'Looting is not liberation': George W. Bush calls for unity, equal justice during George Floyd protests

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'Looting is not liberation': George W. Bush calls for equal justice during George Floyd protests

Laura and I are anguished by the brutal suffocation of George Floyd and disturbed by the injustice and fear that suffocate our country. Yet we have resisted the urge to speak out, because this is not the time for us to lecture. It is time for us to listen. It is time for America to examine our tragic failures – and as we do, we will also see some of our redeeming strengths.

It remains a shocking failure that many African Americans, especially young African American men, are harassed and threatened in their own country. It is a strength when protesters, protected by responsible law enforcement, march for a better future. This tragedy — in a long series of similar tragedies — raises a long overdue question: How do we end systemic racism in our society? The only way to see ourselves in a true light is to listen to the voices of so many who are hurting and grieving.

America's greatest challenge has long been to unite people of very different backgrounds into a single nation of justice and opportunity. The doctrine and habits of racial superiority, which once nearly split our country, still threaten our Union. The answers to American problems are found by living up to American ideals — to the fundamental truth that all human beings are created equal and endowed by God with certain rights.

That is exactly where we now stand. Many doubt the justice of our country, and with good reason. Black people see the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions. We know that lasting justice will only come by peaceful means. Looting is not liberation, and destruction is not progress. But we also know that lasting peace in our communities requires truly equal justice.

This will require a consistent, courageous, and creative effort. We serve our neighbors best when we try to understand their experience. We love our neighbors as ourselves when we treat them as equals, in both protection and compassion. There is a better way — the way of empathy, and shared commitment, and bold action, and a peace rooted in justice. I am confident that together, Americans will choose the better way.

Source: Law Daily Report (lawdailyreport.net)


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Understanding [America] isn't caring [globally]: Ireland Germany and everything of American ancestry in between could be AS DEPRESSING AS🇱🇷 and yet the American revolution is based on the actual_representation APPOINTeD_DeTERRENCE George Washington+ MLK= BLM ancestral_LIB🌐💝🤳

I'll be honest, I use to hate this guy, but he has a point, if trump was a genuine president, he would never try to divide us!

😂😂😂😂😂 Good one. So the devil is disturbed lol

His family has been mad at Trump since he lost his bid to become president

Bush, Blair & Aznar should be put on trial for the millions of civilians killed in Iraq when they lied about WMDs They knew very well these things didn't exist yet lied & used it as a pretext to destroy a country He has no right to speak about human rights

Says the person who literally 'liberated' Iraq and Afghanistan

So is the case with invasions. Occupations do not lead to liberation. Remeber Iraq war🤐

10 million dead Iraqis agree.

Says the bloke that invaded Iraq because they tried to opt out of the petrodollar system.

Feel the pinch.When you looted afghanstan, Iraq , Syria......?,

This fuckin guy. 🤦🏻‍♂️😅😅😅. Like we don’t remember the absolute LUNACY of this guy’s presidency. LOL! This mf has the gall to use the word “disturbed” and he had Cheney as VP. Oh Lord.



Tweeted by an arm of the network that showed this clown for what he was on SNL over and over. Guess they were right

If only he had had 8 years as President to do something about it . . .

This article is from June 2nd....

hold on as the swamp drains

Not enough .. got balls then support Biden

A strong leader vs a lip service panderer.

I'm disturbed by the war in Iraq.


Bush spent Trillions of dollars to fix other countries and nothing for community in his own country. How many of you are sick of these hypocrite leaders? And they object when realDonaldTrump wants to stop spending in other countries and invest it our country.

George good for you to come out and voice your opinion.The time is now to add your considerable influence for change.

Hhhhhh. The irony

His administration and that of his father moved the ball down the field of them and us, the “other” and those who belong. Nothing good came from either of them.

War monger Bush should be banned from Media for starting Wars on false pretenses and advised by redneck VP Dick Fuc* Cheney. Both should be brought before International Court in Hague causing deaths of millions and destruction we still face today. Best drop them in N. Korea!

He can just piss off.

