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Man City avoid transfer ban over youth transfers; fined by FIFA

Man City avoid transfer ban over youth transfers; fined by FIFA


Man City avoid transfer ban over youth transfers; fined by FIFA

Premier League champions Manchester City have avoided a transfer ban but have be...

Premier League rivals Chelsea were given a one-year transfer ban and fined 600,000 Swiss francs in February in relation to 29 cases where regulations relating to the international transfer and registration of Under-18 players were breached.

FIFA said its Disciplinary Committee took into account the fact that City had “accepted its responsibility”.

German publication Der Spiegel reported in March that the club’s Abu Dhabi owners inflated sponsorship agreements to comply with FFP requirements, which prompted the UEFA probe.

FFP rules are intended to prevent clubs receiving unlimited amounts of money through inflated sponsorship deals with organisations related to the owners.

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The other Team is Banned and the other Team is fined? Pathetic! Bunch of Bs

In a Suffering City, an El Paso Priest Needed a Message of HopeA Mexican-American priest in El Paso, a city filled with grief over a mass shooting aimed at Latinos, tried all week to figure out what to say to his congregation on Sunday. The message he finally chose: “You do not have to be afraid.” you do not have to be afraid of white people

New York City police officer dies from apparent suicide, 8th this yearFor the eighth time this year, a New York City police officer has died by suicide, two police officials confirmed to ABC News. This marks the eighth NYPD suicide this year. Four NYPD officers died from suicide in June, one died in July, and two others took their lives earlier this year. May he rest in peace. God Bless Him and his family and friends and fellow officers.

San Diego's city attorney is taking away hundreds of guns from those who shouldn't have them'California has arguably the nation’s toughest gun laws. What else is needed? 'We need other states to catch up to California,' Becerra says. Other states should start by following Mara Elliott’s red flag.' From columnist LATimesSkelton: LATimesSkelton No thanks. We prefer to not be defenseless. LATimesSkelton evil designs under the guise of citizen safety... Its happened so many times before. LATimesSkelton Ban assault weapons please -/ citizens do not need them amount of casuyin a shoot incidents is greatly increased by weapons of war designed to kill several at once . Large magazines help the horrific body counts. Fed ban ended 2004 mass shooters & body count increased

Saudi-led coalition fractures as separatists seize key Yemeni cityFighters have cast off an alliance with the Riyadh-backed government and seized control of much of the southern port Finally, the Saudi coalition is falling apart along with its victim, the people of Yemen. UAE recognizing the dangers of being the front state for Israel, which is using the US for confrontation to serve its Mideast Agenda. Any conflagration will make Iraq a kids play. AlnuaimiNasser1 Saudi-Emirati alliance for 5 years war, destruction and tearing Yemen to the north and south. Alliance Ras Al - Bala

Kim Cattrall Is Speaking Out Again About Sex and the City 3'Bullying'It's hard for women to just say no, especially when it comes to work, so huge props to Kim Cattrall for doing it 👊

New York City Councilwoman Wants Patient Advocate OfficeA bill set to be introduced Wednesday in the New York City Council seeks to create a new office to receive and report on complaints against health-care facilities and providers. does it make too much sense? reminds me of the CFPB None of this would be needed under single payer. We have a NYC advocate. Anyone seen him around? A useless office. A breeding ground for mayor wannabes. de Blasio had that job and plummeted to mayor.

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