Op-Ed: China’s coronavirus statistics aren’t the real problem

Op-Ed: China’s coronavirus statistics aren’t the real problem (via @latimesopinion)

4/9/2020 8:18:00 PM

Op-Ed: China’s coronavirus statistics aren’t the real problem (via latimesopinion)

China's reporting obfuscations are blamed for the lack of U.S. preparedness. But other governments recognized the situation in China months ago and took action.

stating that “misinformation from China over the past several months has severely crippled global action to combat the global pandemic.”China’s data very likely understate the true number of infections and deaths, and Chinese-style authoritarianism silenced early reports of the outbreak, costing China and the world valuable time to stop the coronavirus’ spread. While China’s reporting delays and obfuscations now make it a convenient scapegoat for inadequate preparation in the U.S., its numbers and actions made clear that the coronavirus was communicable and dangerous enough to overwhelm a country’s health system if not swiftly contained.

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The time will come for a full accounting, but the current obsession with China’s statistics denies the reality that some prudent governments — such as South Korea and Taiwan — recognized the seriousness of the situation in China months ago and took swift action to coordinate testing and tracing measures that protected their people. China’s own decisions in late January to prevent exit from and impose strict quarantines in Wuhan and Hubei province, likewise, signaled the dire threat.

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opinion China lied, the WHO lied and people died. It’s as simple as that.

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Opinion | The coronavirus crisis is turning Americans in both parties against ChinaA new poll shows that Republicans and Democrats outside the Beltway are generally in wide agreement when it comes to China policy. Its about F-ing time!! PDChina is not our friend they are this century's Hitler/Germany of ww2!! They must be stopped!!! China unleashed COVID-19,then lied about it. People died because of China. Anyone who doesn’t realize that is ignorant. It's called eye opener. You dont know the real Chinese as a collective society. They don't care long as they dont get caught. Their whole culture is like that. Even almost a million died of disease they spread, many of them defend their country.

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