Sosane64 same

Well, the Iraq War didn't help, did it?

You were in there what did you do? Or is this brotherly love?🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Caused by lying Dems, party of the KKK, Slavery ,black oppression.

Screw bush. Trump2020Landslide

Fat chance.


I hate to agree with him.

GWB admin was the OG of polarization and inequity.

The great idiot has spoken!

RooksLeAnne I imagine their 'discomfort' pales in comparison to what Iraqis still feel today b/c of GWB lies & corruption InnocentBlood is on GWB's hands

Sit back GDubya and enjoy that $1.5M per year allowances + Secret Service Detail you enjoy on taxpayers' dime.


Hindsight is 20/20. Those ex-presidents who are now speaking out had 8 years EACH to implement meaningful change and didn’t. Instead of blowharding and attempting to blame the current President, either make good suggestions or go back to NOT speaking at all. Democrats COVID19

If looting is the only thing you can see then you are racist and you are part of the problem. Stop all this distractions strategy it will not work, information is every where and stop making a fool of yourself.

I'm disturbed by his RINO ways.

Really, you were the president when you dragged usa into a fake war, you were a horrible president and the US has growen since you left office and become a better country under Trump.

War Criminal terrorist

Given that he promoted much of the injustice, perhaps he should remain out of the public purview. The bastard should be housed in a cell for signing the Patriot Act into law. Guilty of war crimes for which he should pay the ultimate price.

I didn’t vote for you but please get in the game. We have a very very dangerous person in the WH. Thank you Mr. President.

Itsafairday LOL... W is a war criminal, and no one wants to hear his ideas.

How many Died to free Iraq

Senate republicans—when does trump go to far before you act to remove him—the American people have had enough of trump he is a disaster to America & the world 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

right. bc in 400 years of racism..there was none during his 8 years. Hes like Obama, talking like racism is 4 years old, stared under Trump LOLOLOL. Bush also invaded Iraq when ZERO 9-11 terrorists were from there. Goddam hack. just S T F U

This man Saying that- Whedon he participed un a destruction in 11-11-so doble shit!!!

W, don't you have some countries to invade?

Bush went to war with Saddam because Iraq kicked the shit out of his old man. He sucked the people of America into war to make his old man look like a hero

He suffocated me for 8 years every time he had to speak. My anxiety level went up

He too had 8 years and did nothing

I’m glad people are speaking out now but this isn’t new. It’s been going on for generations. White supremacy isn’t just the tiki torch carriers, they are all of our politicians (BOTH SIDES), corporate leaders, academia. All those who failed to ensure diversity was upheld.

Member when leftist thought Bush was Satan and the worst thing to ever happen to this country?

Then why’d they contribute so much to it?

George amd Laura Bush know what racism is And this? Is not it.

Literally facts



I'm disturbed that this globalist shill finds platform for his greasy spiel.

Every living president except Carter had 8 full years at the helm to make changes. None should talk.

Wasn't Bush the last war President? Colin Powell lying about weapons of mass destruction. Suffocate and kill how many?

And what the fuck did they do about it

My appreciation to W. for finally standing up to the DOTARD inthe WH.

Did someone ever call him a Moron?

It's just untidy....

And now he speaks ! Where was he when he was in office? A very disappointing man.

This is like a coach of a football team that went 0-16 telling you how to go to the super bowl.

Those are the trouble makers that come out like roaches to take advantage of these difficult times.

Who cares what a 'former' has to say....

that drug dealer didn't deserve to die, but he ain't no hero

This coming from a war criminal.

Hurricane Catarina remember?

Destroying Saddam regime, is a very justified act. Destroying Saddam regime, is saving the lives of tens of thousands of innocent racial minorities in Iraq. Iraq's problem, is US army left Iraq too early, before the local democratic government growing up.

Just like Bush suffocated Sadam and his sons. Trump is doing the same, this time only his family.

George W bush you are in no position to talk about suffocating you suffocated New York City 911

This is rich coming from the President that enacted the Patriot Act, and has completely destabilized the Middle East.

