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1/16/2021 7:42:00 AM

Dr. Robert Redfield, the outgoing CDC director, has been heading the federal public health agency's response to the pandemic. As he prepares for his departure, Redfield warns that the country is 'about to be in the worst' months of the crisis.

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Officer who fatally shot Daunte Wright resigns, protests turn violent for 3rd night

A Minnesota police officer resigned from her position Tuesday after fatally shooting Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man.

They have been saying that for months. Should really be thanking covid since people suddenly stopped dying from everything else. They don’t even die from car accidents anymore😂👏just covid. I got the flu (covid) twice during the last year and guess what? It was nothing. WHo’s that guy? JK! He was really suppressed from the media wasn’t he. Should have been him , Fauchi and a WHO person. All we got was...sad😞

He did a fantastic job (sarcasm) Helluva message when you are part of the reason. Of course it will be worse as Biden has to build from scratch. Trump never did anything to keep the American people saved. If he did not lie for trump, he coukd still be working. He Chose poorly. The CDC....LMAO The worse so far.

Thanks for nothing We are being lied to The same man who said: just open it to everyone rather than follow the phased plan- did he know there are no reserves for the 2nd doses? How evil and cruel are these people? The vaccine does not reach 95% effectiveness without the second dose. Yeah. No thanks to the administration you work for.

Why people who used faked data in their research gets a job overseeing publuc health. Why do msny liars, lobbyist, money/profiting making get approved by congress.... oh i forgot, they are the same ppl in congress... same social/profit network fleecing american ppl's tax money All the more reason to not reopen Chicago but yet Lightfoot says it's time. How many thousands will die?

Mary Louise took him to the woodshed. That was great. Well, thanks for that - NOT!! 😡😡😡 Dr. David Kessler coming back! COVID-19 Response Team Chief! New vaccination plan! Among the best NPR interviews I've heard 40 years of NPR/kcrw listening. Thanks for not letting him slide. He failed to stand up to trump to the bitter (400k) dead-end. Your snippet of the interview is both true and completely misleading.

To little to late VileEpiphany Dr. Redfield is just one example of a physician failing in an administrative assignment. Many docs can’t accomplish medical administrative leadership. It’s hard to do. Thanks to the clown leader we’re in the drain You know, it would have been nice if more civic officials could have been a little more vocal a lot earlier on. And maybe more than that, maybe incredibly insistent. I know many tried.

Good that he didn't blame everything on China... Everyone’s fault. Dems fault for not having spines and allowing the religious right to run amok. Reps fault for, well, being republican. Profit over people. This virus is only going to get worse. Wait until the next deadly pandemic. Half the country not trying now, just wait

That was hard to listen to. The Trump Administration has really left this country in such a sad state...the vaccine debacle is all on Trump. No thanks to him or trump, Biden and gang will have to clean up his mess. He should only be remembered for his incompetence and lies. How many deaths are on his hands and the hands of the surgeon general for their lies early in this crisis. I truly hope he never has a night of sleep for the rest of his miserable life.

What’s that phrase…… Ah Yes!...“Too little too late”. Honestly, good riddance. Oh, you mean the “dark winter” that Trump said wasn’t going to happen? Covid would end on Nov 3rd? He’s the Folgers of info...lies to the last drop. Good call. You did such a great job with Covid. Plus the way you stood up to Trump and grabbed the reins and took control was epic.

He's been wrong all along. His warnings mean nothing anymore. Gee.... thanks for nothing Great. Buy your toilet paper now. Guess I’ll be canceling more orthodontist appointments this year. Too little too late dude. You could have been a hero and called out traitor trump months ago about misleading covid info.

It’s hard to imagine that it’s going to get worse from here. We are already at 4K deaths a day It's your fault The Trump death spiral Dr. Redfield, just wanted to thank you for putting your tail between your legs, consistently changing guidance on a whim or mean tweet, and letting many needlessly die because you have no balls. f-off.

Yeah, thanks for nothing jackass, I mean Doc. Yeah because we had no guidance from the CDC and no vaccine stockpile. Maybe if I went to the store and I saw people masking even harder. Sure I see literally everyone wearing one but maybe if they wore two? We need double mask mandates. Is he bragging about what he did?

which was entirely avoidable, no thanks to him 'we have more covid deaths because we have more fat people' says outgoing CDC director. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Redfield. Good riddance! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Good riddance Well, gee....he helped so much. Good riddance! To redeem himself, he should testify before Congress and tell it all. We all know there’s more to how badly this was handled from the beginning

Great! Let's just shut the country down. No nothing. Seems that's what our gov wants. That's not what the administration has been telling us. It's a shame CDCDirector is only now spreaking out about the COVID19 pandemic. He was silent for MONTHS at the beginning cause he was bullied by Trump & was too weak or too scared to speak out then. Sad that's all he'll be remembered for.

And republicans are balking about providing necessary support to the ordinary people. Once again showing their disdain for your struggle to simply survive. Typical you'd think they'd care more about the country & us they are supposed to work for then partisan games especially now Everyday for 3 years, I wake up with the memories & trauma of multiple sexual assaults & other horrific crimes! These sex criminal cops & the accomplices are free to rape & victimize the community more! WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME GET FBI/FBIPhoenix/TheJusticeDept INVESTIGATION?

Gee thanks, Doc... Okay, you did seem to try but now you need to say the words, the bald truth. WE ARE IN THIS CESS POOL BECAUSE OF RUMP! I wonder how much is he against Super spreaders ,,,,Mass Rallies ,,,,No mask ,,,& the ones that dont give a shit & still thinks its a Hoax & Fake News ,,, And who's fault is that...

What federal response? “I dunno, it’s on the states” seems to be the only direction offered. Yes, that’s been the president’s response, but the CDC should have made more of an effort to counter his months and months of ignorant ranting and dithering. CDCDirector is a monumental POS He needed to go a loooong time ago.

Beyond incompetent. Good riddance Just look at cases and deaths. We're hitting record number. Absolutely insane. Thanks for nothing, Bob. Now he can talk? Was muzzled and followed Trump’s political pressure over doing what’s best for the country. Can’t understand why morons respect Trump, he puts politics and self congratulatory BS over public safety

Wasn't this the person you got to commit to free tests/vaccines RepKatiePorter? Yeah, thanks! And he is responsible Now he speaks up? I'm ready for him to go. He looks like a garden gnome I guess 5000-7000 deaths per day Thanks jerk off. He’s really great at parties I bet I still have to work. That's what everybody's already said Robby. You oversaw the deaths of hundred thousands. Any capable CDC director would've resigned with dignity.