SoundExchange Crosses $7B In Royalty Distributions

SoundExchange has officially surpassed $7B illion in total royalty distributions to music creators since its creation in 2003

4/9/2020 7:41:00 PM

SoundExchange has officially surpassed $7B illion in total royalty distributions to music creators since its creation in 2003

As the music industry reels from lost touring income, SoundExchange has some positive news on the streaming front today (April 9).

A representative for the agency said that in the most recent distribution, SoundExchange paid nearly 30,000 separate accounts, with more than half receiving $1,000 or less -- presumably artists who are relying on streaming income amid the coronavirus crisis.

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SoundExchange proudly maintained monthly distributions during the pandemic, serving more than 200,000 creators over January, February and March. It also joined other music industry organizations to call upon Congress to ensure that music creators would be included in the recently-enacted CARES Act.

"SoundExchange has always been a critical source of revenue for music creators, and especially now,” said CEOMichael Huppe Read more: billboard »

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