Iraqi People disturbed by the injustice and fear that suffocate their country

Fuck him and don't change your mind just because he's old and goofy

Hey George , You has a chance to get things done, to make changes what did you do? Start a war? I guess the your now voting for Hillary, I guess because Jen got beat?

Even when George W Bush speaks, you almost don’t want him to as he can never be honest about the actual, long standing issues but instead still provides cover for Republicans who ARE the source of the majority of the issues that have plagued this country for decades


Did it just start

Bush is more racist than 100 trumps.

Tell George Bush I believe he had inside knowledge about 9/11. I will never forget.

Wow such a credible person who actually qualified to talk about justice 😂😂 shamelessness at its worst

And what exactly did you do about it during your eight years?

he brought our country's reputation to the knee. Where is the WMD? It's Bush administration who gave CCP(Chinese Government) the historical opportunity to grow, to cheat WTO, to steal our IP! if it's not because Trump, we are already slave of CCP like 1.4 billion Chinese ppl

In all fairness, he helped quell many anxieties for 8 years. Obama ruined it

Bush was a moderate warmonger. He only killed millions based on a lie. His ultimate goal was to kill more but time got into his way. Imagine how much more dead if he just had more time. Like he does now.

its an American tradition!

He's a RINO. Republican in name only! He's actually a full blown corrupt Democrat. Suck it George. We see you

The guy who sent the world in a fake war for oil... and he created freedom fries... sad people

'Looting is not justice' but the entire Bush presidency was about looting the Middle East and concentrating wealth in the top 1%

The 9/11 people are out in force for the weekend round up 🤣🤣🤣

Thanks to the FED criminals and their political elite cronies and permabull charlatans like you disgraceful scumbags at CNBC

8 years and did nothing about it, Obama and Biden 8 years did nothing about it. Trump prison reform, school choice. Funding for black colleges, empowerment zones in low income areas etc!

They are shattered in the US the good alternatives of election are devastating there are no good candidates both are from the same pool, they begin the regressive lap the fall downhill will be deadly

Están hecho pedazos en EEUU las buenas alternativas de elección son devastadoras no hay buenos candidatos los dos son del mismo charco, comienzan la vuelta regresiva la caída cuesta abajo va ser mortal.


'That's cute.' 'Shut up, Barron.'

Stay retired on this one, George. 😂 noroomtotalk

He’s right.

Funny , I wonder if he would be disturbed by so many deaths in a war in the East and with his pockets full of money

Maybe Bush should review how the Dems treated him during his time in office?

And this was still happening during his presidency why didn't he try to do something about it why didn't he address it


This includes his pitiful response to Hurricane Katrina

His ancestors were found exclaiming 'Look what a beautiful tall horse they have left us on the beach!'

So GWB has woken up? What did he do when he was the President, besides starting unwarranted wars and sending our troops to kill hundreds of thousands of people who has nothing to do with WMD, Al Qaeda, or any thing that would hurt US?

please please don't vote Biden to get rid of Trump write in Romney. Biden is in serious decline, inept

Bush is repenting, just like Drew Brees. All are looking for forgiveness for being white.

I like him. If he would have been there , he would have Punished Pakistan severely for harbouring Osama . Obama didn't take action on root cause of Islamic terrorism.. Pakistan.

Problem is not limited to few states or few bad departments. Why it's a universal issue across..Something the global white race society needs to debate and introspect deeply..

Lol....no they aren't. No career politicians are.

Bush and Obama both had years to implement meaningful change. Very little took place.

Hypocrisy from the DeepState

How many minorities were locked up under bush presidency for simple marijuana possession that made it impossible to get a good job because they were inhumanly thrown in prison system so big pharma could profit from marijuana prohibition. But please lecture us from your mansion

He and Obama had 16 years.... Optics

George W Bush r u & Laura disturbed enough to be bold & publicly endorse JoeBiden as ColinPowell did on CNNSotu? Same question to u JebBush? DumpTrump2020 PressSec JDiamond1 CBSNews NBCNews

Lots of unrest in Democrat controlled states, Democrat controlled cities with Democrat AG’s. But hey, it’s Republicans fault right? 🤔

Then stop looting the people. FreeTheOppressed

but he wasen't afraid to kill Iraqi people and US soldiers with under a false pretext of weapons of mass destruction?

