Mother of George Floyd's daughter says she wants justice for him

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The mother of George Floyd's 6-year-old daughter is calling for justice over his death. 'I want justice for him because he was good, no matter what anybody thinks,' Roxie Washington told reporters.

"I want justice for him because he was good, no matter what anybody thinks," Roxie Washington told reporters at a press conference in Minneapolis on Tuesday."He was good and this is the proof that he was a good man," she added, pointing at their daughter Gianna. Floyd died last week while being arrested in Minneapolis.

"He would never see her grow up, graduate ... he would never walk her down the aisle," Washington said."If there's a problem that she's having, she doesn't have her dad anymore."The attorneys representing Washington said they want the world to have another image of Floyd besides the video of his altercation with police."We wanted the world to see the beauty of Gianna," attorney L. Chris Stewart said.


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OmarJimenez Funny how it is convenient and ok to exploit a child to further a cause. LoL!! And, why hasnt media reached out to Floyd's girlfriend? Is it cause she is white and would change the narrative? Hmm

OmarJimenez Another baby out of wedlock in the black community. 78% of black babies are born out of wedlock. That has to be addressed before we go any further. Children need fathers!

OmarJimenez Did you tell her how David Dorn died? Or Patrick Underwood?

OmarJimenez Just curious, did Floyd test positive for Covid19. Asking for a friend.


OmarJimenez Tell us more about the fentanyl I his system. He died of a heart attack

OmarJimenez I tell you why!!! Democrat run cities who hire the police chief and court system. You want to fix it ! Drain the swamp!

OmarJimenez That gofund money will be chopped up by so many of the Sharpton crew she won't have thing left.

OmarJimenez Waiting for cnn to report on the death of this black man. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Shhhhhhh.....doesn’t fit their “agenda”. Retired Captain David Dorn was murdered by looters outside of a pawn shop on Martin Luther King Drive in St. Louis. How is this justice? How is this okay? DavidDorn

OmarJimenez She looks like she should be concerned about covid no? Or is that over?

OmarJimenez Tell a six year old girl that she will never ever see her dad again!! Who could do that?

OmarJimenez God Bless ..... what happened was completely wrong

OmarJimenez This family has stepped up and ask for PEACE but CNN pushes hate and racism. Stop !! Shut down CNN !

OmarJimenez These protests have revealed the lockdowns and social distancing pushed by the radical left to be a total joke. Even the left-wing leaders who instigated it and enforced it clearly don’t believe in it

OmarJimenez Excuse me but it is not possible to arrest all officers who hurt people. If they do it disproportionately, then it is a reason for investigation. You cannot do police work without using some violence. But only when necessary of course. With Floyd it was not necessary.

OmarJimenez Did not need to see this this morning 😞

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OmarJimenez It's been a few days. Does the United States still not understand that this riot and robbery is controlled by CCP behind the scenes?

OmarJimenez If you want to know how someone else died, I'm not sure. When I saw the body, she looked so fresh, I couldn't believe she was 'dead'. ...If someone is unresponsive, let them be in some air-breathing atmosphere. They might revive in some hours / days etc. If rot starts, 'dead'

OmarJimenez Next I’d like to see some videos of the new widows of the cops killed because of this. Fair is fair. Right?

OmarJimenez 19 white unarmed were shot by police last year, 9 were black. 89 police officers killed last year - not the stats Democrats & FakeNews would have you believe.

OmarJimenez whiteoutwednesday


OmarJimenez David Dorn? Yeah, FU CNN and FU to those that support rioting.

OmarJimenez I guess she didn’t care about these souls .....

OmarJimenez ' 🖤 I HATE AMERICA 🖤 '

OmarJimenez Show the police beatings. The children being thrashed within an inch of their lives by angry, poorly trained men clad in all black. Men that are out to kill. Men that have a bloodlust in them. The beatings are the only thing that they live for. You can see it in their eyes.

OmarJimenez The country must unite & await justice. Freedom For All EndRacismNOW 🙏

OmarJimenez That’s it CNN keep stoking the fire.

I think you're looking for 'breath' not 'breathe'.


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Kill that white cop first who kept his knee on George's neck and then that cop's innocent family too to teach them all a lesson.

Everyone plz stop with the black screen post on BlackLivesMattter y’all just censoring the important info that we need to share plz remove your black screen we need to share useful information..Thank you🙏🏻

Good men do not break into pregnant women’s homes and pistol whip them.

He husband is a forgery counterfeit fraud and you ask justice for her ? 😂🤣

We'll get it Roxie. JusticeForGeorgeFloyd

Yes and also DavidDorn.

What mother does this?

Great role model, fentanyl and meth in his system as he tried to pass fake bills. No worries the family will get millions out of the taxpayers

Fuck yeah he's good. I saw the porn. Hung like a horse

.has the 'justice' not been done by the rioters, the hooligans? all the violence, mobbing, looting was carried out in the name of 'peaceful protests.' What else she wants, the whole of America to be burnt down to her satisfaction🤔 USATODAY washingtonpost ABC FoxNews CBSNews

The officer was arrested what else do you want

Fun fact: George Floyd robbed a woman at gun point and assaulted her with the gun.

David Dorn died while you called after dark riots “protests” and you always call out trump for division and you are 10 times worse

مادر دختر 6 ساله جرج فلوید هم خواهان اجرای عدالت برای قتلش شده و گفته جرج خوب بوده و مهم هم نیست بقیه چی فکر می کنند!

'He would never see her grow up, graduate ... he would never walk her down the aisle,' Washington said. 'If there's a problem that she's having, she doesn't have her dad anymore.' 😪😢😑😖

CNN can stop inciting! .... Will your IQ also stay at 6 years old? Your values ​​'A drug addict who is using counterfeit banknotes is a good person'?

Lighthouse for democracy and freedom…… of WHITE guys.

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