Elizabeth Warren lays out differences from Bernie Sanders

Elizabeth Warren has made a pointed attempt to differentiate herself from her progressive competitor Bernie Sanders.


'Many people have thought that she's just trying to replace Bernie in the race, but what she's clearly trying to do ... [is] trying to be the alternative to Bernie right now.' - Gabe Debenedetti on Sen. Warren.

Elizabeth Warren has made a pointed attempt to differentiate herself from her progressive competitor Bernie Sanders.

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She was and is the only true democratic comprimise within the party. Its a shame the centrists are wasting the opportunity she’s giving them Why does her campaign have to be about Bernie. Maybe she's just trying to be Elizabeth Warren. And she's doing a damn good job at it too. She is a million times better!

Many people are looking for a alternative to Bernie Sanders because they don't think he can be elected. Let's remember we thought the same about Donald Trump in 2016. President Trump, Putin, and the Republicans should be careful what they ask for. She’s so much better than Bernie No, she's trying to replace Bernie. It's not working.

2016 Russian influence op: help realDonaldTrump directly, it worked! 20/20 Russian influence op: help BernieSanders to divide Democrats, help realDonaldTrump indirectly! Will it work? It is up to us!! We can’t say we’ve never been told, this one will be totally on us!! Elizabeth:

Elizabeth Warren neck-and-neck with Bernie Sanders in her home state of Massachusetts, poll findsSen. Bernie Sanders has a slim lead over Sen. Elizabeth Warren in her home state of Massachusetts, a new poll found. Two great choices!

Poll: Elizabeth Warren neck-and-neck with Sanders in MassachusettsHer home state is Oklahoma Does it really matter? It’s a GUARANTEED Trump2020Landslide The face of Bernie supporters

John Legend to campaign for Elizabeth Warren in South CarolinaMusician John Legend will campaign for Sen. Elizabeth Warren in South Carolina next week, appearing in at least two events for the Massachusetts Democrat in Orangeburg and Charleston on Wednesday. He is also expected to perform, according to a Warren aide. We all love John Legend ❤️ Romeystyle okurrrrr Carry go.

Elizabeth Warren appears to drop opposition to unlimited-money group backing her campaignDemocratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren on Thursday declined to disavow... Bad headline. They are spending on her behalf. She isn’t taking it. They’re doing it on their own free will. Good lady , support her poease and push her to presidency 💪🏼

Elizabeth Warren opens CNN Town Hall by reading a proposed contract freeing women from Bloomberg's NDAs'I thought I would make this easy,' said Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren at a CNN Town Hall Thursday before she read from a release form she wrote that would free people from nondisclosure agreements they signed with former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Did mini pull his wee wee out? Shouldn't a woman running for president understand the limits of the power of that office?

American Federation of Teachers urges members to support Biden, Sanders, WarrenThe move was a pointed rebuke of former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Boomers for Bloomberg! How’s that a rebuke? He is pro charter, never had a prayer of getting any national teacher union endorsements. teachers are not screwing around with their students' futures

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