Didn’t he loot an entire sub-continent

George W. Bush killed over a million people for profit. Can we please forget that he even exists and just assume he's already in hell?

I wonder why he wasn't concerned when this was happened during Obama's 8 years?

We need more of Obama and Bush. We have a vacuum of moral leadership in this country. No leader is without sin but nice to hear both of them speak out now.

He’s a war lord. Who cares what he thinks!

The war criminal has the nerve to talk.

Of course you are, so fake. And, I served in the Army under your leadership.

I think many were disturbed when old George took us to war on a lie.


He should be! He caused part of it by attacking Iraq! And spending Trillions which should have gone to the middle class!

This is the country that motherfucke**** created.

George is disturbed 🤣🤣

My white grandfather said “this is a great nation. But, get an education because the country has deep issues with systemic racism. The VISUAL racism will be replaced by discreet/secret inequality where educated people of color will not be hired or treated like me” He was wise!

Property rights are worthless if there are no civil rights.

Where has he been? Tower7


It's time for Bush to just come on and say he endorses Biden over Trump. Even a complete idiot can see it's the right thing to do.

8 Years + 4 Years of Bushes of NOTHING

'Looting is not liberation'

Black Looters Matter

Can someone ask is he going to endorse trump. This will give us an idea of what side he is on and what we will listen to.

Says the guy who let New Orleans suffer

So what did he do when he was president to fix it ?

Why do I give a single crystalline shit what this war criminal thinks?


Neither was invading Iraq after 9/11

Phew okay now I know looting is liberation.

Yeah I’m gonna have the guy who invaded Iraq tell me how to be peaceful, get fucked George


looting isn’t liberation, but the massacre of a million civilians apparently is.

you know what’s also not helping liberation ? hoarding ridiculous amounts of wealth that will only continue to suppress communities. money=power. you are hoarding power.

George Bush doesn't care about black people 😂😂😂

the man who led an invasion of a country, massacred its populace and destroyed their homes for oil, is talking to people about looting being bad?

This your war?

The pitchforks are coming.

Saying the Biggest Looter of Iraqi Oil and mass murderer of Millions of Iraqi in a war of aggression based on a pack of Lies, WMDs were Never Found and a President Hanged like a common criminal to avenge for His War monger Father,Shame on Colonizers!

Good to know he is able to discern such stuff. Did someone say he has been a past American President.

Didn’t you do 911

he'd know, he liberated iraq

Hey George remember when you used depleted uranium shells to murder and maim thousands of Iraqi citizens causing their children to be consistently stillborn or horribly malformed?

looting is wrong unless whites are doing it

Jack The Ripper has some harsh words for would be jay walkers.

asking a war criminal about looting is appropriate when your country has no morality

thats not what he said when we were looting Iraq

Isn’t it funny how Liberals thing Iraq was better off being run by a dictator? Oh yeah, they’re into that stuff.

Neither is invading a country on false pretences dimwit

funny he thought his opinion meant something


Bush calls for the mask to be put back on American Facism. Bush calls to a return of order with no peace.

Bush is real looter but pretending I'm not

The idiot who set off the deaths of so many brown people shouldn’t have a say at all

No one asked

Well if theres one person who knows about freedom it’s the guy who passed the patriot act and killed millions of Iraqis for oil after allowing 9/11 to happen despite warnings. Seriously do not rehabilitate his image. Bush laid the groundwork for Trump.

Go back to coke George. You were more fun then


You would fucking know, wouldn't you?

He's one to talk after sending people to commit crimes and loot foreing lands and kill people. He's a fucking criminal and should be rotting in jail

what about if you do it to a whole country

Is killing half a million Iraqi civilians and bombing an entire country liberation?

