Marie Claire Editors Share Their Favorite Mascara

The 11 Best Mascaras, According to Marie Claire Editors

10/20/2021 5:12:00 PM

The 11 Best Mascaras, According to Marie Claire Editors

'It feels like I've been searching for the perfect mascara since birth, but I think I've finally landed on a keeper...'

than the other; most mascaras 1) highlight the difference, and 2) smudge the top of my hooded right eye. This one doesn't overdo it on the volume but instead draws the line of both my eyes upward and outward. With the help of a lash curler, it also makes my eyes look even and awake without making it glaringly obvious that I have two coats of mascara on. It gives just a little extra something but you can't quite tell what. And considering I don't want an obvious makeup look, that's perfect."

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