Believe it or not, people are still booking cruises for next year

Believe it or not, people are still booking cruises for next year. @hugomartin reports:

4/9/2020 8:10:00 PM

Believe it or not, people are still booking cruises for next year. hugomartin reports:

Cruise bookings for next year are up despite waves of bad publicity for the industry caused by coronavirus outbreaks on some ships.

AdvertisementThe cruise industry’s image has been tarnished over the years by onboard illness outbreaks.According to theCenters for Disease Control and Prevention, international cruise lines have had outbreaks — primarily of the extremely contagious norovirus, which causes gastrointestinal problems — nine to 12 times a year for the last five years. But the nearly 130,000 passengers sickened during those outbreaks represent a tiny fraction of the 74 million people that took cruises during that period.

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Still, 76% of the people whose cruises were canceled are taking the option of a credit for a future trip instead of requesting a refund, according to the USB report. To entice people to book a future cruise, some cruise lines are offering, plus credit toward shipboard expenses.

However, some cruise lines have been slow to send the refunds, according to social media posts.And I’d like to share this special message with: I WANT MY MONEY BACK FOR MY CANCELED CRUISE. I don’t want a future cruise credit. I want MY money back.— CH (@chagens1)

April 6, 2020The cruise line industry supports more than 421,000 American jobs and contributes nearly $53 billion to the U.S. economy, according to the Cruise Line International Assn., a trade group for the world’s cruise companies.Cruise industry experts say the increase in booking volume is a sign of how devoted cruise fans are to their favorite cruise line and destinations.

“We’re not dealing with post 9/11 where people were afraid for their safety when traveling beyond U.S. borders,” said Stewart Chiron, who reviews cruises on his website. “Many people are ready to sail once a clear timeline for resumption of service and current ship schedules are revealed.”

AdvertisementSuch cruise fans would include Schuck, who has been on 15 cruises on six cruise lines over the last 20 years.He said he will return to cruising because it is an efficient and fun way to experience many countries and make new friends.“You have all the food and entertainment anyone could possibly want right at your fingertips when on a cruise,” Schuck said. “I find when I am on a ship I do things I normally would not do on land and seem to live a bit more and enjoy new things.”

Barry Shulman, a Las Vegas cruise fan who owns an online poker magazine, estimates that he has been on more than 100 cruises and doesn’t plan to stop cruising now.In February, Shulman and his wife were on a cruise off the coast of Australia when they became worried about the coronavirus outbreak, disembarked and flew home. Still, he said he has faith that the cruise lines will come up with procedures to make future trips safe.

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He has already booked one cruise for each of the next three years and doesn’t plan to cancel them.“If it’s safe to cruise, then I’ll be cruising,” Shulman said.The cruise industry will continue to book trips, he said, because cruise fans are not easily scared off.

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Should Darwinism be allowed to flourish? In other words, a lot of people are ok with contracting norovirus. I think cruises aren’t vetting their crew members Not for $1m could you get me on one of those filth pits!😝😝😝😝🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠🦠 You couldn’t pay me enough to travel on those floating bacteria sponges in a normal year and definitely not after COVID19

Some people just don’t give a fu*k Travel insurance is so deceptive. Gross,you couldn't pay me enough $ to go on a cruise,now or ever. floatingpetridish 🤮 Quite nasty imho Is it the all you can eat buffet Who are these people !! No thnks It seems a bit insane, but for some people, cruises are the only way to travel. They're hooked.

Election will be over no new diseases until.the next election year covid exciting and new come aboard we're expecting you the virus ship, making another run Cruise ships do not give refunds for COVID 19. So deferred credits come into play. Very misleading title Ohhh really HOLD MY PATHOGENS People are dumb

hugomartin Oh I believe it. Those same people would be cruising now if they could. hugomartin hugomartin Herd impunity hugomartin hugomartin Come on down join your friends it's going to be a great big petri dish party hugomartin Culling the herd machines hugomartin good for them....can’t live in fear...

hugomartin They're super cheap right now. hugomartin Farewell to you .....crazy ? Or what? hugomartin Most of these are re-bookings. If they won’t refund what are people supposed to do? hugomartin Probably never going to be cheaper. hugomartin Okay .. GOD BELIEVERS WILL KEEP ONGOING OKAY OTHERWISE NOT!

hugomartin Because they won’t isssue refunds. Misleading title hugomartin hugomartin Go ahead and lock yourself up on a floating prison. More room for me at the resort. hugomartin Are we in quarantine to save the idiots among us? hugomartin Wouldn't be bad if the cruise industry collapsed... hugomartin Cruises are a rip off and always have been

hugomartin Cruise industry is not going anywhere. They will take a small blip in income. hugomartin Um most cruises are only giving credits back hugomartin I’m glad I bought STOCK! hugomartin No thanks.

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L.A. couple trapped on coronavirus-stricken cruise is home, recovering from shock and fearA Los Angeles couple trapped for weeks aboard a cruise to South America are now back home, recovering from shock, fear and awaiting test results for COVID-19. Lucky to be recovering ;-) No this is not the 'Love Boat' but, your average cruise ship, ready to take a cruise, travel at your own risk?

If you sailed on these cruise ships, you may have been exposed to coronavirusThe CDC says passengers on 28 cruises were potentially exposed to COVID-19 between February and March. Was your cruise was affected? Read the list. are you looking attractive realistic exterior+interior and 2D floor plan design of your office,home,restaurant etc it is the right place i am help you please contact:

Australia tries to send cruise ships packingThe Ruby Princess has become the biggest source of Australia’s 6,000-odd cases of the novel coronavirus We should sink these ships. All of them. To the x-mas island Where has all millions of litres of possibly infected sewerage been going. Off our coasts and beaches? Transmission via sea water and marine life is also possible through this source. What is being done by authorities and the cruise ships to ensure this is not occurring

Australia tries to send cruise ships packing for fear of covid-19In a normal year Sydney can hardly cram enough cruise ships into its harbour. Not any longer Artificial reefs. Sad though that this part of the economy is collapsing. For obvious reasons, sad nonetheless. If you take their money in the goods times, then you should be obligated to help them in the bad times. Those are human beings, not a load of diseased sheep and cows.