Go paint something w

I am so glad that he is speaking out. He rarely does unless it’s truly important. This is important. We need leaders like him do you stand up for the truth and I’m glad he has.More Republicans should do the same.

Bush has looted and liberated, so I guess he's an expert

I want this Kanye back!

He’s a war criminal with the blood of millions of Iraqis on his hands so foh.

looting oil in the Middle-East?

Shoe guy should have had better aim

It's the same material as the flag.

Unless Bush is going to “examine tragic failures” like the Iraq War he should keep his mouth shut.

“Looting is not liberation” and then he proceeded to loot every Middle Eastern country of their oil... ok. Thanks Bush but we got this lol

Shut up.


Iraq and Afghanistan looted $10 trillion

Says the guy that looted Iraq’s oil

Who asked him? Leave him alone to choke on his freedom fries

Bold words for a war criminal.

Look who’s talking!! The man who started the iraq war because iraq didnt had chemical weapons! This man deserves to be hanged because he is the responsible for killing millions for no reason.

Laughs in Iraqi

Liberate dat merch


Who the fuck asked that serial killer

David Dorn, George Floyd. Protect local business. BlackLivesMatter

Today I fondly remember the Iraqi gentleman who threw a shoe at Bush. I hope he is well.

So it’s okay when yt people do it in countries they’re “liberating”?

This is a war criminal who destroyed other people's societies telling you how to maintain peace. I won't take anything he says seriously until he's walking down the gallows like Saddam

The shoe should've hit

George W. Bush

ummm, he’s literally a war criminal....

Ain’t y’all rob Iraq tho?

You don’t get to speak.

Neither is war crimes, guy

Then he might want to pay back the money his family made arming the Nazis

Everyone in the Middle East near oil just went.....huh!

Ok but who asked

Thanks, war criminal

I want to know where we asked

The nerve

Says the guy who looted entire country

liberation expert gorge bubblyo boosh

Why the fuck would you think this is a good idea ? He's the one that started us down the page of authoritarianism.

There is no equal justice with this heinous motherfucker responsible for the death of countless people walking free, let alone still breathing.

Fuck Bush to death

There is literally not one person on the face of the Earth less qualified to speak about liberation than this fucken ghoul, guys.

Neither is illegal invasion.

From 2003.

GeorgeBush is the biggest looter

It is, bitch

Donald Rumsfeld literally said the opposite in 2003.

let me get my shoe

but Donald Rumsfeld literally said it was

George who?

*Iraq has entered the chat*


damn can't believe dubya finally admitted we didn't liberate iraq

he's a genocidal war criminal, who needs his opinion. NEXT

Rich people are so fking scared. Love to see it. The USA has been looting for a loooong time.

Hilarious coming from someone that destroyed a country to loot its oil.

RumsfeldOffice this your guy?

Who gives a flying fuck about anything George W. Bush has to say?

I’m old enough to remember when the talk of the town was how this bag of dick tips pronounced the word “nuclear”

Neither was that shit you did in Baghdad but you didn't get tear gassed for it did ya big boy?

who asked you

give Afghanistan their gold back

says the man who looted iraq for oil money

Literally who?

When I was a child, I donated my ice cream truck money to Hurricane Katrina relief because people were suffering and this man elected to do as little as possible

he literally looted middle eastern countries for their oil

Iraq would like a word you murdering thief

it wasn't 'liberation' when you had thousands of iraqis tortured and 100,000 civilians murdered, either

remember when bush looted iraq

Fuck this war criminal

Can this clown choke? He should be under the jail.

when we looted Iraq for oil we called it liberation, actually

Dang. No one actually read his statement. Not Bush fanboying, but this is a pretty awful headline.

They killed her sister in Davenport

It's the transition, dummy!

Not the war criminal imperialist that looted the Middle East for his own benefit trying to talk about the matter.

On god somebody gotta off this war criminal

Protestors are gonna listen to a war criminal?


Remember when Bush was president and how they treated “looters”? The man who gave this moving speech obviously forgot

George Bush is a war criminal. Stop giving him a platform and validating him.

