Opinion | Trump is out of excuses

Trump's people have no answers to explain his lapses.

6/30/2020 1:12:00 PM

Opinion: Trump's people have no answers to explain his lapses

Trump's people have no answers to explain his lapses.

HOST CHUCK TODD:Mr. Secretary, multiple times with me in our seven minutes so far that we’ve talked you’ve brought up masks, you’ve brought up social distancing. But without the president of the United States doing this, how is half the country going to listen? Have you directly asked the president to please ask the country to wear a mask?

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AZAR: So I’m the president’s secretary of health. I’m telling you, practice social distancing. Where you can’t appropriately social distance, we encourage you to wear a facial covering. The vice president of the United States on Friday stood on stage, walked up on stage wearing a mask even though he doesn’t need to in the sense that everybody around him is tested, he’s in a bubble. The president, we know, is a very unique circumstance as leader of the free world. He’s tested constantly and those around him are tested constantly and they’re kept at a distance even with that. But we’re all saying this. The president’s guidelines for reopening, the president’s guidelines, his guidelines have said from day one, practice social distancing. If you can’t, wear face coverings. Practice appropriate personal hygiene. And always please consider your individual circumstances and those of your household members. Protect the most vulnerable, those over 80, those over 65 with three or more of the serious comorbid conditions. These are the people we have to ring-fence and protect right now.

TODD: It’s a do — but what you just articulated, Mr. Secretary, is a ‘do as I say, not as I do.' The president of the United States holding indoor rallies, twice in the last 10 days. Once in a state that is seeing a potential of an out-of-control spread in Arizona. He doesn’t talk about wearing a mask. And you avoided my question about whether you’ve asked the president to at least ask the country to wear a mask. Just because you put guidelines under his name, when he doesn’t do it, his people don’t listen.

AZAR: Well, Chuck, I’m not going to talk about politics.It is distressing to say the least that Azar thinks the president refusing to set an example regarding the worst domestic crisis in a century is simply “politics.” Todd never got his answer because there is no excuse for Trump’s cavalier conduct, which is mimicked by his base.

The administration’sindicating Russia was paying bounties to militants to kill Americans is yet another issue on which there is no good answer. If Trump was not told, his advisers are utterly incompetent and should never have been appointed. If hewashas denied

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How can anyone have an opinion on this? At what point do lapses just become behavior? Donald Trump probably have Alzheimer’s disease because his father died from it. Whataboutism defined. Early dementia setting in, but still could stand trial for his high crimes and treasonous acts. Fake news Fake news at it’s best. You are missing the greatest story ever told. Joe Biden’s memory loss is serious and there’s no cure. Explain that?

Biden’s people are wondering when his last lobotomy was performed... I do. Trump is a loon. You mean Biden's lapses

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