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11/28/2020 8:31:00 AM

A pediatrician warns that it will likely be late into 2021 before we have enough data on pediatric patients to have approval for that age group.

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Biden inauguration live updates: Biden, Harris hold tribute to COVID victims at Lincoln Memorial

Updates during the transition from the Trump to Biden administrations -- and about a second Senate impeachment trial.

COVID19 COVIDー19 COVID These vaccines being rushed out of labs, by profit-hungry private companies, w/o going through the usual rigorous process to ensure safety may result in a catastrophe. Disconnect profit motive! Impose strict liability!!! Hopefully a vaccine for children will be available by summer, before next fall...🤞

How are all these new babies learning to recognize faces Outside of their own household, they will have never seen another face for over a year. (Or at least that’s how it should be.) I wonder what impact that will have on this years’ new babies Well kids seem to be spared the brunt of it, if we can vaccinate the elderly and high risk I don’t see why we can’t carefully move forward. I would need to hear from epidemiologist

It’s going to be months before anyone gets access to the vaccine. BOOM 💥 Pennsylvania state legislature withdrew the Article II resolution to appoint electoral college delegates after a fraudulent election.♧ Did a teacher write this? How much time off do you want? Coronavirus is a biological weapon used by Mongolia around the world! Coronavirus used by Mongolia in my home!

So students will never return to school? Kids hospitalization rates is the same as the flu. It’s the over 50 crowd we need covered We have to remember that the clinical trials have involved adults, not children. We can't take that from granted as COVID cases continue to increase. In the meantime, we need to wear masks and use hygiene common sense

this is terrible news