We'd better listen to the war criminal.

Bro IKYFL... because literally like 13 years ago he had a different attitude

BLM protesters killed her sister GWBLibrary GeorgeWBush_43

Slaughtering a million Iraqis is not liberation.

Tell your friends. (side-eyes HobbyLobby)

But that was his administration's entire military strategy in Iraq tho funny how that is

We want justice we want George Bush in court for the Iraq war

What we really need is strategery

Oh so now the racist war criminal with no lips is gonna preach to us...

stop printing anything the war criminal says like we should give a shit

Michelle Obama and Ellen worked to rehabilitate GW’s image (why?), and now he thinks he can make moral high ground pronouncements like this? No thanks. Once a war criminal, always a war criminal. Let’s find a different cuddly Republican “moderate” to befriend.

He certainly didn't write that. The gross gap between his record and his rhetoric is absurd.

Telephone game, maybe?


Looting is only liberation in Iraq eh George?

Who cares what this war criminal thinks

Much of the looting in U.S. cities appears to have been perpetrated by organized groups who saw the protests as a low-risk chance to commit crimes.

Donald Rumsfeld his own secretary of defense said it is.

Come on you all know the protesters were not looters....looters are a bunch of thieves who took advantage of the unrest there was CCTV that can also be used to make arrests of the perpetrators

W's picks for SCOTUS severely crippled the Voting Rights Act. He is partially responsible for Trump.

He is still snorting cocaine, I see.

So many ppl are scared to say “ stop the looting” for fear of being called a sellout....letting this clowns continue to loot and burn w/o being called out will not help them It only emboldens ..and when they rob you later you are left wondering where they went wrong

TheEllenShow come collect your friend.

Harvard another bright alum, you must be so proud

someone throw another shoe at the war criminal

Looting is destruction it is not a protest👺👺👺


Iraq 🙄

nobody fucking asked him


How about the looting Congress has just accomplished on behalf of corporations and lobbyists? Was that not liberation either, GW?

I’m praying for all of your reporters

Ohhh, 'equal' justice! A bit more justice for those who get none, and a lot more for those who've never needed it. I get it!

No one asked you George

Says the president who left The black New Orleans residents to die.

Yeah H.W was such a moral leader. killed 2 million people.


We don’t care about what war criminals have to say

eat a shoe

are we really gonna hear this from this war criminal

Bush is focusing on the wrong thing b/c when Colin kneeled and protested peacefully you didn’t like it so now people break stuff to get your attention and you want them to protest peacefully - you can not have it both ways - change!

Says the war criminal

But war criminals can have a seat.

who asked?

Holy shit! No looting in Iraq huh?

'I should know because I tried.'

Tell that to the Iraqis, George.

Killing is ok? You giving a cruel & inhumane response. Karma

So shooting is

So killing is

No one wants to hear from the punk ass who stole an election, literally advocated torturing people, killed over 10,000 Americans and let New Orleans drown, tanked the economy, & explicitly set Americans against each other for his 2004 campaign. Go back to clearing shrub, scrub.

Truly what would Bush know about liberation

hmmm His Secretary of Defense thought it was in Iraq.

looting on looted land. imagine that.

Sir, Iraq is calling...

Rumsfeld: Looting is transition to freedom

K goofy.

So does killing...

By George, if u dont know looting is in the bloodlines of these people. They cant help it!!!

George Bush Sr and Jr looted an entire country.

you are the best president that could have existed in the history of the usa and the world ... Force realDonaldTrump POTUS we are with you. FORCE FORCE TRUM 💪🏻💪🏻 God and the Virgin bless you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 americacontrump

Looting is transition to freedom. I'm very certain that's what I was told looting was by someone important.

but looting helps them blow off steam

The looters are not the protesters! The looters are white guys on skateboards, or the actual police. Every video from night time I saw was absolutely white guys on skateboards or cops. I saw the videos myself.

looting is not liberation, killing blacks is the liberation

Says the man who Invaded Iraq and caused mass looting and murder and mayhem that continues to this day.

