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1/16/2021 7:22:00 AM

Last weekend, Amazon pulled the plug, saying it found messages on Parler 'that clearly encourage and incite violence.' Parler's chief policy officer, Amy Peikoff, says the site's goal is freedom of speech.

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Ok put pretending to kill a sitting president doesn’t? No y’all pulled Parler because the refused to censor everything you don’t agree with The goal of Parlor isn’t freedom of’s freedom to spread lies and hate. “maximum freedom of expression consistent with the law” like this post from last Saturday.

🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥 Amy Peikoff needs to peik off if she truly believes hate speech and incitement of violence, destruction, and death are expressions of free speech. Spoken like a true extremist. This site, it’s members, and owners need to be investigated and charged appropriately. Note: Many Republican lawmakers complained about losing their voices about the same time Parler was taken down.

Freedom of hate speech. Why wasn’t Facebook or Twitter pulled? Prime example here. They are absolutely insane on that platform. Amy Prokofiev needs to understand that threatening to kill people is not freedom of speech, it’s a crime. Freedom of speech is not unlimited, never has been, and never should be.

All about freedom of speech, do they really know what they are expressing They are just playing with the fool’s mind Twitter has these. Report tweets if you see that kind. Look no further then cnn and dnc for incitement of violence, hate and intolerance Parler needs to SUE Amazon for Complete Ownership!

Sounds like Pretext to preserve elitest monopolies. But Amazon can afford the lawsuit New hosting service coming soon. They sure do love pretending to care about freedom of speech in order to pander to the poorly educated, don't they. Grifters gonna grift, I guess. Or AmyPeikoff Parler is actually a home for White Supremacists, KKKers, White Nationalists, Hate Groups and Domestic...

Hate speech and plots of insurrection against the US government is not protected free speech. ✌️🇺🇸 Freedom of speech but they also simultaneously ban left wing accounts. I see Amy’s company is free to do what it wants. As is Amazon. Amy can buy her own web servers. Problem solved. Amazon is not the government, it’s a private company. Criminal conspiracy, treason, inciting violence are not free speech. Set up their own servers, what’s the problem?

Thank Goodness! A dangerous aspect we have discovered in social media is that it can unfortunately be used as a platform by terrorists to plan violent attacks. We must be more watchful for companies that provide information pipelines for domestic terrorism. Accountability He can set up his own servers 🤷🏽‍♀️

You can tweet cat pictures with free speech too. There wasn’t that. Freedom of Speech doesn't include inciting to violence... Yeah but if you actually look at the posts it’s all conspiracy and whackos and violence. All of it. You don’t have the freedom to incite violence, and it wasn’t the government that shut it down

Parler was the one theater where everyone was encouraged to yell 'Fire!' I hate that ''freedom of speech' is now code for hate speech. 😟 Freedom is a good thing, but only if you use it wisely. For speech, communicating positive and constructive ideas is a wise use of that freedom. Communicating hate and anything seriously destructive isn't. 🙄

Who cares what she says? Do better. B u l l s h i t...I heard her, horrid answer: She’ll let violence “get your guns” and “kill Senators” ride, Her Answer: We need to get more info..Double Bullshit. Shut them down for good! Here are some of the comments they found on the platform, and the justified reason for pulling the plug

The thing is that's the case for Twitter too! AND it's a larger site! I see it all the time. There are PEOPLE on BOTH sides TheDemocrats GOP in roles of censoring speech &they base it on THEIR beliefs! If don't like Christians, Left lean will censor! FreedomOfSpeech Freedom of Speech doesn't mean freedom from repercussions of your speech. Especially if it entails talking of overthrowing the government

Oh. Okay, Amy. You know what happens when you play with fire, right? Freedom of speech doesn’t include threats or language that could pose a physical threat to another person AllnightGlobalVigil The way you live your life on earth is what will determine where you will spend your eternity. Breaking Snooze: Unable to secure a role with the My Pillow Guy company, Don Trump jr now looking towards relying on his successful book writing career.

Don’t we all learn the lesson of “you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater” lesson in grade school Is shilling for late term abortion a thoughtcrime of violence? Why oh why can’t people who own/operate media platforms take a 101 course on freedom of speech? 'In an interview on Morning Edition, Peikoff defended Parler's approach, saying the best counter to misinformation 'is more information.' Here are excerpts of the interview:' omfg

the site was extremely useful to the FBI Your rules should at least cover the TOS of your host. You having a FFA style doesn't protect you from those violations. I found them too Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences. So you can plan sedition and murder under the cover of free speech? WTF! The “goal is freedom of speech” - insurrection is just a side effect that all involved wanted.

Lmaoo here you go amazon get to work 🤡 I want to see all their accounts banned!!! All of these crimes were organized on twitter, YouTube, discord. But brown shirts gonna brown shirt. Nothing of value was lost Freedom of speech in America is dying...quickly