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Pakistan consumes tens of billions of single-use bags every year. Now, a new ban on disposable plastic bags is taking effect this week, which allows for fining residents about $70 for being caught using a bag — nearly a month's wages for some.

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Kashif0783 Well done Pakistan on this initiative. Half of the world's environment issues stem from plastic and its detriment to the Planet! 🤮 Thank you toujours à yjadot né 3ème! 10 milliards de sachets plastiques à jeter par an? C'est où? à Auchan? NON! presque... au Pakistan! un pays exemplaire en la matière... et pourtant c'est un trés beau pays...

ah yes, the old individual solution (and punitive measure) to a systemic problem. sure fire clustercuss. Economic torture. What will the plastic used in those bags be used for? Good for them Bc they don’t either don’t have the tax base or public resolve to dispose of their trash, other than throw it in the streets, or waterways

Mumbai isn't much better! I Went Drinking in Mumbai's Worst Slum

NPR Choice pageaah, like the fabled sky scorpion ultimately isn't the 'economic cost' of NOT protecting them sorta the losing option? Trump is pure garbage. I hope a bald eagle eats him up and spits him out.

NPR Choice page

NPR Choice page

NPR Choice pageOne of the main issues that weigh on my mind is climate change snd how we contribute to it with overconsumption of meat. This photo tells me she will do little to alleviate that concern. I hope she realizes that we need to take this seriously. 🤣 Only in her mind..

NPR Choice pageShe calls it CONFISCATION Who expects those who burn or stomp on the American flag, who kneel for the American National Anthem, who can't even support the defense of our border to support the American Bill of Rights? Democrats hate every aspect of American individual freedom and liberty. If only she cared as much about deaths related to Medical errors? Waging battles in the Supreme Court isn’t exactly a great idea. I’m not surprised, but shock the Dems just jumping on anything. 😐

NPR Choice page

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