Meghan Markle's privacy ordeal could drag on as tabloid eyes Supreme Court appeal

Meghan Markle's privacy ordeal could drag on as tabloid eyes Supreme Court appeal

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12/2/2021 5:47:00 PM

Meghan Markle 's privacy ordeal could drag on as tabloid eyes Supreme Court appeal

Meghan Markle won a two-year privacy battle—but the tabloid she sued may appeal again.

challenge.The Duchess of Sussex went from victory to the threat of a possible new round of explosive legal action all before 6:00 a.m. ET on Thursday December 2.Meghan, 40, sued for privacy and breach of copyright afterThe Mail on Sundaypublished a letter she sent her father begging him to stop talking to the media.

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Meghan Markle Calls Mail on Sunday 'Daily Fail' After Court VictoryRead moreMeghan Markle Calls Mail on Sunday 'Daily Fail' After Court VictoryShe won at the High Court in February and at the Court of Appeal on Thursday, but the newspaper's lawyers have warned of a possible new challenge.

If the publisher is successful in overturning her original victory it would force a trial in which she would likely have to give evidence and hand over more private messages.A statement released by the tabloid toNewsweekread:"We are very disappointed by the decision of the Court of Appeal. It is our strong view that judgment should be given only on the basis of evidence tested at trial, and not on a summary basis in a heavily contested case, before even disclosure of documents.

"No evidence has been tested in cross-examination, as it should be, especially when Mr Knauf's evidence raises issues as to the Duchess's credibility."It added:"We are considering an appeal to the Supreme Court in the United Kingdom."

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Jason Knauf is the former communications secretary who accused Meghan of bullying two PAs out of the royal household in October 2018.He supplied the court with Meghan's texts and emails showing past statements in court filings were misleading and forcing her into a public apology.

However, on winning, the duchess put all that behind her and issued a triumphant statement denouncingThe Mail on Sunday's journalism and referencing the"daily fail," a nickname given by detractors to its sister title

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Meghan Markle Wins Latest Legal Battle With UK’s Mail On Sunday Meghan Markle has won another stage of her legal battle with UK newspaper The Mail on Sunday (MoS) over the publication of a letter sent to her father Thomas Markle . MoS owner Associated Newspapers… InvictusbyPepp Congratulations to the Sussex's As she should! Jasamgurlie Congrats Meghan now I hope they’ll apologise and pay up

Meghan Markle Privacy Claim: U.K.’s Mail on Sunday Loses AppealIn February, a U.K. judge ruled that the 'Mail on Sunday' violated Markle's privacy by publishing parts of a letter she wrote to her estranged father in 2018 and that the tabloid was liable for copyright infringement. Meghan Markle is a liar. Amazing who much you can accumulate in your bank with BS

Meghan Markle Wins Latest Round in Media Battle; Mail on Sunday Loses Royal Privacy CaseMeghan, the Duchess of Sussex has won her latest media battle against British newspaper the Mail on Sunday. The latest legal skirmish relates to a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle , thr… InvictusbyPepp Congratulations Meghan 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾 Mimizwei Thanks for sharing As she should. She's endured years of lies, smears and briefings against her. The paper even got 'volunteered' help from one of the palaces. This turned out to be an own goal as it actually helped her in the end. Now the paper owes her an apology and a payment.

UK court backs Meghan in dispute over privacy with publisher | AP NewsLONDON (AP) — A British court on Thursday dismissed an appeal by a newspaper publisher seeking to overturn an earlier ruling that it breached the privacy of the Duchess of Sussex by publishing portions of a letter she wrote to her estranged father. Good for Meghan & Harry!! Forgetfulness pays in the British legal system it seems. The trash tabloid lost again. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, wins latest court battle with Mail on Sunday publisherMeghan, Duchess of Sussex, has won the latest round of a prolonged privacy battle with the publisher of the Mail on Sunday. Meghan rocks I know willileak is pulling out the remainder of his hair right now 😂 As she should 👏👏👏👏

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