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1/16/2021 7:37:00 AM

You know you should keep 6 feet of distance from others to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. But what happens in the real world? A space jam! This video will set you straight. And there’s even a guest appearance by a (cartoon) Michael Jordan!

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Did anybody notice how it escalated from 6 feet or mask to 6 feet and mask? And that none of that works? I can tell 6 feet distance. It’s all the dopes in the grocery store who don’t (from behind me and reaching in front of me for a package). On the other hand, it may be they don’t care, although wearing masks, but going to the store anyway, coughing behind their masks.

”From North least 6 feet away from me....Michael Jordan!” Or, just wash your hands frequently and don't touch your face until your hands are clean. That's all. I’ve had to be out with a 5yo and since both her parents are around 6’ we use the “one Mommy or Daddy laying in the floor” unit of estimated measurement.

I actually low key picture a body laying down on the floor 😅 Everyday for 3 years, I wake up with the memories & trauma of multiple sexual assaults & other horrific crimes! These sex criminal cops & the accomplices are free to rape & victimize the community more! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME GET FBI/FBIPhoenix/TheJusticeDept INVESTIGATION?

Sometimes I think Democrats are as prone to inventing signs from their leaders as the insurrection crowd. There's no reason to make this assumption except reality wanting it to be true. Reach out to high five someone. If they can touch your hand, they’re too close Twitter won't let me close! I am excellent a judging physical distance. I proved it in court once as an expert witness in an assured clear distance case, winning the case as I was also the only witness for our side. Another comment: my doctor's notes said last week that I am 5', 11.5'. C'mon doc. I'm 6 ft.

We at The Anthropology Department have a very handy guide for our students. One Franz Boas or 6.54 trowels is the golden standard. ❤ You know you should only report facts to your audience, but face it! You're a terrible judge of complicated issues! Here's a cartoon AG Barr to explain:👨The Russian Collusion story was 'entirely made up'. You should tell your audience you failed.

Okay well Jordan is 6’6”... Did you ask Jordan to use his likeness? If not you could be dealing with a lawsuit if MJ actually considered you to have real information Many stores have 1’ x 1’ tiles. When in lines I have 6 tiles between me and the person in front. Well in Canada if we can touch you with a hockey stick you are too close.

Gnit, gnit, gnit, gnit, gnit, gnit ... you have the film archive, but I haven't seen that you've propagated / perpetuated the attitude. This reads like a scary bad back-seat emergency instructions card for a scary bad airline. Maybe human persons deserve another approach? Heart