George Clooney Calls Racism a Pandemic in Essay About George Floyd

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In a powerful, new essay, George Clooney is showing his support for the black community and addresses anti-black racism in America: 'This is our pandemic. It infects all of us, and in 400 years we've yet to find a vaccine.'

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Clooney isn’t the best spokesman for bigotry & racism .. he should have showed these two, the door.

George is right. And not just in America. Slavery goes back to Egypt and biblical times. Long long history. Time to fix the oppression here stateside. It was nice however to see that 300,000 African Americans did get hired for jobs in May as reported by the BLS.....

Rip Hollywood celebrities aka goons

And now is a good time to instruct his kids on white privilege. It’s never too early.

This guy just jumps on any bandwagon that placates his out of control ego 😡

The vaccine is God is love. The greatest commandment is Love thy neighbor as to you love thyself. Love believes in all things. Love endures all things. Faith, hope and love for all mankind. But the greatest of these is LOVE ❤️.

George Clooney you are a racist, who are you trying to kid so stop virtue signaling.

Happy to take a loss on his Lake Como property once the migrants turned up.

Nobody cares about virtue signaling Clooney.

... and we know...

Because we just love to be lectured by privileged celebritards.

Excuse me he said racism that effects all minorities of a different color

Really ? Explain Barak Obama. Black governors, black mayors, black judges, black lawyers, black police chiefs, black professors, successful black business men/women, black doctors, black athletes, etc..Democrats never focus on achievement, can't stir the pot that way.

Thanks for being an ally!

We love it!

Amal definitely wrote that!

Ok George.

Has he ever advocated for African American actors and actresses to get roles? If not, fuck him. I read his essay and I don't give a shit. He never gave a damn!!

More on George Clooney

The white always feel superior against all races 🥺 I experienced it doubled, as an Asian and as a muslim. I will never understand the feeling of superiority coz we muslims were taught that everyone is equal.

Poverty! Who is George Clooney to continue to tell us to who we should vote for.

Donate your millions to help the businesses and families who lost everything thanks to the looters?

Coming off a lil bender and constipation then i eat some hot sauce and my bowels fiery explotion like the righteous ni66ers rioting. Nice virtue signaling in calling them 'African Americans' dumbshit.

How exactly are people today responsible for an act, committed hundreds of years ago for things they had no control over or even knew? Over 90% of Americans aren't even descendants of slave owners. My family didn't even live in the US until 1889. Africans sold their own people.

False narratives of racism and oppression are weapons/tools of the 1% elite. They show this constantly, yet some people who proclaim to be 'woke' are too stupid to see what is sitting in front of their faces.

WOW!!! What an iconoclastic take from a Hollywood Liberal! WOWWOWOW!!! Hope he doesn't get blacklisted from Hollywood for this shocking and utterly nonconformist take! WOW Again!!!

What a clown. He protected Weinstein. Clearly a virtue signal here.

This man here has had the vaccine since 1977 and his mentor/father figure had it 40 years before that but nobody wants to take the shot. But soon we will be FORCED to take it due to circumstance

You're the vaccine George, you and your cloud of 'Smug' (and I thought South Park was fictional 😂)

who care

Dude doesn't even live amongst those people. Make him live in a blk neighborhood and see if he still says all that crap.

Poor thing one of the lowest IQ's in Hollywood, hurts to listen to a speech.

Joke's on him. A vaccine isn't the same as a treatment.

Why did Clooney wait till now to speak out when he seems to have known this for years? Too busy making Money and doing Drugs?


Good for you Gorge. We know just how much you love people of color. Most of all the very young people of color. 'Bless your heart '

This sort of anti-white racism is what you'd expect from low, repulsive, bigots. It's backward, it's 20th century. These people are clowns, and this shows how poorly educated they are.

400 year pandemic and no vaccine? Maybe we didn't social distance enough?

I don’t take advice from people who play pretend for a living.

No money to anti-Whites.

Somebody loot his house.

Obama never addressed it, but he's off Scott free, and he's some kind of liberal celebrity God to this dude.

By Allah these Hollywood pedos deserve the rope

Maybe he should try living in the community?

Funny a couple months ago blacks where finally thriving. historic unemployment, wages rising, things finally looking up This was not good for Democrats or parasite sellout celebrities and race hustlers They needed and got their victims back When will this community wake up

Who's 'us'?


Golly gosh, us whites sure are shitty people, obvious answer is to separate, it's the kind thing to do.

soros and friends inciting race wars ... cloony giving up cover showing true face...

It’s easy to see what the problem is here.

How original.

George Loony the ISIS supporter? Is he still making that film to glorify terrorists?

He should move to the Republic of the Congo as an act of contrition.

This is anti-white bullsheet.

What a crock of sheet

Most of us are recent immigrants to America, slavery isn't our issue, we have our own struggles.

Does he include the Jewish slave traders in 'all'

“Powerful” AND “New”? Wow!

Can he throw some more metaphors in there, please? 🤦‍♀️

GeorgeClooneyForPresident !!!! Please!!! His wife would make an excellent 1st Lady!!!


Oh!!! An ESSAY!!!!


If anti-Black racism is such a pandemic, why do Blacks kill more Whites than vice versa? The only explanation, if we assume the premise to be true, is that anti-White racism is even more ingrained in American society than anti-Black racism.

As he bails out the terrorists. FFS


So he is going to push the false narrative too? Not surprising he has been a douche bag for a long time.

93% of interracial violence is black on white.

Who owned the ships and auction houses?

Does he mention anything about getting a BJ from an Asian woman when he was out on a boat with Obama?

KimmieLarson2 Thanks George, I was hoping to hear from you speaking up for the rights of Black Lives Matter and for the Civil Rights of all of us. It’s important to hear from people in the entertainment industry. We need you now.

Racism/white-privilege/institutional discrimination/etc in the U.S. is such a fake issue that people just keep repeating like it exists when it doesn't in any meaningful way.

Celebrities need to shut up and stick to pretending, which is the only thing they know how to do.

Thanks for your enlightenment George. 🙄🙄

Your the problem George. Be proud of you race.

George Clooney should emigrate to Africa

He has proof Floyd, a man who knew the cop and worked with him, was killed because of racism then ? What proof ?

Thanks to the Democrats their MSM and now ANTIFA.

sarahjessiexxx Don't you live in Italy?

About time these celebrities started speaking up

As he sits behind the walls of his gated community. Real ballsy there George.


I really hate the slave traders that brought africans here. Imagine how great this country would be if that never happened?!?!

Walk the talk! George Clooney's home and car were not burned and looted by black people; he did not live in New York's black neighborhoods like Harlem.

go do a big BAG of blow, Georgie...


And he's donating some of his millions to rebuild the Minneapolis community? No?

Under Obama, many blacks died, but you were silent. Today, Democrats, like Republicans, come to power through war. You all need power not for the sake of the people. No more America, you are all destroying it leading to civil wlane. You allow Russia and China to destroy America

Wow i truly support this

There is no vaccine. Racism will ALWAYS be there much like rapist and pedophiles. But we MUST make sure racist are not in position of power like cops etc... Becoming a cop should be much harder and firing much easier. But unions stop that from happening.

I thought he died. Huh

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