Omicron boosters find few takers

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COVID booster rollout proceeds smoothly even as it finds few takers


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I was planning on getting the booster but then I got Covid 😭😭😭

that’s called “failure”

Excellent piece.

Just had CVS cancel appointments for tomorrow. No supply of Moderna vaccines Appears that Moderna appointments are not avail at CVS in MA. Pfizer appointments are avail this week

Good. noboosters

In other words, no one wants or trusts these jabs any longer.

Can’t find any available within 50 miles.

In 8 to 12 weeks, this booster will wane to nothing just like all the other shots taken. Winter will come and you'll wonder why you're sick with covid again. Meanwhile, Spikes will be dancing all over your innards. But by all means, keep those boosters coming.

Not in Park and Gallatin counties, Montana. Online pharmacy booking isn't working and one pharmacy ran out this week, the hospital didn't know when they'd have them until the last minute, and Park Co. health dept. isn't doing clinics until October.

Few takers means the roll out is a failure.

Instead of whining about 'few takers' as you call it, shouldn't your organization 'National Public Radio' help foster more intake? I've got my shot - how's your staff? Or are you resistant to medication that is life saving? Or are you as wimpy as you seem. Tough to tell.

If you just take a moment to look more carefully what you wrote, you can see it’s ridiculous. If there are few takers, it’s not a smooth rollout, it’s inept at best. WhiteHouse CDCgov

Lololol... smoothly... few takers... Propaganda campaign failed, nobody wants it. Let's call it 'running smoothly'.. NPR your credibility is less than zero these days.

LOL the covid vaccine

There's no way that I'd ever inject the mRNA of a partial protein sequence of the spike protein of a coronavirus combined with lipid nanoparticles into myself. It's a coronavirus. Doesn't anyone actually follow science anymore?

I feel like it's one of those fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me sort of situations hence the 'few takers'.

It would be easy, cheap, safe & more effective to ship & deliver billions of Vaxart Covid19 💊 vaccine & booster to everyone. Why hasn’t the 🇺🇸 invested in a scalable solution that targets mucosal immunity that could prevent infection & transmission?

A shred of truth! Running out of Bill Gates money (Goats and Soda dead?) P.S. I want the money I gave to your corrupt media back.

There are people whose appointments are cancelled on the day of their appointment at the pharmacy(!) because the location ran out of doses and didn’t have enough staff to make a call and tell people not to come in. How is that smooth, NPR?

How the fuck is that “smoothly” then?

Smoothly! Does anybody even know it available? Huge fail.

“Smooth” would be people getting vaxxed.

How… how is that “smoothly?”

ask Walgreens in NYC about how they “mixed up their vials” and accidentally gave me the old Omnicron vaccine vs the new multi-variant version last week…

There are few takers because leadership and media has implied the pandemic is over. I repeat the pandemic is not over. People need N95 masks, clean air, and vaccines.

Here’s a prediction, about two weeks before Thanksgiving there will be a rush to get boosters to have maximum protection between Thanksgiving and New Year. That’s my plan. CDC can’t say that the immunity doesn’t wane. Same as last year.

😆, gee, wonder why? ☠️💀

Maybe offer NovaVax, seeing as how plenty of us actually want that…

Not getting poison tested on 8 mice.

When I worked at a university, we always commented on how much smoother it would run if there weren’t any of those annoying students everywhere

Schedules for vaccines are filled up in our state. People are hunting for available time slots. The demand is high, but then we tend to take science seriously.

i got the last booster in january because i was healing from a broken leg and was worried about complicating matters. i want to wait a year at least between shots, that makes sense to me.

I'm waiting for Novavax. Similar to a flu vaccine, protects against current variants and more durable.

MmeBlackBalloon I got the first 2 doses as soon as I could. I got a third after there was actual data showing that it improved immune response. Until DrPaulOffit or profvrr see and report data that convinces them this one is beneficial to those under 75, I won’t be getting it. Real data is key

No one is getting it here in the Bay Area even though masks are absolutely still required in pharmacies.

I’m scheduled for next Sunday. Wanted to do it today, but my local CVS stores didn’t have it available.

I don't know, I see a weird pattern of people that are vaccinated getting sick over and over and over again whereas I had one bad case of covid and been fine ever since. But sure, take your shots.

I didn’t want to go if the place didn’t require masks. I found a small pharmacy that requires masks, but I had to make an appointment. So it’ll be another couple of weeks for me

Makes sense. I know no one getting it.

Put on an N95 and walked into Hy-Vee and received mine. Chose a day that it wasn't busy, and the tech wore a flimsy mask but it was something.

The “trial” data was underwhelming

Got my COVID/Omicron-Bivariant vax shot 5 days ago. As a 68 yr old, I keep up-to-date on my shots. On the same date, I got my annual Flu shot, too. I'm a tough old bird. Haven't tested positive for COVID, yet, since the beginning of the pandemic. Y'all... GetYourShots

How about mass confusion over if people are eligible, if they have to pay, pharmacists not wearing masks to administer, pharmacies not having the damn shot at all, trying to schedule an appointment with downtime to be sick from said shot if you can find it. F*cking nonsense.

My husband and I got our bivalent vaccination today (our 5th shot); our 28-year old son got his two days ago. We had look around for appointments because they were filling up so quickly.

No one wants it No one needs it

Was very busy and flowing smoothly with appointment after appointment when I got mine at Publix in Florida this morning. Don’t make broad generalizations in your headline.

Its NOT a smooth rollout if no one is taking it.

Got mine yesterday in Ft W, TX along with flu and pneumonia vaccines. There were only 3 of us in line but it’s appointment only since they don’t have a big supply

A vaccine rollout with hardly any uptake is called a failed vaccine rollout.

I am a sustaining member and am horrified by your coverage as a healthcare professional. You falsely claimed covid is milder than the flu and brought on propagandists. No wonder people are not being vaccinated. Ira Flatow is the lone voice of covid science. It is sad.

Reporting idea: find a place to get a bivalent booster, WITHOUT going to a retail pharmacy where you'll have to share air for at least 20 minutes with maskless coughing people buying OTC cold meds because they have COVID.

That is a nonsensical headline.

It’s almost as if telling everyone “the pandemic is over” while simultaneously asking them to take time an energy to engage in a mitigation strategy for said pandemic is unclear messaging…

This is what happens when your political message that says “COVID is over!” drowns out your public health message that says “COVID is over!”.

Got mine yesterday, but I was the only person in line and it took 45 minutes. Everyone’s definitely out of practice on administering the vaccines, which isn’t a great sign.

Who wrote this ridiculous headline?

Few takers? There is one pharmacy in a 20 mile radius of me that actually has it in stock.

I got mine yesterday. Two people ahead of me. One person behind me. I was the youngest. I’m 59. I have not gotten covid. 🥳 yet.

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