Opinion | Why the CFPB’s loss at the Supreme Court is really a win

The CFPB is here to stay.

6/30/2020 1:23:00 PM

Opinion: Why the CFPB’s loss at the Supreme Court is really a win

The CFPB is here to stay.

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Opinion: Why Roberts stuck with precedent in the abortion caseOpinion: Why Roberts stuck with precedent in the abortion case (via latimesopinion) opinion SCOTUS has also now become a willing tool of American foreign policy by ruling that NGO's receiving funds for HIV-AIDS funding can be forced to comply with American policy on Israel. SCOTUS has become just another Zionist expansionist mouthpiece opinion Baby lives matter!!!! 👶 opinion Because sometimes traditionalism and institutionalism work.

Op-Ed: Data undeniably show why the Supreme Court's June Medical abortion outcome is good for womenChief Justice Roberts helped preserve access to abortion, but his reasoning didn't weigh the consequences of denying women control over childbearing.

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