Lol wait!? The dude who looted Iraq and started the war in the middle east? Lol cough OIL!! Cough

He was singing a different song when he invaded Iraq...

Oh great the war criminal is here to preach about how peace is the solution


Says a person who looted Iraq 🇮🇶

Ty Mr president

ALL we need is him back again.... PresidentBiden

Lmao I have two words for his ass NINE ELEVEN!

The master looter-in-chief got the balls to tell people not to loot? We're going to be decades paying the Fed for the trillions that Shrub and his cronies looted from us. He oversaw the looting of Iraq. Fuck George W.

And nothing from our African American President!

G. W. is a compasionate Nazi.

GWB also thinks Antifa has WMDs, probably. Cernovich

Another president who should have gone to jail.

Why the fuck would we listen to someone who bombed the twin towers and started the war on terror. He’s one the one to talk 🙄🙄

How about he goes and fucks himself

'I am an American!'

Ok so why did you loot--i mean liberate--Iraq? Asking for a few thousand innocent dead people

Counterpoint: yes it is

Really, KevinWilliamB? Out of former POTUS GeorgeWBush's statement about GeorgeFloyd and the pain, injustice & the challenges America is enduring - literally the headline you pull out of it is about 'looting?' Is that a business angle? Some compare and contrast👇🏾

That’s the quote you pulled out? Show the whole statement.

'That is exactly where we now stand'

yeaaaah. about that. The Protesters are NOT the ones looting, they are . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . . PROTESTING! It is the looters that are looting. SMH

Of coursecomi g from CNBC who knows if this is TRUE!! Democrats run this company!!

Bush's right-hand man, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, way back in 2003:

'Destruction is not progress'

Did you take us to war over oil?

War criminal says what?

Bush junior and senior eras didnt address racial inequalities why is he trying to talk now f.o.h

'Trust, me, I invaded Iraq, I should know.'

Fuck George W. Bush.

GWBush not what your doj boss said while you were destabilizing the middle East.

No one care what u say George

you lootined all countries.

Who gives a runny oil-black shit what George W. Bush calls for?

You people looted my country. Sit this one out war criminal

Sorry Dubya, you paved the way for this shit.

I apprecify Mr. Bush's comments...

Isn't looting our foreign policy though?

It would be cool if CNBC sticked to markets. That line is weirdly cherry picked from his statement along with the headline because neither were the overall message of his statement - unity was. Come on now.

fool me once....

I wonder Iraq thinks about this statement from Dubya

Looting only works if you are a major financial institution with a strong lobbying group on K Street. That’s the only recognized looting permissible.

LOL Looney lefty elites finally realizing if these protests spill over, they are coming for all of your stuff!!

Bush had his chance to Make America Great Again. He chose to side with big Lobbyist kick backs... Take a look and see..oh you already know this!

The biggest looters in the world are the top 1% and their GOP enablers.

Holy crap, an adult Republican just entered the room!

So why’d he do it in the Middle East?

No but it shows the level of discontent that has built up from the governments sheltered-in-place policies, everything shutdown and no jobs. To make things worse a President who is incapable of tactful leadership and delivering a message of healing.

You're focused on the looting because you don't want to confront the real injustice. You don't want to see the people suffering under malicious authority. You focus on the riot so you don't have to look at the knee on our throat.

Unfortunately organized criminals are using the protests as an opportunity to loot. The protesters themselves have largely been peaceful. But even then the president gasses and shots at them for a crass photo-op.

Why u focus on looting? That should also on the cops who killed George Floyd. The cops and the system created all this. And looting may even has upside , that is whenever injustice happens everybody is losing, not just the victims.

Last person on earth who can speak about justice is this guy! What kind of justice do u believe in?! War on Iraq? War on Afghanistan?!

Go home your day is over, you blew it

Says the guy responsible for what happened in New Orleans

Don't forget a majority of our senators and representatives have been in office for 20+ years and did nothing during that time to fight racism. They won't do anything now. It's time we replace people like Pelosi, McConnell and Schumer. Career politicians on both sides need to go.

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