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11/28/2020 12:17:00 PM

How long does it take to charge an electric vehicle? The question is more complicated than it seems — and that's a challenge for the auto industry.

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Congress affirms Biden's Electoral College victory

Congress affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory after Pro-Trump rioters stormed the US Capitol and delayed proceedings. Follow here for the latest.

fails to remind readers that electric vehicles produce more CO2 than gas vehicles. I have a 2017 Fiat 500e that averages 110 miles per charge. I drive it around my local area, but not much farther as charging stations seem to be few and far between. That being said...I love this little car. She is zippy, and maneuvers nicely.

I'm certain that NO ONE will mind sitting behind a car charging up for 20 minutes and then they get to use it. Heck, what's 40 minutes to save a few bucks? Plus, the fast chargers cost as much as gasoline. See how much you save? Thousands for your house system. See MORE savings? Genocide Alert: Right now the NobelPeacePrize laureates AbiyAhmedAli is mascaraing 500,000 people of Mekelle of Tigray using surgical airstrikes and artilleries mercilessly . TigrayGenocide WarOnTigray R2PTigray UN UNReliefChief CharlottePetriG mbachelet

and my costs for a 50 mile daily commute for one month is less than $30. 2 hours per day is my average. Plug in when I get home from work. If I need to go places after work I still have plenty of range. Electric vehicles the next HOAX Chevy Bolt EV. I charge at my job's parking garage. Costs less than $2 a day for a 50 mile round trip. If I charge daily that 50 miles will only take 2.5 hours. Just don't get an EV without having reliable charging solutions lined up.

I have an E-Tron. I trickle charge it in my garage when I’m home, which gives me enough for local daily driving. If I want a full charge, I go to a local “fast charge” station and it usually only takes about 20 min to charge up. I want an Electric Ford F-150 Hello. Thank you picture. I like it all. Nice Car, But How Do You Charge That Thing? Let Us Count The Ways

When the transition from fossil fuels to electric happens, we won't have to worry about a corrupt, oil industry fueling our cars. good