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Your Money: Big companies explore virtual care to curb healthcare costs

Your Money: Big companies explore virtual care to curb healthcare costs


Your Money : Big companies explore virtual care to curb healthcare costs

Big companies are increasing incorporating virtual technology and care options i...

FILE PHOTO: Nurse Health Practitioner Rachelle Quimpo (C) introduces patient Shreya Sasaki to Dr. Heidi Meyer, MD Family Medicine, who appears on a video screen remotely at a newly opened Kaiser Permanente health clinic inside a Target retail department store in San Diego, California November 17, 2014. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Overall, healthcare costs are projected to rise 5% for 2020, the survey said. In past years, especially during the 2008 recession, that number had been about double, Marcotte said.

Virtual care programs reduce use of emergency services by getting front-line care to people without access, like rural communities, and to people like shift workers, or post-partum moms, who have trouble making in-person appointments.

Marcotte attributes the reversal to companies no longer worried about the effect of the so-called “Cadillac Tax,” which would have imposed fees on the most generous benefit plans.

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I don't know if telemedicine is a good option... nothing replaces a good old physical exam Medicare for all not this Total Recall bullshit Sure . Today a report states 47% of all businesses are hacked,and all are vulnerable. We also know security is expensive and not worth it to the bean counters. But , you tout giving every healthcare bizz our most private information. You and your lying words are an abomination.

The Lender Financing Soccer Clubs' Big-Money TransfersWith banks refusing to provide funding, soccer clubs are finding other ways to acquire new players. Enter 23 Capital. Very interesting read. Football is taking a completely different route, crikey.

Getting Bogged Down on a Big Project?Overusing your greatest character strengths can lead to self-sabotage, but you can prevent that from happening with this simple technique

YouTube’s Conspiracy Theory Crackdown Has One Big Winner: Fox NewsConspiracy channels all over the platform are funneling increased traffic to the right-wing outlet&39;s videos. CNN has the real garbage... Notice how Yahoo News only attributes Conspiracy theories to FOX, and not to the rest of corporate media. It's a major RED FLAG as the phrase is used to discredit by default simply by lobbing the accusation-the term was coined by the CIA to prevent ppl from asking questions.

Why activist investor Carl Icahn is taking a big stake in 11-year-old 'big data' company ClouderaActivist investor Carl Icahn's latest target is a struggling company specializing in software for processing big data. He's 83. Why does he care? Icahn always after big money whether it comes from big data or small data or no data! Why wonder? nicholaskalas

ViacomCBS Chief Bob Bakish Tells Investors Merger Removes “A Big Uncertainty”Investors long ago factored in the expected reunion of CBS and Viacom to their valuation of the companies’ stock prices, so Wall Street’s reaction to the confirmation of the merger was understandably muted

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