernie clearly is the winner, also head to head matchups, Bernie destroys bootyjudge HardballChris He should keep personallife to himself lol

HardballChris HardballChris Pete, the Christians, Catholics and Muslims will not vote for you and you would lose the election. HardballChris Something tells me Peter is pretty good at beating

HardballChris When he stops lecturing other mayors on the rampant racist police departments he lets run unchecked and fixes his OWN police department I'll listen to what he has to say.... He can start by firing the known racist cops and stop promoting them. How about that.... HardballChris No you did not. Lost by 6000 votes. amyklobuchar is right, if you were not a boy, you would not smell the Democratic debate stage with such credentials.

HardballChris And soon you will be watching the debates on T.V. HardballChris Homeboy gonna just lie like everyone didn't see vote totals? HardballChris FireJasonJohnson

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