Some DC-Area Pharmacies and Clinics Are Running Out of Covid Booster Shots

9/16/2022 12:33:00 AM

More booster shots are on the way.

Some DC-area pharmacies and clinics have run out of Moderna’s updated Covid booster shot, prompting appointment cancellations until new shipments arrive.

More booster shots are on the way.

Covid booster shot , prompting appointment cancellations until new shipments arrive.Redness and swelling at the injection site Fever That's a familiar list: It's the same group of side effects that came with the original formulations.Redness and swelling at the injection site Fever That's a familiar list: It's the same group of side effects that came with the original formulations.Harrison Patiño Harrison Patiño is a producer for"KPBS Midday Edition".

The new boosters first became available in the DC area on September 7.The Giant Pharmacy in Shaw ran out of Moderna booster shots on September 13, and a pharmacist says they are expecting a restock next week.Pfizer's trial found that about 52% of participants that received the BA.Until then, the pharmacy is still offering the latest Pfizer booster.1 shot experienced mild pain at the injection site, 8% experienced moderate pain and only 0.Meanwhile, a pharmacist at the CVS on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria also told Washingtonian they ran out of Moderna booster shots—the only variety the location carries—on September 13.3% experienced severe pain.More boosters are expected to arrive on September 17, at which point patients can resume booking appointments.What do you want to hear hosts Jade Hindmon and Maureen Cavanaugh talk about on Midday? Contact Midday Edition twitter Jade Hindmon is KPBS Midday Edition co-host.

Unity Health Care’s East Of The River Health Center near Benning Road reported that the clinic is currently pausing the “bivalent” boosters as they wait for more shots.3% experienced a severe one.3% experienced a severe one.A similar situation is occurring at the Whitman-Walker Health clinic on 14th Street: An employee shared that boosters are “on hold” as they prepare for a shipment of Moderna, the only shot they offer.However, there are still places to find both the Pfizer and Moderna booster shots in DC.Severe side effects are"generally" most common after receiving a second dose of a vaccine, not after receiving a third or fourth dose, says Offit.(The FDA authorized the mixing and matching of available vaccine boosters.You're only eligible for the new boosters if you've completed a primary vaccination series, meaning most people will have already received at least two doses ahead of time.) The city’s Covid community centers have both booster shots—along with flu shots—available for walk-ups in all eight wards.The same concept.As part of that Emmy Award winning team, she covered elections, landed exclusive interviews, and interviewed presidential candidates.

According to Thomas Farley, senior deputy director for the DC Health Department’s Community Health Administration, the city has shuffled doses around its community Covid sites as needed to avoid running out.“Our data that we have suggests there’s adequate supplies of the available boosters in the District,” says Farley, “But there may be some shortages at some locations, if their initial orders underestimated demand.A single dose of Pfizer's monovalent vaccine contains.A single dose of Pfizer's monovalent vaccine contains.” In fact, Farley notes an additional 4,000 doses of the Moderna shot arrived in DC yesterday.Another 6,000 doses of Pfizer are anticipated to arrive today.“We don’t expect that the shortages will continue,” says Farley.Email address.

If you’re looking for a booster, Farley suggests visiting the CDC’s vaccine portal to check which pharmacies are currently in stock.He also recommends calling pharmacies in advance to ensure there is availability ahead of a visit.The Moderna booster is currently authorized for those 18 and older, while those 12 and up can get the Pfizer booster.More:.

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The Masonic takeover of the world Good to know. I haven't made my appointment yet, so it'd be good to know when these new shipments arrive.

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